All Four Family-Friendly Environmentally Themed Games Now Bear The Authenticated™ Trustmark


All Four Family-Friendly Environmentally Themed Games Now Bear The Authenticated™ Trustmark

Boston, MA (February 14, 2020) When you are serious about saving the planet, words like authentic and trusted matter, even if talking about a child’s board game. Parents can buy all four Adventerra Games titles with the confidence that each has been awarded the Authenticated™ trustmark. With that distinction, grownups know that playing a round of Global Warning, Recycle Rally, PowerHaus or WaterGame (each $24.95) supports the development of students’ 21st Century skills through hands-on learning. Each game is now authenticated!

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The Authenticated™ trustmark streamlines consumers’ ability to identify resources that conform to vetted STEM standards, thus assisting with quick decision-making in favor of quality. When parents and educators observe Educational Research™’s seal, they know that products will:

  • STEM.orgIntegrate seamlessly into STEM-friendly classrooms and homes
  • Align to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math standards
  • Support the development of learner’s 21st Century Skills
  • Engage users through hands-on learning and collaboration
  • Ensure a secure, third-party review and evaluation process Educational Research™ takes into consideration the following criteria when assessing each item:

Standard 1: STEM Subjects
Standard 2: 21st Century Skills
Standard 3: Support Materials
Standard 4: Diversity & Inclusion
Standard 5: Socialization & Communication
Standard 6: Imagination & Cognition
Standard 7: Kinesthetics & Active Play
Standard 8: STEM Careers

“Adventerra Games’ PowerHaus, WaterGame, Global Warning and Recycle Rally all excelled during our evaluation process,” revealed Andrew B. Raupp, Executive Director at Educational Research™, “averaging in the top 94th percentile of over 1,250 STEM products authenticated since 2014.”

Since Adventerra Games’ American debut just a few months ago, this European board game company that promotes environmental stewardship has captured 16 national toy industry awards. Academics’ Choice, Tillywig, Hot Diggity Awards, National Parenting Product Awards and PAL Award happily shared online why they adore this new STEM series.

“Adventerra Games took the fundamentals of a board game and applied it to everyday life teaching children and their parents about the importance of sorting garbage and recycling,” wrote the Hot Diggity Awards judge. “Kids can apply what they learn from this board game to how they sort trash at home.”

Adventerra Games are environmentally-themed board games for children ages 7 and up. Look for all of these cooperative & competitive games online at

WaterGame • $24.95 • Ages 7+WaterGame • $24.95 • Ages 7+
Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award Winner
National Parenting Product Awards
PAL Award
Hot Diggity Award
2020 Tillywig Best Family Fun Award

No raincoat or umbrella is needed to play this game that shows youngsters the value of clean water. Can you save your community’s water from the water monster? Navigate the river to save as much as possible and help your neighbors. WaterGame is very simple but provides a wealth of information on saving water and our planet. Cards with simple and intuitive illustrations show the correct habits to adopt to save water in everyday life. Throughout their journey down the river, players answer quiz questions about water and move forward or back depending on their answers. Unlucky players must rely on the Community Water Tank, which depends on donations from players who have saved more water. If the tank is empty when someone needs it, everyone loses. For ages 7 and up, and fun for the whole family to play together! Ideal for 3 to 4 players. Play can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Recycle Rally • $24.95 • Ages 7+Recycle Rally • $24.95 • Ages 7+
Hot Diggity Award
National Parenting Product Awards
PAL Award
2020 Tillywig Top Fun Award

Uh oh! Your town is overflowing with unrecycled trash. You and your friends race with your trucks through the streets to collect recyclables, and then bring them to the right recycling centers. Players compete as individuals, earning points by achieving their missions, recycling the most precious and the most dangerous objects. At the same time, the team objective is to work together to minimize the objects that are left behind – because if more than 24 items end up in the incinerator at the end of the game, all players lose. The game teaches children how to properly separate recyclables and the importance of doing so. You can customize the game board by choosing the colors of the bins used in your city. Cool. The rules also feature an advanced game mode, recommended for ages 10 and up. Recycle Rally is perfect for 3 to 5 players. The game lasts about 45 minutes.

PowerHaus • $24.95 • Ages 7+PowerHaus • $24.95 • Ages 7+
PAL Award
Hot Diggity Award
National Parenting Product Awards
Tillywig 2019 Top Fun Award. & Tillywig 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

You and your friends have decided to buy a house to live in together, but it leaks and wastes a lot of energy, which hurts the planet and your savings accounts. With a limited budget, will you figure out how to make the house as energy efficient as possible by changing your daily habits and investing in better products and services? As you play, you’ll discover you have real power to fight climate change and help the planet at home and beyond. The humorous illustrated cards help children to understand the concepts of energy and its conservation more easily. Kids who have division skills will be at an advantage, though younger siblings will have fun too. PowerHaus is for 3 to 4 players. Set aside an hour for a great experience.

Global Warning • $24.95 • Ages 10+Global Warning • $24.95 • Ages 10+
PAL Award
Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award
Hot Diggity Award
National Parenting Product Awards
Tillywig 2019 Top Fun Award & Tillywig 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Players work together to clean up the world and slow climate change, but the temperature rises with each turn. Can you and your friends slow it down before it’s game over for you AND Planet Earth? Game participants challenge each other to solve the most and worst local and global environmental problems. At each turn, color-coded problem cards appear on eight different environmental topics. If not resolved with the right combinations of solution cards, unsolved global problems cause an increase in the Earth’s temperature. Cooperate with the other players to find the best solutions and avoid catastrophe! Teamwork and up to 90 minutes of play are needed to win. Playable by ages 10 and up, this game is an especially fun challenge for teens and adults! Ideal for 4 to 7 players. Makes a terrific multi-generational game night.

Read the press release as a PDF

Founded in 2001, Educational Research™(SER) is the longest continually-operating, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organization in America. Through an extensive collaborative effort, SER has worked closely with pedagogical researchers, an international coalition of educators, administrators, NGO’s and schools to establish a trusted set of STEM benchmarks. The resources and proven best-practices of this initiative have led to the world’s original and most recognized, blockchain-secured algorithmic STEM credentialing framework: Accredited™ for Programs, Certified™ for People, and Authenticated™ for Products.

Adventerra Games North AmericaABOUT ADVENTERRA GAMES
Adventerra Games, a family-owned company based in Switzerland, publishes engaging board games that help kids learn to conserve natural resources and save the planet. While playing our simple and enjoyable games, players intuitively learn new behaviors that reduce their ecological footprints. When these behaviors become lifetime habits, players will have become super-heroes for the planet! Bryan Mundell, the Founder/ Owner and co-inventor of the games, incorporated Adventerra Games North America LLC in 2019 to bring his games to North American families. To shop or to learn more, visit

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