Three Little Piggies, Quadrillion, Start Plus and Mega Ball Run Getting Rave Reviews From Parents And Educators

San Francisco, CA (March 15, 2016) – No child has ever cried I’m bored when playing a board game. Games that require kids to ponder next moves or construction toys that enable kids to build creatively have countless benefits. Much like running outdoors exercises the muscles, enriching toys and games exercise the brain. With so many terrific products on toy store shelves, there is one reliable indicator on what to choose – best sellers. Smart Toys & Games, where the name says it all, points to four of their titles that kids adore and parents praise.
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“If they are going to be playing a game and sitting still, at least their mind is working,” one educator aptly described the benefits of playing with Smart Toys & Games products.

The parent company has a logic game division called SmartGames and magnetic construction toys under the banner SmartMax. Their brilliantly innovative games appeal to boys, girls, men and women from ages 3 to 103! Plus, each aesthetically pleasing game (including Three Little Piggies, $24.99 and Quadrillion, $21.99) can be learned in a flash, but offers hours of increasingly difficult cognitive challenges to stretch anyone’s powers of logical reasoning, spatial perception, strategic planning, and mental agility. Of course, when kids play, they are just plain fun.

“We have many-many-many board games,” wrote one happy consumer who bought Three Little Piggies, “and this one is on our favorites list because of good design and feel — those piggies are really cute and feel very nice to the touch — because of well-thought-out puzzles and the beautiful book that comes with it. There is quite a bit of spatial logic thinking that’s required for solving the puzzles, which is great developmentally. For younger kids, just being able to arrange the piggies on the board can be a challenge in itself, and it’s a great introduction to maps and directions.”

Three Little Piggies • Ages 3+ • $24.99
2016 ECRM Buyer’s Choice Award Winner
ASTRA 2015 Best Toys For Kids Winner
Once upon a time… you know the story. Three Little Piggies is a perfect brain game for young children. It features 3 big puzzle pieces that are easy to hold, and kids will be intrigued by the way the pigs fit inside the houses and look through the windows. Kids will be asked to help these three smart pigs build their houses and then set them up so they can play outside. If you spot the wolf can you help the pigs stay safe inside their houses? The game includes a storybook with images and booklet with 48 challenges (24 with the wolf and 24 without).

A teacher who purchased Quadrillion online bought it for her students and for herself! She explained on her review, “Excellent game for logic and creative thinking. Says for 1 player but easy to have friends play together. Nice idea book is included so there are many possible puzzles at a variety of levels of difficulty. Very sturdy! I use it in my 1st grade class.”

Quadrillion • Ages 7 to Adult • $21.99
This multi award-winning 3D puzzle game starts out easy by clicking the four magnetic grids together in any order. Place the 12 colored game pieces on the board you just created – except not on the black and the white spots. It looks so easy, but it’s not! Ideal for everyone in the family — kids, teens, young adults and beyond! The game includes 4 magnetic grids to create game board, 12 big colorful puzzle pieces and a challenge booklet.

Smart extends beyond brain-boosting board games with physics-inducing construction toys, featuring colorful, magnetic building pieces. SmartMax suggests two best sellers – Start Plus, $44.99 and Mega Ball Run, $119.99. As youngsters build with magnets, they quickly comprehend the basic laws of physics, develop fine motor skills plus discover magnetic poles that attract or repel. Toss SmartMax balls into the design and watch how the creative process is unlimited! Eye-hand coordination improves as does discovering how pieces can build from the top, the bottom or any direction where magnets connect.

One dad observed online, “This is the second set of these I’ve purchased. My daughter and her friends love the unique way in which these blocks join together, and their imaginations aren’t limited by traditional brick-like blocks.”

Adds a mom who noticed it wasn’t just Junior who adored the building set, “Two-year-old loves this, as does his father, uncle, grandfather, aunt etc. Hours of fun playing. Will be purchasing more SmartMax sets in the very near future.”

SmartMax Start Plus • Safe for Age 1+; Play for Age 3+ • $44.99
This starter kit allows children to explore magnetism safely. The oversized pieces are specifically designed for handling by young kids as they learn about the effects of magnetic attraction and repulsion, while older children will have fun using the pieces to construct towers, bridges and other creations. The  magnets are strong enough to carry up to 60 times their weight! This basic 30-piece set includes 12 medium magnetic bars, 4 curved bars, 6 long magnetic bars, 8 magnetic balls and a guide to build models.

Blogger Mommy University tested another best seller, Mega Ball Run, with her own two boys and gushed, “SmartMax prides themselves on encouraging kids to use their imagination and creativity to create their own designs and masterpieces. This also fosters the development of critical thinking skills. Although we did replicate some designs on the box, we also had a blast creating our own ball runs. Creating your own designs helps enhance so many developmental and educational skills. Kids first need to learn patience and determination as it takes time to create a good working design. They learn cause and effect as they see what happens when the ball goes through the run. Kids also learn what happens if you use one piece over another and how that can change the entire outcome.”

SmartMax Mega Ball Run • Safe for Age 3+; Play for Age 5+ • $119.99
Get into magnetic excitement where building is just as fun as playing! With a click and magnetic snap, a sleek ball run is easily put together. From then on out, the fun escalates fast as kids get the balls rolling.
Tunnels and tubes create crazy twists and turns – whoosh! The ball disappears through a bright tunnel, rolling in and out, down the slide, and across the carpet. Expect the kids to cheer, “let’s do that again!” And with exceptionally easy-to-build, large pieces, the excitement is instantaneous and safe. The non-swallowable 1.8-inch diameter metal balls and sonic-welded bars meet the toughest safety requirements. Creativity spins quickly as little hands get a downhill start to fine motor development with this toy.

Find all of these games online and at Toys R Us, Target, Learning Express and other specialty toy stores nationwide. SmartGames followers can join them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

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Smart Toys & Games products develop logical thinking and problem solving skills in all ages through fun, challenging play. Each multi-level game from the SmartGames line is designed to move players through carefully sequenced levels of game play. Fun, durable and compact, SmartGames are perfect for travel. SmartMax® construction sets enable children to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a safe and creative way through making strong building structures and vehicles. Additional product lines offered by Smart Toys & Games include Tangoes®, which is based on the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle and combines artistic and mathematical elements to create a variety of designs and online brain-building fun for both children and adults at