Clever Gifts For Holiday Giving: Emoji-Notes Color & Shine Kits, Sleepylights Remote Control LED Night Lights And Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime™


Clever Gifts For Holiday Giving: Emoji-Notes Color & Shine Kits, Sleepylights Remote Control LED Night Lights And Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime™

Indianapolis, IN (October 28, 2019) – If images of donuts, cupcakes and ice cream swirl around in your child’s head each morning, it’s not their imagination – it’s their night light! Just in time for holiday giving, Continuum Games introduces four yummy Emoji-Notes Color & Shine craft kits ($19.99). These kits allow you to color your nightlight and write your own messages. When you’re ready for a change, wipe it clean and color it again. This is a light up message board, night light and craft kit all in one. The kits join distributor Continuum Games’ line of Lumenico SleepyLights™ ($29.99) that offer soft lighting for a goodnight and sleep-tight bedroom atmosphere.

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Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime ($29.99) in Purple, Pink or Blue Monster shadesIf that wasn’t enticing enough to get the kids racing up the stairs for bedtime, have them play hide and seek with a monster! Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime ($29.99) in Purple, Pink or Blue Monster shades, is a storybook and fun night time activity designed to help parents get their kids to bed at night. Introduce your child to their very own snuggle monster and read them the story about how snuggle monsters are super silly creatures that hide in the closet or under your bed during the day because their eyes are made for nighttime and sunlight is like dark to them. They are afraid of the light! But at night, it is your child’s job to find them and let them know it is okay to come out and play. Each night, mom and dad hide the monster somewhere in their child’s room. When it is time to go to bed, parents let their child know it is time to find their snuggle monster. That’s where the child can search for and find their nighttime pal Snuggle Monster before going to bed. Parents have a transition tool (one fun activity before bedtime) they can use to help get their child to bed with no fuse.

The boxed set features a nighttime storybook, loveable plush monster as a sleep companion and a hide-and-seek game. Watch the nighttime ritual turn the nighttime struggles into snuggles!

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime ($29.99) in Purple, Pink or Blue Monster shadesLet There Be Light
Young artists can create their own bedside light or family memo pad with Emoji-Notes Color & Shine craft kits. Choose Cell Phone, Donut, Cup Cake or Ice Cream themes. Kids decide which of the enclosed emoji discs and colored pens to mix and match for a work of art. When the masterpiece is complete, pop it upright in the LED base and let it shine. A ‘sleep’ mode button lowers luminance to a 2% brightness — perfect for sleeping. An ‘hour’ timer turns the night light off after 60 minutes to ease youngsters into a peaceful night sleep.

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime ($29.99) in Purple, Pink or Blue Monster shadesEmoji-Notes Color & Shine • Ages 6+ • $19.99
Choose from four different light-up craft kit for young artists – Cell Phone, Donut, Ice Cream and Cup Cake emojis. Each kit comes with 7 themed emoji disks, 7 pens and a white LED dimmable base. Color your masterpiece on the screen then turn on the light to see it shine. Sleep mode and hour timer transitions bedtime into sweet dreams!

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime ($29.99) in Purple, Pink or Blue Monster shadesEvery new parent shops for a night-light to give a child comfort and safety. As children grow, they may wish to switch to a bedside light that stands up instead of being plugged into the far wall. SleepyLights multi-colored LED lights offer a range of options that kids can alter with the enclosed remote control. Darkened bedrooms become less scary when children can choose a rainbow of soft colors emanating from familiar shapes like a butterfly, robot or owl.

Not only can youngsters change the lamp’s colors but they can also adjust brightness and set a timer. Press SLEEP for minimum strength, TIMER to automatically turn off the lamp after one hour or RAINBOW to gradually change the lamp’s colors. Made of elastic acrylic, the lights are slim, thin designs and never get hot if touched. Mermaid SleepyLight stands 8” tall and offers up to 12 soft LED colors. All of the kid-friendly designs emit just the right amount of illumination for a soothing bedtime routine. Now if a child needs a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night, they can pick up this battery operated and portable light. Red, pink, and orange lights are the only colors proven to not have a negative effect on melatonin production (the sleepy hormone) or interfere with sleep quality. The SleepyLights offer all three!

SleepyLights • Ages 3+ • $29.99

SleepyLights • Ages 3+ • $29.99
This multi-colored LED nightlight (12 colors in all!) is the perfect low light for sleeping. Comes with a remote control for children to create their own bedtime ritual. It makes a great travel night-light too. Choose Magic Unicorn, Giraffe, Tractor, Mermaid, Robot and other styles. SleepyLights also make great travel companions; with included AA batteries and USB cable, so you can take them anywhere.

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime • All Ages • $29.99

Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime • All Ages • $29.99Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime • All Ages • $29.99
Transform the nighttime struggle into a warm snuggle with these plush pals that aren’t scary at all! The boxed set includes a storybook and cuddly plush in three styles — sporting monster teeth, horns and tufts of hair. Children won’t believe that these monsters are afraid of the light! Good thing it’s time to turn in and turn off the lamp. Choose one of three colors and characters – Purple Monster, Blue Monster or Pink Monster. Their goofy grins are endearing and comforting all night long.

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Read the press release as a PDF

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