Kids Can Quiz Themselves In Math, Science & Nature, Letters & Numbers, Animals & Dinos With Einstein the Mouse And His Brain-Scanning Helmet

Parker, CO (November 2, 2020) – There’s one smart mouse that moms won’t mind in the house. Dr. STEM™ Toys introduces Einstein, the world’s smartest animal, who can test kids in their knowledge of animals, colors, math and nature with the flip of a flash card. ask Einstein ($19.99) electronic flash cards are a fun way to fill up a preschooler’s brain with facts and figures that can be retained for a lifetime.

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Dr STEM Ask Einstein_D585-explainerHow long can a Galapagos Tortoise live? ask Einstein uses a choice of this or that — 177 years or 303 years — for youngsters to determine an answer. The modern twist on the old-timey flash card is the addition of a flash! Place an electronic Einstein the mouse over the chosen answer and see if his enormous brain-scanning helmet lights up green for correct. Bonus sounds emit in celebration of the correct response. If a child chooses unwisely, Einstein’s helmet flashes a red incorrect and sounds a buzzer. Suddenly facts and figures become an entertaining game. Kids can quiz themselves or have mom or dad assist emerging readers.

The concept of flash cards continues to be smart tools for learning. Kids engage in active recall when choosing an answer. Active recall has been proven to create strong neuron connections as kids recall a fact they learned from a book or class or in conversation. Another benefit of choosing a right or wrong answer is self-reflection. Scientists call this metacognition. Research shows that applying metacognition tends to ingrain memories deeper into your knowledge.

Dr STEM Ask Einstein_D585 full spreadWe all recognize that the Fall 2020 school year is like no other. As students study at home or in school or even a hybrid of the two, repetition and recall becomes an important part of early education. Making learning fun, especially with a brainy mouse, is a wonderful supplement to any curriculum.

ask Einstein offers five ways to make an impact with the various flash card themed decks. Stack The Deck is a game of strategy and competition. Hot Potato Einstein is a game of speed and fast action. Run The Deck is a challenge for every kid (and older siblings). Then there is Team Challenge for team building and bonding at home or in a bubble of close friends. Of course, The Einstein Dual is the ultimate fast action trivia game. Rules for all five challenges are included in each Deluxe Set.

Each flash card measured 3.5″ wide x 4.25″ tall, ideal for small hands. One AAA battery is needed. The handsomely packaged ask Einstein box is perfect to giftwrap for Holiday 2020 giving (hint hint).

Choose from two themes: Animals & Dinosaurs or Letters, Numbers, Colors & Shapes. Once kids outgrow the 100 initial flash cards, look for a Booster Pack with a focus on Math and Science & Nature.

Dr STEM Ask Einstein_D858 Box cover_LRask Einstein Deluxe Set Animals & Dinosaurs • Ages 3+ • $19.99
ask Einstein is the newest technology in flash card learning. Kids will turn over an illustrated flash card and try to get the correct answer by placing Einstein on the card. A deck of 100 flash cards is included with illustrations and queries of current and extinct four-legged (or perhaps two legged) creatures.

ask Einstein Math Set Booster Pack • Ages 3+ • $9.99

ask Einstein Math Set Booster Pack • Ages 3+ • $9.99
The basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are tucked in throughout 100 flash cards and will keep kids busy pondering until bedtime.

ask Einstein Science & Nature Booster Pack • Ages 3+ • $9.99

ask Einstein Science & Nature Booster Pack • Ages 3+ • $9.99
What is H2O – Air or Water? Discovery STEM topics has never been more fun or easy – in a flash! 100 flash cards on the planets, flora, fauna and chemistry from a Pre-K level are included.

Discover all of the Dr. STEM Toys at specialty retail stores including Learning Express and online at thinairbrands.com.

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