Introducing Animoodles, A Building Set Made Of Stuffed Animal Parts! The Toy Jungle Just Got Really Wild (In A Lovable Way)

Portola Valley, CA (October 16, 2017) – Traditional children’s toys, like stuffed animals and building sets, have not changed much over the years. But now a team of animators and designers from Silicon Valley have come up with something truly new – plush paws, furry heads, long arms and soft torsos that kids build into their own creations! Animoodles, the next BIG thing in toys, is launching Monday, October 16 on with exclusive discounts and rewards at

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Randy Orangutan, Miguel Frog, Hazel Sloth, and Brady Lion from The Wild Jungle Collection, and Iris Unicorn from The Isle of Mythos Collection make up the first collection. Each comes beautifully boxed with an illustrated character card to get young imaginations daydreaming. One is fun, but more Animoodles you have the more creative combinations are possible. Tucked safely inside each plush body part are rare earth magnets that click for a smooth fit. Place the arms where the feet would go? Why not? It’s silly, cuddly and wonderfully accepting of something different.

As their Kickstarter page explains, “All parts can rotate 360°, so you can pose Animoodles any way you want to! You can make Randy Orangutan wave or Miguel Frog tilt his head sassily to the side.” With Early Bird incentives from $44 for a 2 set to $99 for the complete 5 set, parents can get bragging rights about being the first to spot this adorable toy trend.

Behind the fun and games are talented grownups on a mission inspire the next generation of little makers. Marissa Louie, CEO & Chief Designer, has been a stuffed animal lover all her life and now brings her vision to a new generation. Dan Holland, Lead Character Artist, who has worked on some of the biggest animation films is excited to see his drawings come to cuddly life in the arms of a child. Dedicated to being kid-driven, they’ve tested Animoodles with kids and their parents across the country to perfect their designs.

“Stuffed animals have always played an important role in developing emotional and relational skills,” says Marissa Louie. “But, building sets have traditionally been better at developing spatial awareness and problem solving skills. Because all these skills are important, we’re combining the best of both worlds. We hope to enable kids to see themselves as little makers, and to understand the value of our differences–how unique parts can come together to build something amazing.”

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About Portola Plush Co.
Founded in 2016, the Silicon Valley, California-based team behind Animoodles is on a mission to inspire the next generation of compassionate little makers with innovative, thoughtfully-designed plush toys. With decades of product and design experience at leading animation studios, technology, and consumer goods companies, the team is dedicated to spreading more imaginative and creative play around the world. Learn more at or follow The Animoodles on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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