CREATEON® KNOWS YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD TO PLAY AS ITS MAGNA-TILES® STRUCTURES® ENTICE BEATLES & GRATEFUL DEAD FANS—Toy Association Touts Buying Power Of The Kidult As Toymaker Bridges Generation Gap With Grateful Dead And Yellow Submarine Themed Building Sets


Toy Association Touts Buying Power Of The Kidult As Toymaker Bridges Generation Gap With Grateful Dead And Yellow Submarine Themed Building Sets

Wheeling, IL (August 2, 2022) – A decade ago the toy industry was claiming that kids are getting older, younger meaning digital amusements were grabbing their attention while they mastered basic reading and writing. How times have changed! The recent pandemic heightened the growing trend of the kidult, a beyond-childhood consumer of toys and nostalgia that comforts and entertains the big kids in the house. So, it wasn’t surprising that toymaker CreateOn was a finalist in the prestigious Toy Foundation’s Toy Of The Year 2022 for its Sixties themed The Beatles Collection Magna-Tiles® Structures® ($134.95).

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Parents and grandparents have been humming in a town where I was born… when viewing CreateOn’s YouTube short ( of how to build a Yellow Submarine with magnetic tiles that click together. Kidults can now share the magic of the Beatles with a whole new generation. A smaller version of the themed structure set, The Beatles Yellow Submarine Magna-Tiles Structures ($59.95) is also available.

The print and broadcast media have taken notice of the kidult trend.

CreateOn featured on FOX and Friends National Broadcast TV

During a recent segment on Fox & Friends Weekend, Toy Association toy trend specialist Jennifer Lynch shared the news that classic toys are helping those ages 18 and up Zen out in stressful times and appeal to their inner child. “This is really perfect for Beatles fans,” she said, showing off an Abbey Road album cover display made completely of Magna-Tiles. “It’s a really great option for adult collectors to kind of share in their fandom with their own kids,” said Lynch.

CreateOn_Grateful-Dead_LIFESTYLE“Toys for grownups are now a thing — and one of the hot items for the older set,” reported Yahoo News (July 2022) “is a package of Magna-Tiles for long-time Beatles lovers called The Beatles Collection.” She added how this collectible “allows fans to explore the Fab Four‘s album covers.”

Another fandom that continues to expand is the adoration of guitarist Jerry Garcia and his band. Urban Dictionary defines a Deadhead as “a person who greatly enjoys the music of the Grateful Dead and particularly the genius of Jerry Garcia.” CreateOn offers all Deadheads to come together building The Grateful Dead Magna-Tiles Structures ($49.95).

“There is no greater honor than launching sets that not only bring joy to children, but to consumers of all ages with a shared love for a band that’s been connecting generations for decades,” stated Steve Rosen, vice president, CreateOn when announcing the collectible license acquisition. In addition to the many structures that can be configured with the traditional square Magna-Tiles, this set includes one bonus hexagonal tile to make a bass drum and a chassis to build a groovy ‘60s-style van.

For families who prefer to spotlight their own adorable band, CreateOn has a whole album of Magna-Tiles for displaying, building and playing with everyone in the house. Through their website,, grownups upload favorite pics and await a package of double-sided tiles that are compatible with all Magna-Tiles. The more tiles, the more creative fun! Two customizable sets are priced at $60 each. Choose the number (20 or 26 images?) and size (1 double sided large or 2?) of picture tiles of your most memorable moments.

With back-to-school and the holidays around the corner, shop online for these kidult best-sellers at, Maisonette, Signals catalog and Amazon.

The Beatles Collection Magna-Tiles Structures • Ages 3+ • $134.95 TOTY 2022 Finalist
The Beatles Collection Magna-Tiles Structures • Ages 3+ • $134.95
TOTY 2022 Finalist
Kids, parents and grandparents can play together to build the Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour Bus, phonograph, Beatles album collage and many other structures. From the Abbey Roads of England to the Strawberry Fields of the US, everyone loves all things Beatles. This collectible is a new way to play using Magna-Tiles.  If it’s A Good Day Sunshine or even A Hard Day’s Night, this set will engage young and old for years to come. Let It Be on a shelf for future generations to enjoy!

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Magna-Tiles Structures • Ages 3+ • $59.95
Introduce brand new Beatles fans to their emerging STEAM skills and spatial awareness as they build groovy structures like the Yellow Submarine or the Sea of Holes. Parents will delight in showing their kids the optical illusions they can create using special mirrored tiles; and grandparents can take a trip down memory lane as the family plays, builds and learns together with this beautifully designed Beatles collectible.

The Grateful Dead Magna-Tiles Structures • Ages 3+ • 49.95
Your miracle is here!  Put on your tie-dye and get on the bus with this awesome Grateful Dead Magna-Tiles Structure Set. CreateOn is trying to bridge that gap between older generations and new ones by making classics come alive.  It’s a win-win when generational gaps are brought together to enjoy some nostalgia and share memories through interactive play.

CreateOn-Photo Tiles-fathersday
Custom Photo Magna-Tiles • Ages 3+ • $60
These keepsakes make the BEST gift to anyone and everyone in your circle. Magna-Tiles can rest on your refrigerator door or a bedside nightstand. It’s a snapshot in time that’s priceless and forever. Choose one of two sets to relive happy moments of all the kidults interacting with the tots.

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Produced in the USA, CreateOn® has proudly partnered with beloved Magna-Tiles® Structures® to bring you endless inspiration and hands-on fun, learning, self-expression, and creativity. From our Magna-Tiles Structures playsets, which provide hours of screen-free entertainment and education for kids, to our My Magna-Tiles Structures custom photo tiles, we bring experiences and memories to life. However we imagine it, our products are an innovative approach to learning and storytelling.

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