With The Discovery Of Conductive Silver Ink, A Small Company Is Creating Huge Electronic Feats On Paper For Kids To Doodle Then Amaze

Austin, TX (May 15, 2017) – With as little as $8, $80 or $800 to back Circuit Scribe’s new Kickstarter campaign, amazing things can happen for kids who doodle with conductive silver ink that sparks imagination! That’s not just Circuit Scribe bragging but also the folks from the Toy Industry Association. They tapped this young company and its new way of play with a prestigious (and rare) 2017 Toy Of The Year Nomination.

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Circuit Scribe has turned ink and paper into another dimension – working circuitry drawn by children. This month they are focused on final design stages for three intriguing new kits – a DIY Drone, a DIY Calculator and a DIY Lite Wings. With a little funding for these amazing kits, prototypes will become learning tools for youngsters to tinker, doodle and dream.


Anyone familiar with the Kickstarter phenomenon knows that there is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects. In fact, over 10 million people have backed a Kickstarter project. Could you be next?

“Our goal is for young people to take what they’ve learned from our educational kits (see the extensive website for current kits and bundles), and apply that knowledge with our three new DIY project kits,” explains Stephanie Page, Director of Sales & Marketing for Circuit Scribe.

“Our original kits emphasized education by teaching basic circuitry principles, while our new kits emphasize application by allowing you to apply those concepts to DIY projects, using the classic Circuit Scribe pen to draw the connections,” continues Page. “By returning to Kickstarter, we can be sure there is sufficient interest in these new kits before launching!”

Backer Rewards are expected to arrive in October 2017 and include three do-it-yourself kits for kids:

Circuit Scribe Launches a New Kickstarter Project in 2017Drone — this kit really flies off the page! Create a 4-propeller drone using cardboard as the body. This kit can be reconfigured to change the drone’s size or even turn it into a flying paper airplane. If you’re already a fan of drones or quadcopters, try your hand at creating one out of paper!

Calculator — patent-pending thin PCB clip-on design allows students to remake and remix this project over and over again. Imaging drawing a working calculator in a science notebook, a day planner or Bullet Journal. This kit is enabled by capacitive touch sensors (an electrical engineering term!). It’s an advanced topic, but anyone can create an original design with these tools.

Lite Wings — this amazing DIY kit is perfect for anyone who knows circuit basics! Kit components are pre-attached to the paper, precisely weighted for peak aerodynamic action. Step back and watch what happens.

Circuit Scribe Pen
The core of every Circuit Scribe project is the specially designed Pen, filled with non-toxic silver ink, that makes creating circuits as easy as doodling. Circuit Scribe can write on anything that a typical rollerball pen can. Printer paper, construction paper, cardstock and photo paper can be transformed into working circuits!

Newest Platform: Sketch
New this year is the company’s platform, Sketch, built for kids, teens and grownups to upload their work and inspire other makers. At there is an AP Physics Intro to Circuits lesson plan using a Digital Multimeter and real LEDS! A simpler lesson plan is Sound The Alarm for students as young as first grade. The step-by-step instructions have kids creating a “paper alarm system to protect special items. Learn about how an inverter circuit plays together with a pressure sensor to activate a Buzzer when unwanted activity occurs.”


The amazing free resource—including a how-to Stained Glass House, Light Bulb Card and Spooky Ghost — requires a sign up and then sign in password.

$8 to $1500 Kickstarter Page
As their Kickstarter page at: enthusiastically reveals, “These brand new kits are a departure from our original color-coded magnetic modules, using a few new innovative ways to attach components to paper.”

Potential investors will discover, “while it’s exciting to introduce some new methods for attaching components to paper, we need to open brand new product tooling and create new protocols for assembly. That’s why we’re coming full circle and asking you, the Kickstarter community, to help make this possible!

With that in mind, watch how a little funding (pledge $80 for the Hacker Pack) can make a big impact on budding engineers, artists, architects and scientists.

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Based in Austin, Texas, Circuit Scribe creates educational electronic design kits for all ages. The company’s centerpiece is the remarkable rollerball pen filled with non-toxic conductive silver ink. From the kitchen table to the classroom desk, Circuit Scribe entices students to learn about circuit design and electronics in a simple and fun way – on paper. Browse or buy at

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