Discover How A Little DIY Paint Or Sprinkling Of Fairy Dust Creates Sweet Fairy Visits At Toy Fair Booth 6548

Merion Station, PA (February 1, 2017) – One of the most beloved perks of childhood is a visit by the Tooth Fairy. One toy company is shaking things up by putting the unwieldy pillow to bed and serving up a Tooth Fairy Fort ($24.99). Now a loose tooth and a crisp dollar bill can change places without disrupting a sleepy head.

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dreamlandfairy_kids_lifestyle_lrVisitors to the North American International Toy Fair will want to swing by Booth 6548 for a look at Dreamland Fairy’s precious product line of fairy crafts and accessories for sweet dreams and amazing mornings. Consumers and bloggers who have decorated their own fairy forts report prideful high marks.

“We are getting ready to have a special guest visiting us again; Xavier is starting to get some loose teeth,” begins the glowing review by mom blogger Living To The Fullest. “The treasure chest and fort will allow your child(ren) to place their tooth in a little treasure chest instead of placing it under a lumpy pillow. The fort makes it easier for the Tooth Fairy to replace the tooth with the treasure of the parents’ choice.”

Toozle, according to website DreamlandFairy.com, is the unlikely hero of the illustrated book accompanying each fort. At first he bumbles through his first Tooth Fairy Mission. Happily, one inventive child builds him a special Tooth Fairy Fort! Boys and girls delight in creating their own unique touches (paint included) to this wooden tree fort and tooth chest. Kids pick the perfect spot in the bedroom for a fairy stopover.

It’s not just parents but grandparents who have been charmed by this thoughtful craft kit. The results were priceless.

“Two of the grandkids have lost a tooth already,” explained family blogger Kelly’s Thoughts On Things. “And the tooth fairy had no trouble finding this beautiful fort … each one of the kids painted a section. I love the colors and how pretty they made it. The quality time that we had while making this fort is priceless!”

Retailers agree that these fairy kits are precious and popular! Last year, as a new vendor to national toy chain Learning Express, Dreamland Fairy wowed store managers – who had have seen every kind of new product over the years — by being “innovative” and performing extremely well in their stores. The toy company from the Philadelphia suburbs earned the honor of 2016 Learning Express Best New Vendor!

While a Tooth Fairy might visit a few times a year, a Dreamland Fairy might fly from Fairyland into the house while a child is sleeping on any given night. For this, a Dreamland Fairy Kit ($24.99) — which arrives unfinished — needs to be decorated. Toy industry judges granted this clever kit a Creative Child 2016 Product Of The Year.

When kids paint this adorable unpainted house, the results are a one-of-a-kind wooden home with a sweet peaked-roof that stands 8 inches tall. The final touch is a packet of glittery fairy dust, for little owners to personalize their magical fairy house.

This fairy kit includes an illustrated book where fairies tell stories to each other. As this story goes, one night the fairies run out of stories! One smart fairy has an “a-ha” moment to fly close to human children as they sleep, to listen to their dreams. They hover close enough to hear the child’s dreams and return the dreams and stories back to Fairyland! Each morning when the child wakes up, they might discover that their fairy visited. The proof is the tiny front door of the fairy house left ajar. Any notes or treats a child may have left for the fairy will have magically disappeared!

In addition to the craft kits, add-ons like the Dreamland Glow Kit ($8.99) make the fairy house and fort glow in the dark at night, lighting the way for fairy friends.

“The Dreamland Tooth Fairy Fort is ready‐to‐paint and comes with a storybook that will delight your child,” describes mom blogger Being MVP. “Kenzie went right to painting the fort with her art skills and decorating it with the Dreamland Glow Kit. She absolutely loves this kit because of the glitter, stars, stickers and more to make sure her Tooth Fairy can find her future teeth safely during the night.”

Look for these imaginative products online at DreamlandFairy.com and Amazon, or in person at neighborhood Learning Express and other specialty shops. Each kit is for ages 4 and up and is $24.99:

Dreamland Fairy Kit
Creative Child 2016 Product Of The Year
This unfinished fairy house needs some color made possible with a child’s creative touch. Kids might read the storybook before starting their art project. A paint set and magical fairy dust are included to create a one-of-a-kind Fairy House!

Tooth Fairy Fort
The unfinished fort features a book about Toozle the Tooth Fairy. Both boys and girls will delight in creating their own creative touches to the wooden tree fort and tooth chest. Keep it near the bed to give Tooth Fairies a place to visit. In return, they might leave (wink, wink) cash or a small toy tucked inside the little chest! Tree fort, tooth chest, paint, craft supplies, and storybook included.

Follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and catch their website blog for what’s new in Fairyland at http://www.dreamlandfairy.com

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Dreamland Fairy was created by two moms, Ami Van Dine and Cassie Slane, whose then six-year old daughters came up with the idea of a fairy house that they could keep in their rooms. Ami and Cassie believed it could be something bigger and set off to find manufacturers who could build the Dreamland Fairy House. Together, they wrote a book about the Dreamland Fairy and found talented illustrator, Yvette Ruzicka. For more information or to order online, click on DreamlandFairy.com

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