Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189


Electronic Musician Magazine Gives A Shout Out To Beloved Blipblox: “This is a toy that you will likely inherit from the children in your life (and enjoy playing).”

San Francisco, CA (September 11, 2019) – When is a toy not a toy? When it makes beautiful music that’s easy as child’s play yet is quite sophisticated. That was the opinion of famous musician Gino Robair in Electronic Musician magazine this month. Music lovers will want to make Blipblox ($189) the wow gift to unwrap under the Christmas tree this year!

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“With its primary colors and chunky controls,” the September 2019 article begins, “the Blipblox has a definite Fisher-Price and Playskool vibe. Yet, any adult that spends time with it is in for a treat – this colorful instrument contains a surprisingly sophisticated synth engine and sequencer.”

Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189

Looking for a MIDI in, ¼” mono audio output? Perhaps a Sequencer Freeze, Drum Solo and Drum Tweak modes? The Blipblox has all that and more as professional musicians were awestruck with the ability of small children to turn knobs and push levers and create a synthesized playbook.

“I can’t think of an educational instrument with this level of sound exploration for kids as young as toddlers,” Robair summarized in paragraph after paragraph of all the cool things Mom and Dad could do with the Blipblox, while the kids are napping!

Mom bloggers had the same “oh wow!” reaction. wrote in her blog, “Your child may not be capable of playing an instrument such as a violin or a flute at the age of three. Starting your child out young with a simple curiosity of musical sounds is important. The Blipblox synthesizer can be used for younger ages to just explore sounds while being amazed at the flashing lights. Meanwhile, even adults can create beats to new songs.”

Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189More than awestruck, one mom blogger was shocked by “how fun Blipblox is for kids!”

“There are lots of great toys on the market that are musical in nature. These give kids hands on musical learning and fun,” wrote “I can tell you that I was shocked by how fun Blipblox really is for kids. My daughter was instantly hooked on playing with this toy. This is a high-tech synthesizer that makes amazing sounds and music and also has light features to make it even more special. I don’t profess to understand some of the technical terms, but this toy has 12 unique oscillator modulation schemes, one low pass filter, two envelope generators plus two LFO’s.!”

Looking for another reason to give this incredible gift of music as Hanukkah and Christmas approaches?

The musical family of already has “a box of basic percussion instruments in our kids’ bedroom, three keyboards and a drum set in our garage. When my husband finds time he sits and makes songs in Garage Band and the kids love getting to participate and record little clips of music. It’s safe to say the Blipblox integrates seamlessly into our already musical home.” She added with a smile, “I had a hard time knowing who was more excited to play with it– my kids or my husband.”

Tillywig Toy Awards gave it its 2019 Brain Child honor with the most incredible review from a know-it-all, seen-it-all judge:

Blipblox is the winner of the Tillywig Brain Child Award“The Blipblox is that rarest of children’s products, one whose massive fun factor is accompanied by off-the-charts educational value. Well-suited for kids ages 3 and up, this fully functional synthesizer makes it remarkably easy for youngsters to not only make electronic music but also to absorb and understand a variety of fairly sophisticated concepts along the way. The vast majority of this knowledge is gained through hands-on exploration, the Blipblox’s strong visual appeal and interactivity inviting non-stop investigation. Colored arrows on the unit’s surface make apparent the dynamic relationships between the knobs, buttons and levers that determine the sound. The immediacy of these controls’ impact on the electronic music emitted from the built-in speaker keeps kids perpetually adjusting and tweaking levels and settings in an exceptionally engaging and rewarding creative process. The Blipblox’s kid-friendly design, dazzling functionality and professional features (including MIDI) makes it one of the most accessible and effective music learning tools to ever have crossed our path!”

Making electronic music child’s play is the motto of Blipblox. Order

Blipblox is the winner of the Moms Choice Gold AwardBlipblox • Ages 3+ • $189
Tillywig Brain Child 2019 Award Winner
Mom’s Choice Award Gold – Toys, Games & Puzzles
School Band & Orchestra (SBO) Best Teaching Tool for Pre-School

Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189The Blipblox is more than a toy, it is a completely new way for kids (and adults) to explore electronic music. Children, even those with no music experience, take to the Blipblox quickly and continue a focused play for extended periods of time. At the preschool age, kids love to incorporate the Blipblox into imagination play, so it becomes a spaceship controller or lava flow meter. At 5 to 8 years old, boys and girls still like the lights and levers, but many are also starting to understand that they are controlling and creating sound. They especially enjoy the kick and snare drum beatbox controls. Tweens may at first think the Blipblox looks like a little kid’s toy, but they quickly realize it is a real musical instrument. This is also the age where Dad can think about breathing new life into that old MIDI keyboard so kids can start playing their own melodies. Tweens and teens who already have experience with a DAW will soon realize that the Blipblox is a fully functional synthesizer that can be used for music production. Ships with 3 AA batteries (not installed), 1 DC-USB power cord, 1 Quick Start Guide.

Parent company Playtime Engineering has recently partnered with the National Association of Music Merchants’ Museum of Making Music. The Blipblox will be included in their upcoming Exhibition, “Music from the Sound Up: the Creative Tools of Synthesis.”

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Read the press release as a PDF

About Playtime Engineering
Playtime Engineering, a boutique startup with a mission to create intelligent children’s toys designed to promote creativity and audio exploration, is excited to introduce the Blipblox. This fully functional synthesizer is designed to promote creativity and audio exploration. The unique physical design is easy-to-use and safe for kids as young as 3. Professional features and a nearly endless ability to create new sounds make it fun and captivating for all ages. Discover more at to shop and learn the latest product news.

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