Make The Perfect First Impression At The Bus Stop Or Lunch Room Wearing A T-Shirt YOU Design!


Make The Perfect First Impression At The Bus Stop Or Lunch Room Wearing A T-Shirt YOU Design!

New York, NY (August 26, 2019) – Instead of wearing their heart on their sleeve, have kids boldly wear their thoughts on their chest with the re-markable and erasable chalkboard tee shirt, appropriately called Chalk Of The Town ($18 & Up)! With one kit, kids can design and wear a new customized shirt every week of the school year.

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Chalk of the Town“Ready to wear has never had so much to say,” wrote the judges at Parents’ Choice, the premiere evaluators of everything shaping the juvenile market. “This clever kit has kids designing their own custom t-shirt again and again.”

Each 100% cotton shirt is a blank slate waiting for a child’s inspiration. Using chalk markers and stencils (sold as a kit or separately) kids customize their shirt with words, doodles or whatever inspires them at the moment. Once the ink dries, the design stays on until you are ready to erase. Tomorrow start the process all over again.

Looking for the ideal first-day-of-school outfit? Pick up the Raspberry Heart Short Sleeve Kit ($29.95) for a wow reaction from everyone at the bus stop. Kit includes a soft cotton T-shirt, 3 chalk markers (pink, green & blue), Best Day emoji stencil plus an erasing cloth. Her drawing will stay put until the shirt’s chalkboard is wiped clean with a damp cloth.

The sunny first days of the semester are ideal for the Lime Green Bubble Short Sleeve Tee ($18). Add pizazz to the school supply shelf with fun Chalk Of The Town Stencils ($4) in themes of ballet, peace, sweet and #Best Day to decorate notebooks as well as embellish the chalkboard tees. Parents and grandparents have discovered these artsy tees are ideal as a birthday party activity/favor, to cheer on a school team or sport cool after-school looks.

Kidfluencer Cece Dekle sporting her Chalk of the Town creation at her first day of 1st Grade
Kidfluencer Cece Dekle sporting her Chalk of the Town creation at her first day of 1st Grade

Wrote Mommies with Cents blogger after trying Chalk of the Town out: ”I was pretty skeptical that these bright colors would wipe cleanly away but they did! I just got the eraser cloth damp and wiped my design away. No smears, nothing. Just a fresh blank slate for my daughter to express her own creative talents.”

Kidfluencer Cecelia Dekle shared her 1st grade back to school T-Shirt on Instagram and her momager said, “Cece super loves it because she is able to draw , write on the chalkboard tee and wear it. We like the quality of the tee, it’s cute, fun and a very versatile tee for a great price. We make our own design and that is super cool.”

Other online shoppers chimed in with five star boasting: “My son had spirit week at his school. The school colors are green, white and yellow. I decorated the shirt with the school motto. The principal took a picture specifically of him and his great shirt. It was a hit!”

The mark-able shirts have been featured on TV’s TODAY Show as a back-to-school supply to wear on the first day. Blogger Cool Mom Picks described the tees as encouraging creativity and the serious subject of activism. “My middle schooler immediately added the hashtag #NeverAgain to hers and wore it to school the next day, to bring attention to the peaceful school walkout to commemorate the lives lost in Parkland, Florida.”

With the holidays and family reunions never far away, these chalkboard tops make a memorable treat. “I love love love these shirts,” texted one mom online. “I just bought some to entertain all the kids while the adults get Thanksgiving dinner ready. This is an old trick of mine – it’s at least the third or fourth family holiday where I’ve handed out Chalk of the Town products as the kids come in the door. It’s great; the kids sit down and chatter with one another while they decorate their shirts, and then they put them on over their clothes and wear them to dinner! I’ve also handed out the shirts at the beginning or end of various birthday parties and on group play dates – any time I want to keep a group of children busy. They’re a perfect party favor, too!”

Sisters Sondra Mansfield and Wendy Gross Almasanu couldn’t agree more. They created Chalk Of The Town from their combined years in graphic design, marketing and engineering to come up with a unique chalkboard T-shirt that can be customized over and over. Their ever-expanding product line — short-sleeves, long sleeves and even a tote bag — are sold in hundreds of stores across the country. The patent for their chalkboard material is pending.

Choose a kit, just a tee, 3-pack markers, themed stencils and more online at (remember to use hyphens!). Not sure what to select for a birthday or back-to-school present? Pick the handy $25 Gift Card and let the little artist choose. Best of all, Chalk of the Town is offering Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Chalk of the Town Unicorn Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit • Ages 4+ • $29.95Chalk of the Town Unicorn Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit • Ages 4+ • $29.95
Creative Child magazine 2019 Kids Product Of The Year Award • Creative Kits For Kids Category
Creative Child magazine 2019 Creative Play Of The Year Award • Creative Clothing Design category
Do you believe in unicorns? This award-winning kit includes a soft 100% cotton T-shirt, unicorn stencil, 3 chalk markers (blue, green & pink) and the cotton erasing cloth. A special unicorn stencil is also included to provide a bit of magical inspiration.

Chalk of the Town Tote Bag Kit • Ages 4+ • $19.95Chalk of the Town Tote Bag Kit • Ages 4+ • $19.95
Creative Child magazine 2019 Seal Of Excellence Award
Creative Child magazine Creative Kits for Kids category
Both kids and adults can personalize this tote bag – over and over again! Write a quote or name, draw a fabulous design or simply a reminder to study for tomorrow’s quiz. Change your mind? Wipe with a damp cloth and draw again. Silver Heart Totes have the same patent-pending chalkboard surface as Chalk of the Town T-shirts. The totes are compatible with chalk markers and stencils used with the T-shirt product. The tote is constructed of black canvas and the chalkboard heart design is outlined with a silver border.

Chalk Of The Town Tees • $18 & Up • Ages 4+Chalk Of The Town Tees • $18 & Up • Ages 4+
Parents’ Choice Awards • Fall 2018
Creative Child magazine 2018 Product of the Year
Chalk it up with the unique surface on this T-shirt that allows you to instantly write, draw and customize with the included color chalk markers! Kids and fans of all ages can decorate these shirts for birthdays, sporting events, themed parties, holiday photos and more. A fashionable stencil is also included to provide a bit of inspiration. The chalkboard can be wiped clean with water and the shirt can be used over and over again. Available in Youth sizes XS (2-4), S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16) and XL (18-20). Tee shirt care instructions are spelled out with every purchase: Machine wash cold, inside out. Tumble-dry low. Use only non-chlorine bleach. Do not iron on decoration. For best results, wipe chalkboard surface clean after use with a damp cloth and launder within a week.

Chalk Of The Town Stencils • $4 • Ages 4+Chalk Of The Town Stencils • $4 • Ages 4+
Want some inspiration for T-shirt designs or some help to personalize school notebooks? Stock up on these affordable and adorable stencils. In fun original designs, these durable and washable stencils measuring 3.5” x 5” are easy to use. Plus they fit nicely into a pencil case. They even include a hole to secure them in a 3-ring binder. Use with chalk markers on the T-shirts or markers, pens or pencils to decorate paper.

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Read the press release as a PDF

Sondra and Wendy, the sister team behind this clever product line, have always been crafty, so when they noticed chalkboard surfaces trending in interior design, a light bulb turned on. “We thought, ‘imagine if we could put a chalkboard on a shirt to let kids create a new shirt every day. We were determined to create a chalkboard-like surface that could accept not only chalk, but bright, fun to use, chalk markers.” As mothers themselves, the product designers made certain the shirts were durable and machine washable. Now, thanks to Chalk Of The Town, kids have the perfect shirt for any occasion. The looks of pride from children as they turn themselves into walking billboards for their own art and messages are precious, just like them! Discover what’s new at

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