BizyBeez™ 41-Piece Magnetic Building Set Discovered To Be Appealing To ADHD, Autistic and Special Needs That’s Creative, Educational and STEM Fun!

Kaysville, UT (March 26, 2019) — There’s something really special about MagStix by BizyBeez ($69.99) as Amazon shoppers are discovering when reading the 5-star glowing reviews. First, unlike other magnetic toys, this 41-piece magnetic building set comes with a portable playboard that can be used as a building base anywhere — on the floor, table, or lap while traveling in the car. Second, the chunky tactile pieces give kids ages three and older a sense of calm and focus. That’s incredibly valuable to parents of children on the spectrum that love to zoom in on objects that are visually pleasing. Again and again, MagStix bright colors and rotating wheels lead to hours of quiet, brain-building play.

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BizyBeezBoth Parents’ Choice Awards and Dr. Toy gave MagStix special attention with its honors. “We were impressed that the straight and curved magnet sticks have different tactile surfaces to engage the senses of both typically developing and special needs kids,” says the Parents’ Choice Foundation review.

“Since launch, it has sold thousands of sets to families, therapists, pre-schools, elementary schools, special needs programs, and hospitals…,” wrote Dr. Toy in her recent review for Best Picks Award. “The product serves kids with special needs with various textures to promote positive sensory experiences. MagStix is a fantastic tool for the home; child therapists use it in their practices; and hospitals want it in their burn units for both brain injury and fine motor rehab. It’s also a valuable STEM toy.”

In fact, MagStix are certified by the prestigious! “BizyBeez’s MagStix excelled during our evaluation process, scoring in the top 84 percentile of over 1,100 STEM products reviewed since 2014,” declared Andrew B. Raupp, Executive Director of Educational Research™.

BizyBeezMade of safe, sturdy non-toxic plastic, the stacking pieces are easy to grip and squeeze. For grownups, the multi-piece set is durable and easy to clean. Snap-on wheels — included in each kit — take creativity to another level, allowing preschoolers and elementary-aged kids to create wildly imaginative trains, cars and other vehicles. When play is done, all pieces are tucked away in the bonus storage bag.

“This building-blocks-set features magnetized sticks and colorful metal balls that can be combined in an endless variety of ways with a simple click,” echoed Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego. “Your child will love exploring the mysteries of magnetic force while imaginatively stacking and connecting sticks (the wheels add even more possibilities). These sturdy, colorful pieces feature four different textures — ideal for kids with sensory processing issues.”

BizyBeezBizyBeez took special care to make sure the neodymium magnets chosen for MagStix were strong enough to allow kids to build large towers, but not so strong little fingers could get hurt. Siblings and older children love using multiple MagStix sets to test the limits of how massive and complex they can build their creations!

The sets are ideal for grandparents (hint, hint) to keep at their house for holidays and visiting weekends as one Grandmother shared after purchasing on Amazon:

“My grandkids LOVE these! I would give them six stars if that was available. My kiddos are aged 1-12 and can build all kinds of things. So good for their imagination! These toys are so bright, colorful, easy-to-grasp and just plain fun. Plus, what mother or grandmother doesn’t just appreciate the toy bag that comes with the set? I may get a second box!”

Families who purchased a set on Amazon with a special needs child discovered that everyone in the house enjoyed building with MagStix:

“Great toy for all kids!! I love that this is an inclusive toy, special needs or not. My son has Down Syndrome and the ease of this toy to assemble and play with for him (has OT issues) is refreshing. My other children enjoy playing with these with him.”

“Purchased for my autistic nephew (14 years old) and he absolutely loved it. Kept coming back to play with it all Christmas morning! One of very few things that held his interest. My 12-year old son & 14-year old daughter also enjoyed playing with it.”

“My niece loves it. My special needs son loves it. And me, an adult, loves it. I think I play with it more than my son!”

MagStix Sensory Magnetic Toys Building Set • $69.99 • Ages 3+MagStix Sensory Magnetic Toys Building Set • $69.99 • Ages 3+
2018 Parents’ Choice Recommended
2018 Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Award
2018 Memphis Parent Toy Guide
Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego
Cincinnati Family Magazine Top Editor Pick

Looking for a sensory toy that will engage your child while fostering cognitive development? The BizyBeez MagStix 41-Piece set features magnetized sticks and colorful metal balls that can be combined in an endless variety of ways with a simple click. MagStix Jumbo size makes them easy to grip and provide a proprioceptive input that is pleasing to both spectrum and sensory kids. MagStix proudly gives back 20% of the net profit from each purchase to a charity that supports special-needs children or humanitarian efforts around the globe.

MagStix are currently available for purchase in the United States. They have been safety tested to meet European standards and plans are being considered for expansion into Europe in 2019. Join their mailing list and read their blog at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for what’s next for the busy bees in your house!

Read the press release as a PDF

About BizyBeez
BizyBeez was founded by homeschool parents of six children, Wade and Catherine Reed, as a project to train them in a real-world business experience. As a family, they sat down together and worked on the mission, vision, and values of the company. Together they selected a product category… magnetic toys. MagStix evolved from that meeting. Watch, shop or learn more at


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