Magicforest Showcases Two Of Moulin Roty’s Luxurious Toy Lines Boasting French Fabric Dresses And Classically Cuddly Bears And Bunnies

Portsmouth, NH (March 29, 2016) – When parents wish a loved one good night and sweet dreams, it’s a guarantee to happen if a Moulin Roty dolly or animal is tucked under the covers too! The French toy maker knows precisely how to mix sweetness with softness. Fresh in time for Spring 2016 baby showers, day of birth and just-because moments are two favorite lines – Les Coquettes dolls and Vite Un Câlin plush animals.

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The dolls of the Les Coquettes ($40- $84) collection are all about looking fabulous (in that put together French way) while having fun! With their brightly colored clothes and wild hair, the five Coquette females — Adèle, Fanette, Jeanne, Louison and Marinette — each wear pretty floral-print dresses. Their wardrobe has been refreshed for 2016. The collection continues with two baby dolls – Camille (a boy!) and Margotte – who wear soft colors and cute little bonnets. Demure Les Coquettes are the perfect dolls to dress, cuddle and carry around the house.

“To buy this kind of toy,” described one mom who appreciates the finer things, even in dolls, is “to give a touch of good taste for a little one from the very beginning. Being a designer, I just adore this little doll. This doll is a joy for both, parent and child, to play together. It’s like a little cup of very expensive coffee for a special feeling to satisfy our gourmet and aesthetic needs. Highly recommend.”

The desire for owning a Moulin Roty toy is evident throughout its various brands. One very popular line in European households these days is Vite un Câlin ($30 – $54), translated loosely as “a quick hug.” Looking at the sweet teddies and plump bunnies, it’s easy to see their cuddly cuteness! If you are giving one of these beautifully boxed plush at a baby shower, be ready for the universal ahhhhhhs. The collection features Léo, Léonie and Léopold of the bear family plus Jojo, Jeannette and Jeannot rabbit friends. Each plush pal is packaged exquisitely in a sturdy keepsake illustrated gift box.

Magicforest Ltd., importers of luxurious European playthings for babies and children, has a soft spot for Moulin Roty. Discover these French playmates now in U.S. specialty stores. Or take a look through Magicforest’s online boutique,

Les Coquettes

13” Camille Boy Doll • Ages 10 months+ • $50
This fabric boy doll features pink chubby cheeks, a pea green mohair hood and plaid overalls with brown velour shoes. Not convinced that he’s a boy? Simply look at the delicate blue satin ribbon on his wrist for proof! Camille arrives with a sweet fabric bag trimmed with matching fabric.

13” Margotte Doll • Ages 10 months+ • $50
Who can resist those pink chubby cheeks? Margotte wears a rose mohair hood, a dress and dotted bloomers with terry bar shoes. A little pink satin ribbon on her wrist proves that she’s a girl! Like Camille, she arrives in a canvas bag.

Marinette et sa Valisette • Ages 3+ • $68
Marinette, a redheaded rag doll likes to travel with her essential necessities in her wardrobe valise. Then she can bring back souvenirs from all her trips. With her velvet bar shoes, Marinette is dressed in fuchsia pink striped tights, a cotton dress in a sweet motif pattern and polka dot pants under her skirt. Guess what is in her case? There is a fur coat, a scarf, velvet shoulder bag, one clothes hanger plus a little mirror. Marinette stands 11” tall and her clothing will perfectly fit Louison, also 11” tall.

20” Fanette Rag Doll • Ages 1+ • $84
Say bonjour to Fanette. She arrives wearing a floral dress with deep pink flowers and tulle underskirt. With blue/turquoise and pink spotty bloomers, turquoise stripey soft padded legs with blue leggings and soft plush deep pink stitched shoes, Fanette is a vibrant, colorful, cuddly rag doll who comes with her own fabric bag. Énchante.

15” Jeanne Rag Doll • Ages 1+ • $70
This French girl arrives in a beautiful linen bag with her name embroidered and edged with a fabric matching her dress. Jeanne wears patterned dress with pink, maroon, green and turquoise design and hot pink underskirt. She wears pale cream bloomers with pink polka dots and has blue soft padded legs with turquoise leggings and pink stitched velvet shoes attached.

15” Adele Rag Doll • Ages 1+ • $70
Arriving in a matching cotton bag, Adele wears a stylish pale grey cotton dress with white floral pattern and pink accents, a hot pink tulle underskirt, pale cream bloomers with pink polka dots, leg warmers and soft pink stitched shoes complete her coquettish ensemble.

11” Louison Rag Doll • Ages 1+ • $40
Little Louison has a lovely soft, padded body, sewn black button eyes, a tiny impish mouth, pink blushing cheeks and freckles.  This brown-haired rag doll is wearing turquoise tights and flowered bloomers under her polka dot dress. If little ones own Marinette and her wardrobe case, they can share clothing with lovely Louison who measures the same height!

Moulin Roty likes to point out that all dolls, clothing and bags within the Les Coquettes line are machine washable!

Vite un Câlin

Just as “clothes make the man,” sometimes the gift box makes the present! Every Bear and Bunny in this sweet collection arrives in a beautifully-illustrated sturdy box that can be used long after the plush is placed on the bed or shelf. The cover of each box features the little bear or bunny on the front – framing their sweet expression with their name. Open the pretty box and notice a sweet woodland scene – as if the bears are hibernating, waiting to be released form their slumber by a loving child.

9” Jojo Rabbit • Ages 1+ • $30
The baby bunny of the Vite un Câlin family, Jojo offers wonderfully soft fur fabric and is sized just right for a one-year-old’s little arms.

9” Léo Bear • Ages 1+ • $30
Little Léo, a bear cub, is the baby of this bear collection. He is soft and cuddly, yet maintains the classic style of a traditional Teddy Bear. He arrives beautifully presented in his own little gift box.

13” Léonie Bear • Ages 1+ • $45
Léonie the mommy bear stands a little taller than Leo, her cub. She is also delightfully soft and furry.

13” Jeannette Rabbit
• Ages 1+ • $45
Mommy rabbit Jeannette comes in a delightful illustrated gift box, just like all members of her rabbit family.

17” Léopold Bear
• Ages 1+ • $54
Léopold the daddy bear, with pale golden fur, is handsomely big, soft and oh-so-cuddly.

17” Jeannot Rabbit
• Ages 1+ • $54
Daddy rabbit Jeannot makes an ideal baby shower or new baby gift. Plop him on the nursery shelf until baby grows big enough to hug him all by him/herself!

These sweet friends may get dirty as they play with their young owners so feel free to place them in the washer on the wool cycle. But that’s it, just air dry. Instructions warn not to tumble in the dryer!

Each of these dolls will make a family an instant fan of Moulin Roty. The company already enjoys a long history (40 years and counting) of creating quality toys and preserving the childhood soul! The toymaker is devoted to promoting “softness, fantasy and tenderness.” Each character is designed in France using the finest French fabrics and materials. Moulin Roty is also very proud to be a worker-owned cooperative, putting quality, creativity and excellence first!

Celebrating its 12th year in business, Magicforest is an American toy importer and proud to be the exclusive distributor of seven European brands including Moulin Roty — its flagship brand — currently sold in 900 specialty toy and gift shops. The company has a simple operating principle: provide the very best in children’s toys and games. They like to think of the Magicforest as a friendly place where kids learn, play and grow. Plus parents are confident that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Find their wholesale site online at