Blipblox by Playtime Engineering


Blipblox by Playtime

Playtime Engineering, a boutique startup with a mission to create intelligent children’s toys designed to promote creativity and audio exploration, is excited to introduce the Blipblox. This fully functional synthesizer is designed to promote creativity and audio exploration. The unique physical design is easy-to-use and safe for kids as young as 3. Professional features and a nearly endless ability to create new sounds make it fun and captivating for all ages. Discover more at to shop and learn the latest product news.


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Blipblox • Ages 3+ • $189

In A Blip, Kids Are Engineering Electronic Music With Knobs And Buttons Sized For Tiny Fingers

Blipblox Has Wannabe DeeJays Instantly Captivated with A Multi-Color LED Light Show That’s Synchronized to Their Just-Created Music! San Francisco, CA (May 13, 2019) – Seriously sophisticated is how every reviewer has summed up the amazing Blipblox ($189), with its…

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