Winner Of 2017 Kids Product Of The Year – Positive Parenting Aids category

Trumbull, CT (June 21, 2017) – Raising a well-behaved, good listener is all in the wrist once parents bring home Kudo Banz, the brand new parenting tool that’s making a huge impact on the whole family. Creative Child, one of the first industry experts to test The Kudo Banz Starter Pack ($29.95), has named it a 2017 Kids Product Of The Year.

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“The packaging is very cute and eye catching,” writes a Creative Child reviewer, “leaving me to want to know more about the product. Great for younger children who are motivated by rewards. It reminds me of a behavior chart, just way more innovative. Kids will love the band and behavior charms, they’ll think it’s cool. For parents, it’s the perfect tool for positive reinforcement.”

Part tangible and part digital, Kudo Banz gets mom or dad to catch good behavior, anywhere and at any time. Kids get immediate positive feedback, on the spot, for being well behaved. It might be during morning rush as they brush their teeth without being nudged. Or as mom checks out of the grocery store without a single meltdown. That deserves a kudo!

As Creative Child observed, Kudo Banz is much like a kids’ chart, but instead of resting on the refrigerator door, it’s on your child’s wrist. It moves from morning ‘til night, just as they do. Boys and girls love to wear the colorful bands and work hard to earn a Kudo charm. As they listen and follow good behavior, they collect one, two, then three Kudos. Mom or dad offers a digital surprise when the third Kudo is bestowed. It might be at the bus stop, in the car or at soccer practice.

How does it work? Each starter set comes with themed Kudo charms for the first and second act of good listening or desired behavior, and two Kudo charms that feature an embedded AR code that, when scanned with the Kudo Banz app, comes alive with a VR experience. Kids will think it’s magic! The app unlocks their personalized reward wheel (customized in advance with mom or dad) with treats like an extra storybook at bedtime!

Just launched this month, look for these positive parenting products online at and at Amazon. Subscribe to join the Kudo community. Like them on Facebook to keep up on all the latest app updates and learn how other parents use Kudo Banz with success!

Kudo Banz Starter Pack • $29.95 • Ages 3+
Creative Child Magazine 2017 Kids Product Of The Year – Positive Parenting Aids category

Kudo Banz teaches kids to listen (without yelling) so families can spend time more positively. Kudo Banz motivates kids through the use of positive reinforcement, which is the proven method that doctors and experts swear by. Kudos get little ones excited about better listening and the easy-to-use app makes them magically come to life. This is one parenting tool that works at home or wherever the day takes them. *Starter Pack includes everything you need
for 1-2 little ones; a hardcover storybook, 2 bands, 6 Kudo charms (including 2 Magical Kudos), a carrying pouch and the Kudo Banz app.

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Making its debut in June 2017, Kudo Banz is the only real-time parenting tool that combines tangible and digital components in a kid-friendly, interactive way. The tangible wristband and Kudos keep good behavior on the top of kids’ minds, while the digital component motivates them with a magical experience. This bridges the gap between traditional sticker charts and modern behavior apps. The Kudos not only provide immediate positive reinforcement but the app enhances that experience by bringing the Kudos to life on the go. Discover a new way of positive parenting at

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