Tips to grow your Instagram following organically

Setup up a account, add all your social profile links there, for example YT and IG then using your profile link in the bio/about section of your social accounts.

Leverage other influencers by searching for Instagram toy reviewers and participating regularly with their IG posts, like their comments, follow their followers and who they follow (do not do more than 50 follows per day as to not get banned by IG) and commenting on their posts.

When creating content, make sure you are being authentic and focus on building connections aka like and comment on followers who comment on your posts.

Use alt tags and Instagram location tags (geotags) on your posts!

Use Instagram Reels. This is one of IG’s newest features and IG is putting Reels to the forefront of Instagram! Posting Reels to both your feed and the explore page is a great way to increase your reach beyond your followers!

Setup a TikTok account as a creative account, post to this 1-4 times per day and include your profile link there. You can also create unique TikTok videos to reshare on your IG profile, it’s like a movie editor on steriods!

Post to your Story! You can use a custom story creation app like Story Chic or Unfold to create compelling content for your stories (these are paid apps fyi)

Make sure you are posting at peak times for IG. You will have to look into this more on your own time.

Be consistent and post regularly.

Consider live streaming on Instagram.

Share your Instagram content on other platforms like Pinterest for example!

Write long captions and use hashtags in your posts! You can use a tool like to get more hashtag ideas.

More ideas about how to get more followers

Or just hop on Google and search “how to get more instagram followers 2020”

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