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Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve This Valentine’s Day By Wearing Your Feelings Across Your Heart

New York, NY (January 6, 2020) – The customizable Chalk of the Town gear loved by kids is great for adults, too: Use the blank canvas to design the perfect romantic message for your special someone on Feb. 14.

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“Be Mine. Kiss Me. Will You Marry Me?” Take a Chalkboard T-Shirt available in Adult and Ladies styles and, with the help of Chalk of the Town’s markers and stencils, get creative in expressing what your V-Day date means to you. It will work as an out-of-the-box (of chocolates) gift or wear it yourself and tell the world on Instagram and in real life. Those chalk-tasting Sweethearts candies are out — sweet chalkboard-heart designs are in!

Chalk of the Town

Here’s how it works: Use a Chalk of the Town marker to decorate the surface with words and pictures. Just wait a few minutes for the water-based marker ink to dry and — mwah! — you have a custom garment. When the evening is over, erase with a damp cloth and throw it in the washing machine. Now you can re-decorate for the next celebration, special event or — if the flame burns out — the next special someone.

Chalk of the Town is dedicated to providing customizable, personalized gifts for children and adults. We want to foster innovation, confidence and creativity. The unique reusable chalkboard surface allows anyone to design and style their shirt or tote bag, instantly. The possibilities and designs are endless. Visit the website at to see the entire line of products.

Chalk of the Town is a company dedicated to getting customizable, personalized gifts in the hands of everyone. The company wants to foster innovation, creativity and fun interaction. The patent-pending washable chalkboard surface on the products allows anyone to design and style T-shirts and totes with water-based chalk markers, instantly. Once the chalk marker ink is dry, the design won’t smudge but can be erased with a damp cloth to clear the chalkboard space for a new design. Simply draw, wear, erase and repeat!

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