Parents Get Peace Of Mind Whenever They Peek Thanks To This Hi-Tech Baby Monitor That Track An Infant’s Breathing!


Parents Get Peace Of Mind Whenever They Peek Thanks To This Hi-Tech Baby Monitor That Track An Infant’s Breathing!

Menlo Park, CA (February 27, 2017)– When President Obama hosted the first-ever White House Demo Day in the summer of 2015, a California tech team was there to showcase their “smart” baby monitor. They showed the President how computer vision and cloud-based data analytics could transform the capabilities of a traditional baby monitor. In plain English, the clever Cocoon Cam ($149.99) could report to a parent’s smart device — at any moment — the baby’s respiration. Or Mom could sing a lullaby to a fussy baby without getting out of bed via the iOS or Android app.

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That day the President announced “new public- and private-sector commitments that would promise to provide more Americans with the opportunity to pursue their bold, game-changing ideas.” Fast-forward to today and that demo is now a brand-new product selling briskly on Amazon. With Cocoon Cam, new moms and dads are a little less fretful as they go about their day or night.

Any woman who gave birth before smart technology will tell you how they would put their hand under the nose of a sleeping (and very still) baby to make sure she was breathing! If they were downstairs catching up on work or laundry and the baby was upstairs, there were many trips to the nursery just to peek and know that all was well. With Cocoon Cam, sighs of joy are everywhere!

This extraordinary monitor does everything expected of a video monitor and more! The phone application provides a high definition video and a 2-way audio. What sets this monitor apart is how the Cocoon Cam notifies parents immediately if breathing is atypical. Secondly, baby never feels a thing — even when kicking or rolling over — since there are no wearables to place in their sock, onesie or clipped to a button as some monitors require.

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“Cocoon Cam helps alleviate every parent’s concern about their child’s well-being without the need for constant and disruptive nursery check-ins,” explains co-founder & CEO Sivakumar (Siva) Nattamai. “This is the first baby video monitor and breath detection technology in one easy-to-use product. I had the idea for the Cocoon Cam when my wife and I found ourselves checking on our newborn daughter every 15-20 minutes and we had no peace. I didn’t like the other options for monitoring our baby because I found them to pose dangers to my daughter.”

The novel device caught the attention of TIME magazine last year. “Parents can watch their kids’ data, along with an audio and video feed, in real-time on their smartphone,” reads the June 2016 article on Infant Trackers.

Parents may never ask about the science behind this amazing device but co-founder & CTO Pavan Kumar is happy to explain. “Our proprietary software tracks the slightest variations of a baby’s chest and abdominal movements using computer vision technology that is powered by our secure cloud servers to track breathing. We have analyzed 100,000 hours of video from infants to develop the software which works no matter the time of day or night or what position baby is sleeping in!”

“What we’re trying to do is basically do all of the analyzing for you,” chimes in Nattamai. “Cocoon Cam will tell you that your baby is fine, slept for seven and a half hours at night and that this is normal given the statistics of babies that we know about!”

For parents, respiration tracking is one of Cocoon Cam’s more popular features.

The American Genius magazine piped in with its own observation on Cocoon Cam. “First, we all know how long it takes for baby to settle down, and get to sleep. Why ruin that bypeeking your head in or standing over the crib?

Instead, check your smartphone for their status, and avoid interrupting their sleep you worked so hard for. Second, because it is not a wearable device, parents don’t have to worry about the unknown and non-researched side effects of other similar products that require direct contact with the baby. Lastly, it helps teach you more about your baby’s sleep habits, which is extremely important in the first year of life, when doctors recommend they sleep on their backs to avoid complications.”

Shoppers on Amazon can grab a better night’s sleep (no new parent really sleeps through the night!) with Cocoon Cam. Parental reviews are universally rated with five stars, the highest praise. Here are just three:

January 13, 2017 • Such peace of mind

“I love this camera. We are versed in net cams and what not (been using them as monitors for years) but this takes it to the next level. I was so stressed out with our new little one, worried about sleeping. But having this camera has made it so easy. I can keep an eye on her, see her breathing and even notifies me if something seems odd. None of the others we’ve used have those options. So glad we found this camera!”

February 1, 2017 • Every parent should get one!

“As usual, I had certain reservations about buying an untested baby product from such a new company and the small number of perfect Amazon reviews did seem a little sketchy at first. However, with more research and discussion with my wife, we decided to get one because it was just like any other baby camera with nothing to put on but somehow able to detect a baby’s breathing (God bless these tech geniuses!). AND THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION WE MADE IN OUR LIVES!!!

Cocoon Cam sits in the room where our old Motorola used to be and does the exact same things the Motorola can do (video and sound with the night vision and everything) without needing to bring around that stupid LCD and both me and my wife can see it on our phones! I open the app and I can see my son right away. There is this cool graph at the bottom of the app that shows my son’s breathing! The coolest part is that THIS THING ACTUALLY WORKS! I took my son out of the crib to try to fool the camera and the graph stopped IMMEDIATELY! Now me and my wife can hang out in the living room and not worry about anymore when we are watching a movie or cooking. Maybe I’m a little too protective but I probably check the app every 10 minutes or so. I have never felt more reassured at work not having my baby in the next room. I can’t believe how advanced technology has become and cannot say how thankful for this piece of technology.”

November 17, 2016 • Wish this had been around years ago!

“My wife and I love this! We sleep so much easier knowing the app will let us know if there is a problem. We looked at so many other baby monitors but attaching a device to the foot or stomach of a 1 month old freaked out my wife. Who knows how this works without touching the baby, but it does!”

Perhaps the best news about the Cocoon Cam is that is comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Cocoon Cam can be purchased online at the company’s website, and on Amazon.

Parents Get Peace Of Mind Whenever They Peek Thanks To This Hi-Tech Baby Monitor That Track An Infant’s Breathing!

Cocoon Cam • Ages Newborn+

$149.99 on Amazon w/6-mo. subscription • $189.99 at w/12-mo. subscription
The camera comes with features galore and makes the perfect Baby Shower gift that will be appreciated every single night! It’s a 24/7 Breathing Rate monitor with real time smart alerts when a baby needs attention. Because sometimes a problem may arise without baby making a sound. The 2-way audio lets parents listen and talk to baby anytime and from anywhere (including an iPhone, Android, Mobile or Internet source). The amazing wireless HD 720p video works both during day and night thanks to night vision. Best of all for baby, there are no uncomfortable wearables to put on. Additional new features are coming in 2017, and will be available to users with a simple app update.

Because safety is always a concern at Cocoon Cam, the data being registered is perfectly secure. As their website spells out, “Cocoon Cam makes sure that you’re the only one looking in on your baby by adding security features above and beyond those found on standard cameras. Our software uses the Advance Encryption Standard to protect the video and breathing data and keep hackers away. We also update and manage hardware device passwords automatically to make sure that your camera feed is always under your control. You can rest easy knowing that the privacy of you and your baby is protected.”

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Whether expecting a baby or new to parenthood, Cocoon Cam makes the perfect Baby Shower or Welcome Baby present. Because no matter a baby’s position – swaddled or not – breath is detected, analyzed, and reported. With Cocoon Cam, everyone in the house will be breathing easier!

Cocoon Cam is the only smart video baby monitor that tracks your baby’s safety as well as wellness – anywhere, anytime! As baby goes through the day with window shades up and down, the camera boasts full HD color video when it is bright and black/white night vision video when it is dark! On the horizon for Cocoon Cam are software updates such as sleep logging and smart baby detection! Click on their website,, for a how-it-works video and full description.

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