Creative Playtime Is The Best Time For 8-14-Year-Olds To Handle Beautiful Materials As They Explore Painting, Journaling Or Jewelry Designing

Bloomfield, NJ (January 8, 2021) – Parents have been encouraging their kids to reach for the moon for generations. This type of aspirational thinking is now tucked into a new collection of crafty kits called, aptly, Wish*Craft. Mystical Moons Paint a Scarf ($19.99) or Moon Phase Journal ($19.99) encourages kids too old to be read Goodnight Moon an outlet to dream of what might be. Children older than 8 years old can put their emerging technical skills to the challenge in this collection of DIY kits. Find them online at

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wishcraft-lunar-magic-charm-jewelry-2924-WoodCharmBright Stripes launches Wish*Craft kits with themes and styles ideal for tweens and emerging teens. Lunar Magic Charm Jewelry ($15.99) invite youngsters to create beautiful laser etched wood charm jewelry with amethyst beads, tassels and more! When a friend asks where they bought it, they can proudly say, I made it myself!

Looking to spend that holiday money from Grandma on something meaningful? A beautiful gold foil accented scarf to paint and wear awaits inside the Mystical Moons Paint A Scarf kit. It arrives pre-printed with golden designs: moon phases, moths, flowers and stars! Bright Stripe designers think of everything and include a plastic pallete, paint brush, cardboard work mat and pins to keep the scarf taut during painting.

Daydreaming and journal writing go hand in hand. Bright Stripes prods tweens to write about what inspires them and what they are grateful for in this beautifully printed 60-page journal. Before opening Moon Phase Journal, spin the dial on the front to reveal the birthstone and Native American moon associated with each month of the year! Inside, doodling and drawing are written alongside short lessons of birthstones and phases of the moon.

This season, Bright Stripes offers up eight kits in the Wish*Craft Collection. Each one boasts the highest quality and prettiest materials. The company’s design team beams a moonlight on these top three sellers:

Wish*Craft Mystical Moons Paint a Scarf • $19.99 • Ages 8+

wish-craft-mystical-moons-paint-a-scarf-2921-FrontThis stunning, breezy scarf has a beautiful, mystical pattern with moons and flowers in gold foil. Mix the neon fabric dyes in the included palette and create a totally wearable and striking accessory! Pin to the included cardboard surface to keep your scarf taut and work area clean. Includes a 5 ft long polyester scarf, 3 liquid fabric dyes, paintbrush, palette, 40 pins, cardboard painting surface, and instructions.

Wish*Craft Moon Phase Journal • $19.99 • Ages 8+

wishcraft-moon-phase-journal-2927-FrontKeep track of the moon cycles as you journal and dream! Learn how to set goals according to the lunar cycle and chart the phases of the moon each month. The dial on the cover can be turned to reveal the month, Native American moon, and birthstone! So much to discover inside! Includes a holographic foil printed journal with 60 pages, cardboard dial, fine line pen, 2 sheets of paper stickers, 2 sheets of foil stickers, a stencil, metal brad and instructions.

Wish*Craft Lunar Magic Charm Jewelry • $15.99 • Ages 8+

wishcraft-lunar-magic-charm-jewelry-2924-Frontwishcraft-lunar-magic-charm-jewelry-2924-WoodCharm-componentsPaint laser-etched wood charms and assemble them into beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets! Stunning elements like amethyst beads, tiny tassels, and metallic gold fasteners give your jewelry a professional polish. Includes 10 laser-etched wood charms, 5 amethyst beads, 4 tassels, paints paintbrush, 3 sets of metal jewelry clasps, 4 earring hooks, 4 colors of plastic beads, pink cord, stretchy cord and instructions. When crafting is complete, enjoy a total of 8 trendy accessories featuring moons, moths and all things mystical!

Press Release PDF

About Bright Stripes
Enriching kids of all ages and stripes, co-founders and partners Sabre Mrkva and Eric von Stein have been working in the Toy and Children’s Product space collectively for over 20 years. They believe in the power of creative play to empower kids to create the world they want to live in. With a synergistic vision for innovative products and graphics, Sabre and Eric have developed blockbuster product lines with Alex Toys, Slinky, Shrinky Dinks, Scientific Explorer, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Dylan’s Candy Bar, among others. They excel at transforming inspiration into market-ready, eye-catching product packaged in dynamic, trend- right graphics. Today they have teamed up with top-quality manufacturers to create charming lines of products for kids of all stripes!

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