Hong Kong to Atlanta to Dallas; Diverse Insights' top trends from January Trade Shows

Hong Kong to Atlanta to Dallas; Diverse Insights’ top trends from January Trade Shows

The Following are the latest trends I discovered during my travels to Hong Kong Toy Fair (Jan. 3rd—8th), Atlanta Gift Show (Jan. 10th—15th) and Dallas Gift Show (Jan. 18th—22nd)

Dallas, TX (January 30, 2017) – – “How was your year?” Those four words were uttered by me more than any other during the first four weeks of the year. Meetings with suppliers, licensors, PR firms, inventors, warehousers, representatives, and anyone else tied to the toy and gift business. I learned that most people had a year that was brilliantly described by one savvy Houston merchant “As not our worst year, but not our best.” The industry overall was on pace for another growth year with Q3 ending up 7% and finished the year up 5% year over year. Supercategories that led the way included Games/Puzzles, Dolls, & Outdoor Toys. The surprising trend of building sets being down was confirmed with a 3% decline year over year.

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Focus on Small Doll W/ Evergreen Play Pattern

Supercategories that led the way included Games/Puzzles, Dolls, & Outdoor Toys

In no way do I believe girls 4 – 11 are going to stop collecting Shopkins (#1 girls brand); however the market for static micro collectibles is getting oversaturated. A new trend emerged of combining impulse product with a classic play pattern like hair play, micro poseable plush, and velvety flocked mini figs. Everything mentioned in this trend retails for under $9.99 – and most under $5 keeping true to pocket money budgets. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here from the last two growth years, just inflate the tires. Continue reading…

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