On February 28 Discover How Emerging Readers Can Understand Mandarin Or Spanish On Sweetly Illustrated Pages As They Get Tucked Into Bed

New York, NY (February 28, 2018) – By day, inventor and social entrepreneur Bill Tan creates innovative products that enable people to overcome communication barriers, attain new possibilities, and improve their quality of life. He’s won multiple awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and named a New York City Venture Fellow for his work. At night he likes to tuck his 5-year-old in bed by reading aloud from a storybook. But this conscientious dad would like his daughter to be fluent in Mandarin and eventually Spanish. He’s doing so with a software that is powered by research in childhood bilingual literacy. His hi-tech version of The Tale of Peter Rabbit allows his daughter to blossom with newfound language skills.

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With investments as small as $10, $49 or $300, bilingual story switching between Spanish and English on each page will soon come to market. Millennials and their parents grew up hearing family’s heritage languages through songs and whimsical stories. Now a new generation can easily pick up a global language thanks to donors who wish to see better bilingual children’s books than the ones that simply place two translations side-by-side. Backers can earn small rewards from a coloring book to a beautiful pop-up greeting card bearing a 1-year BLoSSoM subscription!

How do BLoSSoM bilingual stories work? BLoSSoM’s software is research-validated technology that teaches kids a new language by gradually blending new words and phrases into the story time readings. The process is called Code Switching. As the Kickstarter page explains, “BLoSSoM is an interactive e-book reader that helps parents and teachers turn story time into a fun activity for learning a new language … on the pages of storybooks they love.”

Familiar titles like Raggedy Ann or Alice In Wonderland pop up on the e-reader screen. Grownups choose the level of language blending. Today it might be 95% English and 5% Mandarin. Repeat the story often, as children love to do, while adjusting the blend. Eventually a child is reading 50% English and 50% Mandarin. Amazing!

“The two languages appear in text and audio, and are mixed according to linguistic rules that are designed to optimize acquisition and retention,” explains Bill Tan. “BLoSSoM makes learning a new language fun and engaging. You help your child pick up new words and phrases in context, at a pace they’re comfortable with, while reading memorable stories together.”

BLoSSoM’s name derives of the warm concept of a child blossoming as a young human intellectually and emotionally by becoming exposed to foreign lanugages. It’s also a reflection of an acronym for Bi-Lingual Story Switching Method.

BLoSSoM e-reader is not just for bedtime. Librarians, teachers and parents all praise the ease of ramping up new language skills. In a school library, BLoSSoM offers books that are authentic to the communities a library serves, featuring many Old World classics as well as stories that originate from other corners of the world and are often difficult to find in the U.S. Teachers are already thinking of the day when linking a BLoSSoM account at school and at home allows families to access the same e-book and materials used in the classroom. Learning continues at home and during school breaks. Mom and Dad needn’t be fluent in the desired language. In fact, they get to practice speaking it alongside little ones.

BLoSSoM Buy One, Give One Pledge

By supporting this Kickstarter campaign, you will also make this incredible literacy tool available to a family in need. For every subscription that comes through this Kickstarter campaign, BLoSSoM will donate a subscription to a low-income family. When you give the gift of languages, you give the gift of possibilities.
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About BLoSSoM
“Join us in raising a new generation of multilingual, global citizens who will make our world a better place,” invites Bill Tan, a father who is teaching his 5-year-old Mandarin through bedtime stories. The Spring 2018 launch will feature a library of English + Spanish and English + Mandarin combinations. Interested backers are encouraged to request additional language versions when they pledge their support. Visit their Kickstarter page at Look for the launch of the BLoSSoM App in Summer 2018.

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