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Forget The Cookie Jar! Shuffle The Cards, Throw The Dice And Move Your Token Towards The Candy Jar With Candy Collections!

Fairfax Station, Virginia (January 10, 2021)– When a grownup asks 10-year Cybele McKenzie what she did during summer 2020, she has an unbelievable tale that’s actually pretty sweet. The spunky big sister to two young brothers created a board game called Candy Collections! ($24.99). In a period of 15-20 minutes, the whole family can move one of six tokens around the board enough times to collect 20 or more points by adding the numbers on Candy cards in their hand. In this game, as only conceived from a kid’s perspective, beware of the green “veggie” cards where players lose points!

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Candy Collections! • Ages 5+ • $24.99“Cybele has been creative since she was little,” explains mom Michele McKenzie, co-owner of KLTR Designs in northern Virginia. “It started with Angry Birds, especially the piggies! She even wrote a book in 1st grade, titled Why you should buy angry birds for your child. Now mom oversees a division of the new business aptly called Cybele’s Games. “We created this small business in August 2020 to share our daughter’s creativity with other children by publishing board games created by her.”

Some kids excel at sports, others may become a math whiz. Rare is the child inventor whose prototype ends up on kitchen tables coast to coast for Family Game Night. This young entrepreneur already passed her first test – competing in the annual Young Inventor Challenge presented by People of Play!

Sponsored by the Chicago Toy & Game Group, this competition provides an opportunity for children ages 6 to18 to develop and pitch their original inventions to major toy companies, industry professionals, members of the media and general public. This unique and educational experience ignites imagination, creativity and presentation skills like no other, providing a means of taking these inventions to greater heights, with professional critiques from toy industry experts.

Sample cards in Candy Collections game
Sample cards in Candy Collections game

Remember her name. The toy industry certainly will. At the 2020 Young Inventors Challenge, the judges’ reactions to her submitted board game called Ninja Quest were a mix of glee and pride. “Amazing job Cybele! I love your prototype! Your drawing skills are amazing,” wrote one toy professional. “This is such a well thought out game! Well done, you are a true game designer in the making,” critiqued another. Elements of her thought process are proudly pictured on CybelesGames Facebook page,

Board game fans will appreciate the simple strategies of landing on a space and being able to steal or trade cards in the race to win the Candy Competition! Lucky players who land on the corner spot named Win The Candy From The Jar will feel nostalgic for landing on Free Parking in the game of Monopoly and scooping accumulated money. In this game players scoop up Candy cards that get them closer to the win.

Candy Collections! • Ages 5+ • $24.99

Candy Collections game board
Candy Collections game board

What youngster doesn’t like candy? This beginners board game entices kids to roll the dice, move their token a space or two at a time and aim for the chance to be declared the winner. Basic reading and math can be supported by a parent or older sibling. Inside the candy-inspired game box are 6-character tokens, 35-Candy cards, 21-Mystery cards, 21-Super cards, sturdy board game and dice. Choose your token from Kool Kyle, Excited Emma and Silly Sarah to Nice Noah, Happy Hannah or Shy Steve. With a nod to her little brothers, the 10-year-old game inventor wrote the rules for the youngest member of the family to go first!

Tween-ager Cybele McKenzie designs and illustrates all game elements, the playing format and the rules. She tests every game with her two younger brothers during Family Game Night. Her number one grocery list item is a ream of printing paper as she whips up the next game or storyline. A veteran of the national Young Inventors Challenge, fans can follow her exciting journey on Facebook at and on their website The company hopes to sell the game at specialty toy & game stores in 2021, as well as at ecommerce sites.

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