Aeromax Is Feeling Nostalgic With Jr. Astronaut Suits, Jackets, Backpacks & More


Aeromax Is Feeling Nostalgic With Jr. Astronaut Suits, Jackets, Backpacks & More

Lake Barrington, IL (October 11, 2018) – Houston, we have Aeromax’s salute to Apollo 11 as a new generation discovers the NASA mission in the form of a Hollywood movie and in real life.

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With launch activities happening monthly, excitement and interest in space continues to grow.

Special Edition Apollo 11 Space Gear includes adorable soft foam Astronauts, ($4.95) Space Suits, ($52.95) and Flight Jackets ($43.95-$63.95).

For over two decades, Aeromax has been promoting an aim-for-the-stars philosophy with their toys and product selection. The skyward trend continues with many great new items to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s mission.

Americans who watched their black & white televisions in 1969 will recognize the names Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, the three-man crew who flew to the moon and returned safely home. The blockbuster movie “First Man,” about America’s men and women of the historic mission, is generating great reviews.

Apollo 11 Flight Jacket – Adult • $63.95 • Ages AdultAeromax, known for its authentic astronaut suits, jackets, accessories and toys, gets nostalgic with special Apollo 11 touches. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” as famously stated on the mission, is printed on the back of its flight jackets and backpack.

This Special Edition gear can be purchased now at space and science museum gift shops, specialty toy stores and online at the company’s website,

Apollo 11 Flight Jacket – Adult • $63.95 • Ages Adult
The Adult Flight Jacket is perfect when a lightweight jacket is needed. The shell is 100% cotton and fully lined with 100% polyester. Adults can choose from 5 sizes – Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. Surprise the whole family with jackets and tickets to the movies, dressed like its 1969!

Apollo 11 Flight Jacket – Youth • $43.95 • Ages 4-12Apollo 11 Flight Jacket – Youth • $43.95 • Ages 4-12
The handsome junior jacket is fully lined and is the perfect addition to all things space. Colorful, sewn in patches, pencil pockets and sturdy zipper gives it an authentic look. The American flag lets kids wear their patriotism on their sleeve. Future astronauts and aeronautical engineers will love its lightweight feel. Moms will love its durability. Choose jackets in Youth Size Small (Ages 5-9) or Large (Ages 9-12).

Apollo 11 Youth Space Suits • $52.95 • Ages 3-10Apollo 11 Youth Space Suits • $52.95 • Ages 3-10
The Apollo 11 youth Astronaut suit showcases (again) why Aeromax is the best supplier of high quality, realistic space suits. Attention to detail includes: zippered pockets on leg and sleeve, NASA patch, USA flag patch, Apollo 11 mission patch, embroidered NASA cap that is fully adjustable for the best fit. Machine washable and 100% polyester, this space suit comes in four sizes: 2/3, 4/6, 6/8 and 8/10.

Apollo 11 Drawstring Backpack • $7.95 • Ages 3+
This adjustable drawstring backpack was designed with space travelers in mind. Made for any space walk — whether hiking an urban trail or going to school. Quality Aeromax construction means it’s meant to last. The polyester bag features large Apollo 11 mission logo with braided nylon rope for drawstring. Measuring 15 1/2” tall by 13 1/2” wide, this backpack will garner lots of compliments.

Apollo 11 Foam Astronaut with Backpack clip • $4.95 • Ages 3+
How nostalgic is this affordable clip-on when announcing all systems go? This NASA-inspired foam stress squeeze toy is a great addition to any desk, backpack, or keychain as the Apollo 11 mid-century mark approaches. As always, Aeromax pays attention to details with a kid-friendly plastic clip that lets Jr. engineers, mathletes and scientists ponder “what if” while seeing the Apollo 11 mission logo.

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Aeromax believes that pretend play forms an essential part of a child’s development. Children learn by observing, imagining and doing. The toy industry has awarded Aeromax year after year for its high quality line of clothing, toys and accessories that let kids be kids while reaching for the stars.

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Mark Levine started Aeromax in 1997 with one product, the Aeromax 2000 Tangle Free Toy Parachute, which is pictured in the company’s logo. Twenty-one years later, fans of Aeromax products still appreciate how the company has become synonymous with innovation. From its start with a tangle-free toy parachute to its “Get Real Gear” career-oriented costumes, toys, hats and accessories, Aeromax continually earns industry awards and national media recognition. Discover their product line at


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