BUNNY HOPKINS™ LAUNCHES NEW DESIGN OF HANDMADE IN USA WOODEN TOY FOR CREATIVE AND ACTIVE PLAY—Winner Of ASTRA’s 2021 Best Active Toy, Bunny Hopkins, To Debut Stepping Stones For Creative & Active Play


Winner Of ASTRA’s 2021 Best Active Toy, Bunny Hopkins, To Debut Stepping Stones For Creative & Active Play

Atlanta, GA (February 15, 2022) – One foot in front of the other could be a metaphor for childhood exploration. It’s also the simple way to play with the six-piece Stepping Stones (from $69.00) set from Bunny Hopkins™, winner of the 2021 ASTRA Best Active Toy Award. These vibrant 100% Made in USA wooden circles are handcrafted by local craftsmen in its Atlanta, Georgia workshop. Each 10” large circle entices preschoolers and older kids to jump, spin or joyfully step as they imagine an obstacle course that gives a full body stretch!

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Bunny Hopkins Stepping Stones RainbowEvery piece in the colorful Stepping Stones set is crafted from natural and sustainably sourced premium American Maple wood. Imaginative open-end play is not limited to just preschoolers as children, teens and even grownups enjoy the challenge of setting up the flat wooden pieces to create an age-appropriate obstacle course. All of a sudden, the path becomes a hot lava trail or perhaps a simple stacking game. Intrigued explorers get a boost physically and improve gross motor skills. Any way is the right way with these adorable “stones” that develop good posture, reflexes, and better balance.

Four different Stepping Stones sets – Unfinished ($69), Honey Maple ($99), Diversity ($129) and Rainbow ($129) – will be available in Spring 2022.

Bunny Hopkins Toys Stepping StonesThe company’s first step into open-ended wooden toys was its Wobble Board Collection. In just the last year, Bunny Hopkins garnered a mantle full of toy industry honors. In addition to winning the 2021 ASTRA Best Toys For Kids in its Active & Outdoor category, Creative Child gave this Made in USA Toymaker two awards. The monthly magazine gave a nod as its 2021 Kids Product Of The Year Award for Kid’s Active Play Products category and its Creative Play Of The Year Award Motor Skills Creative Play Category. The Wobble Board maker also made room on its mantle for National Parenting Center Fall Seal of Approval, Mom’s Choice Gold Award plus an impressive spot on the Toy Insider Best 2021 Holiday Toys list.

In its timely article subtitled “Take a few steps out of the supply chain and shop American-made,” Reviewed.com took note last month to write about the boards, “we love these Montessori-inspired toys that look good and play hard.”

Bunny Hopkins Toys_SteppingStones DiversityThe Toy Insider, whose editors have seen everything imaginable in the toy world, featured Rainbow Wobble Board in its 2021 Top Holiday Toys listing for two-year-olds. “Perfect for open-ended play, the board can be anything kids can imagine, such as a balance board, teeter totter, pirate ship, slide, or fairy castle. Features a simple curved design and can help strengthen kids’ balancing skills.” The article reminded readers that “at age 2, kids are constantly learning through play, so it’s important to find interactive, educational and enriching toys for them to enjoy.”

The National Parenting Center fully agreed and wrote, “It’s a great vehicle for exercise, and all you have to do is unwrap it. There is NO setup required. Parents made a point of telling us and other parents that this is so much more than just a wobble board. It offers many different playtime benefits and can be used in the “u” shape or upside-down “u” shape for endless play options. It can be a ramp, a rocking chair, a surfboard, a slide, a bridge, a tunnel, etc. Whatever your child does while playing with it will come intuitively because there are no instructions, and that is one of the great things about the Wobble Board.”

All Bunny Hopkins products are Safety Certified for USA, Europe, and Canada (ASTM F963, EN71, SOR) and sustainably made with natural materials sourced from the US. Even better, each board is responsibly handcrafted by local wood craftsmen the Bunny Hopkins Atlanta-based workshop. Purchasing a Bunny Hopkins product instantly supports local families and local economies.

Look for this fun Active Toy online and at specialty stores in Spring 2022:

Stepping Stones • Ages 18 months+ • starting at $69.00

Stepping Stones • Ages 18 months+ • starting at $69.00Each six-piece set is handcrafted from natural and sustainably sourced premium American Maple wood. Like its fellow award-winning Wobble Boards, these Stepping Stones are purposefully minimal and open-ended in design. Kids of all ages use their endless imagination to create an on-the-spot activity. As a child’s confidence grows interacting with the circular steps, so does his/her reflexes, muscle growth, core development and hand-eye coordination! Each wooden circle step measures 10” in diameter. Choose from four styles: Unfinished, Honey Maple, Rainbow and Diversity.

Discover all the beautifully crafted childhood products online at https://BunnyHopkinsToys.com.

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Bunny Hopkins™ designs and manufactures open-ended wooden toys which promote creative and active play. Inspired by the sheer joy of free play, their purposefully minimalist toys are Made in the USA, using responsibly locally sourced, all-natural materials, which are both safe for children and the environment and employing local craftsmen. The family-owned-and-operated startup business is based in Atlanta, GA, and their products have been consistently 5-Star rated publicly by customers and is a favorite among toy retailers. Follow Bunny Hopkins on Instagram @bunnyhopkinstoys. Discover more at – https://bunnyhopkinstoys.com/.

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