Lake Barrington, IL (November 21, 2016) – When kids play dress-up, it can flip a switch in their emerging imaginations to explore a new interest. The littlest testers at The National Parenting Center wore Aeromax’s Robotic Engineer Shirt paired with the Robot Helmet. The delight by kids and reaction by parents earned Aeromax two 2016 Holiday Seals of Approval!

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“For pure imagination and dress-up play, parents and kids flipped out,” begins the gushing review by testers big and small from The National Parenting Center, “over this Robot Engineer Shirt & Helmet. To begin, the shirt and helmet are easy for small children to put on by themselves and play independently. There is no denying that this outfit conveys robot or astronaut with its multiple colorful patches showing gears, electrical displays and other robot parts. The left breast pocket has a clear plastic sleeve for slipping in a name-tag.”

Aeromax prides itself on little details that make imaginations soar. The shirt and helmet combo kept kids entertained while impressing parents.

“According to both parents and kids,” the Holiday 2016 review revealed, “the best part is the working visor that flips up and down like a real helmet. The robot mouth is slotted and open, so kids can talk and breathe easily through it… the consensus was that this dress-up robot suit is priced right and hits the mark for value, price/quality.”


Robotic Engineer Shirt • $13.95 •
Fits most ages 3-6

The National Parenting Center
2016 Holiday Seal of Approval

Slip into this Robotic Engineer shirt and design something great! Do the robot dance or just perform tasks that humans aren’t able to complete. The lightweight top is easy for little ones to put on by themselves, with hook and loop closure. Print out their name and place in the clear pocket for a personalized touch. Note the vivid graphics on the front, back and sleeves.

Robot Helmet • $16.95 •
Fits most ages 3-10
The National Parenting Center
2016 Holiday Seal of Approval

This sci-fi helmet is a great addition to the Robotic Engineer shirt. It’s designed a little smaller so younger kids can be enchanted. Older children will adore rich details, like a moving visor and colorful artwork including exposed gear on the back. Look out for the next scientific creation!

Aeromax products are found in hundreds of retail outlets coast to coast. Their toys and career clothing have been spotted in airports, museum shops, specialty toy stores and gift shops. Check out the entire line of products at and follow them on Facebook.

Mark Levine started Aeromax in 1997 with one product. From its start with a tangle-free toy parachute to its “Get Real Gear” career-oriented costumes, toys, hats and accessories, Aeromax continually earns industry awards and national media recognition. Fans of Aeromax products appreciate how the company has become synonymous with innovation.

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