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Sales Rep Firm is First to Engage PR Firm, Will Tout New Diverse Insights Division

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Dallas, TX (April 5, 2016) –Diverse Marketing, a 55-year-old agency with 90 toy and gift territory managers saturating the country to represent a mix of large and up-and-coming clients, is expanding its services. Its deep access to sales data from its clients and on sell-through data and reactions to new products from the retailers to whom they sell, have led the company to launch Diverse Insights, a new division headed by Steve Starobinsky, Vice President of Marketing & Product Discovery.

KidStuff Public Relations, a PR agency with decades of experience in the juvenile, gift, toy, game and sporting goods areas, is a longtime friend of Diverse Marketing, so naturally when Diverse Marketing thought of hiring a PR agency to build awareness about it and Diverse Insights and how they are different from other rep firms, it went straight to KidStuff PR founder Lisa Orman.

“I wasn’t going to do this if we couldn’t get Lisa to partner with us,” said Greg Hardin, Diverse Marketing CEO. “She’s done a great job on PR for many of our clients and I recommend her in a heartbeat. She has so many connections and has credibility in our industries so she’s a natural to help tell our story. I believe we are the only rep firm to have hired a PR firm.”

Orman said, “I am a huge fan of Steve and his trend writing. It’s fresh, provocative and funny. His ability to spot and articulate trends in a meaningful way both in a qualitative and quantitative way are uncanny.” She added, “Our agencies share many clients so I have first-hand insight into how effective Diverse Marketing is.”

Diverse Insights is primarily shared via LinkedIn, but KidStuff PR will expand its distribution and share the newsletters via other channels. Starobinsky gleans his knowledge from visiting the six permanent showrooms the company has, not to mention attending such toy trade shows as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Nuremburg, UK and numerous US shows. He collects sales and order data from specialty and mass retailers, and from Diverse Marketing’s extensive client list and its 90 territory managers who work with retailers within multiple channels of distribution. His access to the breadth and depth of information from which to draw trend analyses is quite unique and special.

Diverse Marketing also has its fair share of news it needs help promoting. For instance, it recently formed a strategic partnership with High Five for the Mid-Atlantic States. As the company grows and expands its reach, KidStuff PR will help the agency build awareness.