Toy Judges Impressed As Kids Effortlessly Build Electric Circuitry Powered Blocks With Power Blox Starter And E-Blox Stories – The Cave & The Island

Buffalo Grove, IL (May 10, 2018) – When asked to name a popular building toy, parents will say bricks or blocks. With the exception of magnets, little has changed in this construction-based toy category …until now. Toy industry judges are buzzing about newcomer E-Blox where electric circuitry is tucked into building blocks to create a WOW effect. Three toy competitions – The National Parenting Center, Mom’s Choice and Academics’ Choice — just added E-Blox to their Spring 2018 awards circuit!

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As one of the toy contests wrote online, “E-Blox are not your ordinary building blocks. Not only can they be used to build creations, they also bring your builds to life!”

The construction toy kits use a patented technology of tin plated blocks that connect electrical component blocks to a battery block enabling youngsters to create 3-dimensional circuits that light whatever they build, with no wires. E-Blox’s Power Blox Starter set pieces can be combined with similar construction set parts already in the home’s toy chest to create limitless characters and objects that light up! Academics’ Choice gave E-Blox its 2018 Brain Toy Award for being “a STEAM product, teaching fundamental electronic circuit concepts while also encouraging artistic creativity to build your own creations.”

Power Blox Starter • $32.99 • Ages 8+
2018 Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award Winner

“E-Blox is a small kit of Lego-compatible building blocks that offers the innovation of providing lights and electric current for projects. Kids learn STEAM skills through building, planning circuits, and playing with their creations. This product offers a unique twist on classic building, and is compatible with most common building sets. It is user friendly, eye-catching, and simple to use.”

The glowing review by The National Parenting Center for its Spring 2018 Seal of Approval begins with “E-Blox Stories -The Cave is an impressive addition to the construction-based toy category breaking new ground by integrating education and reading into the play pattern and reclassifying it as a STREAM product.”

E-Blox Stories-The Cave • $54.99 • Ages 8+
Spring 2018 Seal of Approval • The National Parenting Center

“This is designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity through hands-on tactile play, interactive storytelling, creative reasoning, and the systematic building of objects. You gotta give it to the E-Blox team, they aim high. The assembly manual is very supportive with a step-by-step process for each unique figure. The light up circuits thrilled kids and offered another level of ‘cool’ to this product. Right from the start our testers were drawn in and remained engaged in the variety of ways they could interact with E-Blox. The 3-D circuit creations are easy to build and allow plenty of space for imagination, patience, creativity and concentration. Included is the novelette Earth One, an intriguing story that guides your child through building the various projects. It also contains QR Codes that help search for definitions or pictures of words within the story for greater comprehension. Testers were impressed with how the whole activity is a great collaborative effort from start to finish.”

The third Spring 2018 honor comes from Mom’s Choice Awards for E-Blox Stories – The Island. Mom’s Choice evaluation process uses a proprietary methodology in which items are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost.

E-Blox Stories – The Island • $54.99 • Ages 8+
2018 Mom’s Choice Award

“With E-Blox Stories – The Island, you will be shown how to build numerous characters and objects that you encounter through reading the story, all which include 3D circuits that light up the characters and objects. And best of all you can use your E-Blox parts in The Island set to create your own new characters and objects. E-Blox The Island is one of the first STREAM products in the market combining reading of the story with 3D electronic circuit STEM concepts while also encouraging artistic creativity to build your own creations. It’s tons of fun, it’s highly educational…it’s E-Blox Stories – The Island!”

Just last year E-Blox made its debut and quickly captured several recognitions including inclusion into the prestigious 2017 Purdue Engineering Gift Guide. Creative Child Magazine awarded E-Blox three honors: Preferred Choice, Product of the Year and Creative Play of the Year. Whimsical Tillywig gave E-Blox two of its Brain Child Awards.

Joe P. Seymour, VP & COO of E-Blox, noted that he, his brother and sister all graduated from Purdue University hence the 2017 Purdue Engineering Gift Guide placement was “near and dear to us” as Purdue Alumni!

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Discover all of the E-Blox award-winning building toys at https://myeblox.com. Follow them on social media channels Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About E-Blox
E-Blox toys are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity, and teach every child to investigate our world through interactive storytelling, creative reasoning, and systematic building of objects that will provide endless hours of fun and learning. E-Blox launched in 2016 by Art Seymour, with his sons James and Joseph, after more than 90+ years of combined experience as entrepreneurs, inventors, and designers in the educational toys and wireless industries. E-Blox’s founders are now leading the way to a whole new generation of educational toys that give children of all ages the building blocks of a STREAM education through the joy of play and discovery. Visit the E-Blox website at https://myeblox.com/ for shopping and the latest product news.

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