Chameleon Kidz Brings Back Beloved 2005 Coloring With A Twist

Haywards Heath, England (October 5, 2017) – When it comes to coloring there are no rules. Give kids a blank piece of paper and something to doodle with and watch them express themselves – no matter their artistic skills or age. Chameleon Kidz is adding a new twist to childhood coloring. Say hello to the return of the Blendy Pens, markers that offer a colorful palette with the stroke of a single pen! The results are stunning single-color gradations without changing markers.

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We all know what happens when you add yellow to green. But imagine the result when strokes of yellow follow orange and then red without switching colored markers! That’s the beauty of The Original Blendy series, popular a dozen years ago. They are making a big return to store shelves in Q4 and 2018 with Blendy Pens Jumbo Kit (24 markers), Large Kit (20 markers), Small Kit (8 markers) and Stationery Set (6 markers).

Blendy Pens work like the Chameleon system so now kids as young as four years old can color with depth and dimension, shadows, highlights and shading. The results are simply striking. And moms, the markers are washable!

How does it work? As their YouTube video shows, boys and girls put any two Blendy Pens into the fusion chamber. Two single colors will create a cool color combination. Inside the first of a series of kits are not just Blendy Pens but stencils, posters and a unique Blendy airbrush for artistic expression in a whole new dimension.

“Chameleon is focused on creating art products that allow everyone to achieve more with less,” touts Julia Benben, Innovation Director at Chameleon Art Products. “With art education often cut in schools, this provides a great alternative to teach art in a fun and unique way. It allows kids to learn important art fundamentals while they play and helps develop their creative spark.”

As Benben notes on the company’s successful Summer 2017 Kickstarter page, “we didn’t just create a product, we created a whole art education system.” Hundreds of coloring fans agreed as their campaign was so well received that it was funded in an unbelievable eight hours — and over 300% of their funding goal!Look for these four coloring kits in stores now:

The Original Blendy Pens Jumbo Kit • Ages 4+ • $24.99
Jumpstart the whole family’s artistic skills with this truly jumbo set of 24 Blendy Pens giving 276 color combinations. Included in this kit are 10 posters, 2 stencils, 1 art portfolio and a Blendy airbrush to inspire the next Peter Max or Henri Matisse!

The Original Blendy Pens Large Kit • Ages 4+ • $19.99
This large kit has something for all ages with 20 Blendy Pens giving 190 color combinations, 10 posters, 2 stencils and a Blendy airbrush.

The Original Blendy Pens Small Kit • Ages 4+ • $9.99
Nice things come in small packages and this kit does not disappoint. Open and enjoy 8 Blendy Pens giving 28 color combinations, 6 posters, 2 stencils and a Blendy airbrush.

The Original Blendy Pens Stationery Set • Ages 4+ • $5.99
Thank you notes to Grandmom take on a beautiful flourish with this stationery set of 6 Blendy Pens giving 15 color combinations, 3 small posters are tucked inside for kitchen table or car ride fun.

Now a new generation will never look at marker pens the same way! And parents will be singing that Culture Club hit from the ‘80s, Karma Chameleon with “red, gold, and green, red, gold, and green.”

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Formed in 2013, parent company Chameleon Art Products is comprised of the same visionary team that is recognized worldwide for bringing high-quality, creative pen products to the market for more than 20 years. Its newest division is Chameleon Kidz, launched in July 2017, which includes the all-new Blendy Pen for a new generation of color blending. The company prides itself on developing real innovation that enhances the end user’s ability to maximize creativity in all aspects of their artwork. For more information, visit

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