Light Up Your Game At Booth 4901 To See Why When Sun Goes Down, Reactorz Balls, Discs And Game Gear React With Burst Of LED Lighting

Virginia Beach, VA (February 1, 2017) – When the quirky gadget guy showed TODAY hosts Hoda and Kathie Lee a stage full of ten must-haves for tailgating, the only toy chosen was the remarkable Reactorz Football ($14.99) from COOP Sports. If you plan to party in the parking lot, the sun might go down but these balls with Reactive Light Technology make the celebrating last until the final whistle. Pick one up and give it a toss at Booth 4901 at American International Toy Fair (along with a locker full of reactive game gear).

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From the 2.75” Micro Gripz ($5.99) to the Reactorz 8″ Playground Ball ($17.99), these balls defy sundown so the kids don’t have to stop and come in. Built-in LEDs create a flash of light with each toss and catch. Textured, semi rigid construction makes the ball easy to grip, throw and kick. Regulation Basketball ($19.99) players enjoy every dribble, shoot and score in the driveway with one of three appealing color combinations.

Not all soccer fields have night-lights, especially as the fall season winds down, so Reactorz Size 4 Soccer Ball ($17.99) makes afterschool practice a cinch. As their website explains, “the core refracts light while the shield blocks it, creating a unique lighting effect and interactive experience between the ball and players.”

Mom bloggers have become big fans of the Reactorz line of play gear. Gushing reviews including “these are going to be my go-to birthday/holiday gifts,” have lit up social media.

“We couldn’t wait to get these out of the package and in motion,” began blogger Kids Clutter and Chaos. “The balls light up with every touch and movement as advertised and are so comfortable for kids to toss and play. The soft rubber makes for fun bouncing action and a softness for hands and feet of young children. The balls are just the right size and super easy to pack. Be prepared for lots of questions on where others can purchase them too! These are going to be my go-to birthday/holiday gifts this coming season as get this… the Soccer Ball is only $17.99 and the Micro Football is just $7.99!”

Chimed in blogger A Day In Motherhood, “OK, these are cool! Like capital
C O O L! My middle daughter, Sarah, became obsessed with basketball last year. So much so that I put a basketball hoop in my driveway so she can play. But come darkness, which is about to fall faster now, she would moan and groan because she had to come in. Well, thanks to the brilliant minds at Reactorz, she can play into the night and it is super fun to watch!”

As parents are perfectly candid when writing their blogs, Kelly’s Thoughts On Things zeroed in on what many initially believe! She writes, “You look at this basketball in a box and think, ‘wow something else to waste my money on.’ You are so wrong. COOP Sports has hit a home run with these Reactorz Balls. I love these balls. All of them.”

There’s more good news for parents shopping for quality and value – the 2017 line has improved its Micro Prism Core and boasts a longer lasting battery. Plus the inflation of each ball lasts even longer!

Look for Reactorz gear at Toys R Us (in stores and online), Target, Academy Sports and various toy, specialty, gift and resort shops coast to coast. Pick up these two footballs for the best tailgate party in the lot!

Football • Ages 5+ • $14.99
This 9” beauty has a semi-rigid outer shield that adds texture, making it easy to grip and throw. Best of all, it’s soft to catch. Choose one or all three styles: Ice Core/Biogreen Shield, Lava Core/Onyx Shield and Atomic Core/Laser Shield. Should you link Video?

Micro Football • Ages 5+ • $7.99
Raised laces make it easy to throw the perfect spiral for smaller hands. This football measures 6.5” long and comes in three styles: Atomic/Plasma, Lava/Laser and Ice core/Blaze shield.

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