Candy Collections! 11-Year-Old Creator Wins Tillywig, Hot Diggity Awards And A Spotlight As Bloom Report’s Person Of The Week


Candy Collections! 11-Year-Old Creator Wins Tillywig, Hot Diggity Awards And A Spotlight As Bloom Report’s Person Of The Week

Fairfax Station, VA (March 25, 2021) – Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly? Browse any child’s toy shelf and there’s bound to be several classic board games. The best games can be based on strategy, chance or a combination of the two. Candy Collections! ($24.99) “has all the makings of an instant classic!” proclaimed Tillywig Awards this week, who made its 11-year-old inventor a Tillywig Spring 2021 Best Family Fun Award Winner. Candy Collections! is the first of many to come from Cybele’s Games, named for Virginia tween-ager Cybele McKenzie.

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Candy Collections! • $24.99 • Ages 5+The folks at Hot Diggity Awards were equally wowed. They took the candy concept quite literally and added some sweets as a prize! “What makes it Hot Diggity great?” asks the glowing review. “We were so impressed by the quality and entertainment value. Hones basic math skills and encourages sportsmanship. We added our own twist to the game with a dish of peanut butter cups for the winner of each round!”

Candy Collections! • $24.99 • Ages 5+Just last month Cybele’s Games was an official exhibitor at ASTRA Winter Camp, a virtual trade show and conference offering hosted by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA). This camp-themed experience allowed retailers to discover new products and connect with the specialty toy industry.

It’s not just industry gurus but local toy shopkeepers who have taken notice. Puzzle Pallooza Etc. in Occoquan, VA proudly boasted on its Facebook page, “Look at this adorable new children’s game hot off the press! Designed by a local 10-year-old as a family game and suitable for kids as young as 5 (younger with a little help) and sure to be a big seller!!”

Atlanta, Georgia influencer and Instagrammer prince.tyrone.jr had some smart advice for Candy Collections! play: “Be the 1st to collect 20 or more points by collecting candy pieces as you move your character around the colorful board game. Be careful of the veggie cards, you lose points with those.”

Candy Collections! • $24.99 • Ages 5+Happy Birthday To You
Young Cybele is a mature 11-year-old this month and has quite the business portfolio! Among the hundreds of personalities, her photo and background story were chosen for the toy industry’s must-read blog, The Bloom Report-ChiTAG, three weeks after her board game went public in January 2021. The Chicago Toy & Game Group was already familiar with the fifth grader as one of its veterans of its annual Young Inventors Challenge.

Candy Collections! • $24.99 • Ages 5+Candy Collections! • $24.99 • Ages 5+
Tillywig 2021 BEST FAMILY FUN Award Winner
2021 Hot Diggity Award

“This utterly delightful beginner’s board game has all the makings of an instant classic!” begins the complete write up by Tillywig Awards. “The board and all accompanying game components are so playfully and visually enticing that youngsters react to them with a level of exuberance one might expect from (there’s just no other way to put it) a kid in a candy store!”

“And while there is no actual candy in the game, there are an abundance of candy cards, worth varying numbers of points, that get collected, traded, stolen, and sometimes put in the candy jar until some lucky player gets to scoop them up! The predominantly luck-based play is remarkably energizing, with each player, in turn, moving their uniquely adorable character token based on rolls of the dice. Game play moves swiftly and smoothly (there is truly never a dull moment), with spaces landed upon working in conjunction with Mystery cards and Super cards to determine a wide variety of exciting outcomes. Contents include Game board, Dice, 6 Character tokens, 35 Candy cards, 21 Mystery cards and 21 Super cards. Our hats are off to Cybele McKenzie, the 10-year-old inventor of this fabulous board game!”

Ideal for families with young children, Candy Collections! takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete a full round. The game is perfect for Family Game Night as it allows two to six players at once. It’s easy to play and easy to learn as the young inventor had her two little brothers in mind when she developed the rules. Order online at

“Cybele hopes that by sharing her games with you, she will spark joy in your life and bring your family and friends together just as it has done for her,” explains Michele McKenzie, Cybele’s mom. “We look forward to bringing you more fun family games invented by our daughter that will help you enjoy Family Game Night too!

Tween-ager Cybele McKenzie designs and illustrates all game elements, the playing format and the rules. She tests every game with her two younger brothers during Family Game Night. Her number one grocery list item is a ream of printing paper as she whips up the next game or storyline. A veteran of the national Young Inventors Challenge, fans can follow her exciting journey on Facebook at The company hopes to sell the game at specialty toy & game stores in 2021, as well as at ecommerce sites.

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