PASS THE BROCCOLI, PLEASE! ECOLOGIC MEMORY GAME ENTICES EVEN PICKY EATERS TO CHOOSE SEASONAL PRODUCE (AND SAVE OUR PLANET) Eating in Season Hits Shelves Now With Five Int’l & U.S. Awards For Adventerra Games’ Swiss-based Company That Empowers Children Through Play


Eating in Season Hits Shelves Now With Five Int’l & U.S. Awards For
Adventerra Games’ Swiss-based Company That Empowers Children Through Play

Boston, MA (October 18, 2021) – What’s a July picnic without corn on the cob or a Thanksgiving meal without pumpkin pie? Seasonal fruits and vegetables are not only delicious but make a healthy diet and, more importantly, help the environment. These big concepts are tucked into Eating In Season ($14.99), an innovative ecologic memory game for preschoolers. Before hitting the store shelves this week, the sweetly illustrated game has caught the eye of Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) and American toy judges with a mantle full of accolades.

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Eating In Season Memory Game for Kids 2+“This sustainably made game teaches kids that fresh food is good for them and for the planet,” wrote The Toy Insider this month after awarding the 32-piece game its Top Holiday Toy seal. “Players try to match a pair of veggies or fruits while learning about which season is best for eating each food.” Find the preschool game in their Holiday Gift Guide for Infants & Toddles 0-2 at

When you spot a cheerful eggplant swimming in the summer or a grinning broccoli skiing in the winter, kids as young as two years old can make the connection between produce and the seasons. The enclosed guide for parents helps them explain that food eaten in the right season was probably grown nearby. Hence, it does not travel far from the farm to your plate. This uses less energy and causes less pollution!

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“We designed Eating in Season: Ecologic Memory to give parents and caregivers a fun way to teach children about the importance of choosing seasonal produce,” explains Sue Mundell, Manager/CEO of Adventerra Games North America, whose environmentalist sister Ruthie Mundell wrote the proposal for the Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) annual Play for Change Awards. “Out-of-season food travels vast distances before arriving at the grocery store. By eating seasonally, families reduce their carbon footprint and support local agriculture. In addition to the fossil fuels required to transport food, pesticides and preservatives are often used to keep produce fresh on the long journey. By choosing seasonal food grown locally, we can reduce the chemicals we consume,” Ruthie remarked. For all these reasons and more, Eating In Season garnered a Silver Play For Change Award, hosted by EU Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, who underlined the important role of the toy sector in driving positive change in children’s lives.

In addition to the Silver Play For Change Award and The Toy Insider honors, the in-stock game also won praise from Hot Diggity Awards,’s Early Childhood Product Authenticated Seal, and PAL Award (Play on Words), totaling five and counting!

Beyond the incredible lessons packed inside the box, the packaging itself is notable. Eating in Season (and all Adventerra Games) are made with high-quality recycled materials (FSC-certified cardboard and wood), and they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They do not contain any plastic materials. Even the clear film that is used to protect the box is derived from sugar cane and… yes, it is biodegradable too!


Eating in Season: Ecologic Memory • Age 2+ • $14.99
Silver Winner/ Play For Change AwardsEating in Season: Ecologic Memory • Age 2+ • $14.99
The Toy Insider Winner – Top Holiday Toy
Hot Diggity Awards
PAL Award (Play on Words) Early Childhood Product Authenticated Seal

Is that an orange building a snowman in winter? Or a tomato having a summer picnic on the beach? These whimsical illustrations create an original and fun concentration game to learn how to eat healthily and help the environment by choosing seasonal produce. The pieces feature illustrated backgrounds that show children which season is best for eating each food. Beyond the fun of playing this memory game, players improve their developing visual memory, classification skills and knowledge of seasonal fruits and vegetables, without even noticing!

Play & Learn, Save the Planet is Adventerra Games’ motto. Shop online for a variety of board games, puzzles, and memory games at Follow the game maker on social media channels at @adventerragamesnorthamerica on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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Adventerra Games, a family-owned company based in Switzerland, publishes engaging puzzles and games that help kids learn to conserve natural resources and save the planet. While playing our simple and enjoyable games, players intuitively learn new behaviors that reduce their ecological footprints. When these behaviors become lifetime habits, players become super-heroes for the planet! Bryan Mundell, the Founder/Owner and co-inventor of the games, incorporated Adventerra Games North America LLC in 2019 to bring his games to North American families. To shop or to learn more, visit or

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