Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189

In A Blip, Kids Are Engineering Electronic Music With Knobs And Buttons Sized For Tiny Fingers

Blipblox Has Wannabe DeeJays Instantly Captivated with A Multi-Color LED Light Show That’s Synchronized to Their Just-Created Music!

San Francisco, CA (May 13, 2019) – Seriously sophisticated is how every reviewer has summed up the amazing Blipblox ($189), with its toy-like features that create grownup studio sessions as a fully functioning synthesizer.

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“Blipblox might be designed for DJs ages 3 and up, but this is no rinky-dink xylophone,” wrote WIRED Magazine in their Holiday Picks 2018 List for tinkerers, travelers, and lovers of timeless design. “The easy-to-use synthesizer has pro-ready features like MIDI support, multiple modulation filters, and an integrated drum machine. So your tot can mix beats before bedtime, then you can ‘borrow’ it for your own midnight set.”

Parent company Playtime Engineering explains it best — “The Blipblox was made to have fun without fully understanding how it all works. You can just turn it on and start playing with the buttons and knobs to see what sort of fun sounds you can get out of it.”

Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189Currently in pre-order for shipping in May 2019, Blipblox allows tots as young as three years old to explore electronic music. Every aspect of STEAM learning is rolled into this please-touch toy. There’s no need to download software or hook up to WiFi. Just turn on and start moving the colorful knobs and levers for original sounds of blip, bop, bloop instantly synthesized. The MIDI input port and an audio output jack will impress parents as a professional sounding music production device.

Among the many WOW factors packed into Blipblox is the multi-color LED light show, synchronized to the music. Professional DJs and music makers who have tested the ‘toy’ are impressed with Blipblox’s twelve unique oscillator modulation schemes, one low pass filter, two envelope generators plus two LFOs.

Preschoolers with no music knowledge will be mesmerized by the new sounds as they gain confidence learning the signal path and mastering of the synthesis engine. As they produce new music with a twist of colored knobs or a pull of red levers, they are rewarded with a synchronized LED light show. Older children can learn the principles of electronic music production by following the colorful signal path. Both age groups are exposed to Blipblox’s melody, tempo, oscillators, LFOs, filters, envelopes, and amplifiers — all key elements of music production. Grownups can join in with the step-by-step videos and a comprehensive online Learning Toolbox that provide clear instructions. Don’t be surprised if Mom or Dad composes their own music once the kids are asleep or outside playing – it’s that irresistible!

If the home already has a professional studio setup, Blipblox can join in. With its own built-in speaker and a 1⁄4” Audio-out port, Blipblox can connect to an external device. This includes connecting to MIDI keyboards; drum machines and other controllers, as well as music production software.

Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189Interest and rave reviews have been keen since Blipblox debuted last year at the prestigious National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). A successful crowd funding campaign was held in July 2018. By Holiday 2018, all 2,000 units sold out and were delivered as delightful Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. February 2019 saw Blipblox stand out at the American International Toy Fair where new products compete on a global scale. Retailers and toy professionals were truly fascinated by this actual synthesizer-made-for-kids. Everyone got to touch, push and play on-the-spot music as an instant LED light show appeared. These hard-to-impress conventioneers were truly awed.

“Instead of generic keyboard sounds, the Blipblox uses a proprietary algorithm that synthesizes completely unique waveforms,” wrote judges of The Best Tools For Schools Awards, organized by SBO (School Band & Orchestra) Magazine as it awarded its 2018 Best Teaching Tool for Pre-School Students. “The Blipblox is a synthesizer and beatbox designed to promote creativity and audio exploration. Its unique physical design is easy-to-use and safe for children as young as three years old.”

Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189Making electronic music child’s play is the motto of Blipblox. Preorders are now being taken at

Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189
School Band & Orchestra (SBO) Best Teaching Tool for Pre-School

The Blipblox is more than a toy, it is a completely new way for kids (and adults) to explore electronic music. Children, even those with no music experience, take to Blipblox quickly and continue a focused play for an extended period of time. At the preschool age, kids love to incorporate the Blipblox into imagination play, so it becomes a spaceship controller or lava flow meter. At 5 to 8 years old, boys and girls still like the lights and levers, but many are also starting to understand that they are controlling and creating sound. They especially enjoy the kick and snare drum beatbox controls. Tweens may at first think the Blipblox looks like a little kid’s toy, but they quickly realize it is a real musical instrument. This is also the age where Dad can think about breathing new life into that old MIDI keyboard so kids can start playing their own melodies. Tweens and teens who already have experience with a DAW will soon realize that the Blipblox is a fully functional synthesizer that can be used for music production. Ships with 3 AA batteries (not installed), 1 DC-USB power cord, 1 Quick Start Guide.

Parent company Playtime Engineering looks forward to partnering with academic and non-profit groups as Blipblox goes into mass production. Follow them on social media channels using the links below.

Read the press release as a PDF

About Playtime Engineering

Playtime Engineering, a boutique startup with a mission to create intelligent children’s toys designed to promote creativity and audio exploration, is excited to introduce the Blipblox. This fully functional synthesizer is designed to promote creativity and audio exploration. The unique physical design is easy-to-use and safe for kids as young as 3. Professional features and a nearly endless ability to create new sounds make it fun and captivating for all ages. Discover more at to shop and learn the latest product news.

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