For the “E” in STEM, Kids Can Animate E-Blox With Circuitry Tucked Inside Building Blocks

Buffalo Grove, Illinois (March 12, 2018) – Remember when the best part of building with blocks was when you got to knock everything down? Oh, how the block has evolved! Introducing the world of E-Blox®, the construction line that’s giving kids a charge of excitement for all the bells and whistles it can emit. The “E” is for electrical circuitry that brings colorful plated blocks to life with a whirl, flash or sound. It also represents the “E” in STEM learning that’s a must for today’s iPhone generation.

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Parents will quickly note that these not-so-ordinary building blocks are compatible with what’s already home in the toy box! Each tin-plated block from the pARTS™ Line connects to a battery block, powering the electrical component blocks. E-Blox launches nine stimulating kits for kids as young as 8-years-old to build while picking up the basics of electricity and circuitry.

Choose the pARTS™ Starter Set ($32.99) or pARTS Plus Set ($43.99) which won the 2017 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award. The plated blocks used in the pARTS™ line allow kids to seamlessly integrate electronic circuitry without wires to bundle and hide. With more advanced kits like the pARTS Pro or Flashing Frenzy, elementary schoolers can build even more advanced circuits and structures that light up, flash and even change colors. And E-Blox provides sample builds and instructions on their website (www.myeblox.com) to show you how to get started!

The Circuit Builder™ Line of 59, 115 or 120 projects, offers little engineers the excitement of bringing their construction to life, through the wizardry of E-Blox. Along the way, kids will pick up STEM facts and figures like current, voltage, electricity generation and battery recycling. As they build their own toys and games, they will start to notice how circuitry is all around them. Switches, wires and home appliances suddenly become intriguing objects they can manipulate on a small scale with their E-Blox kits.

Naturally, safety is key part of the lesson plan kids will discover. Dos and Don’ts of circuitry are clearly marked in all instruction manuals. In no time, youngsters will be handling LED switches, Bi-directional switches, magnetic controlled alarms and even a Switch & Press Switch-controlled Flyer Saucer, and even a working FM radio! How’s that for a STEM lesson?

Beyond abstract building, E-Blox has created three storybook themes – The Island, The City and The Cave ($54.99 each) – that follow the adventures of Seymour and his robot Robyn. Kids tag along with Seymour as he investigates an ocean, a bridge or extinct animals lurking in a cave.

An assembly manual shows you how to build several characters and objects in the storybook and QR codes are included that create an interactive learning environment using online resources. With over 100 parts included, all models built in the various parts of the story come to life as kids are shown how to build 3D circuits that make them light, further enhancing the learning experience.

Shop online at https://myeblox.com/ for the 2018 catalog. All are for ages 8+. Now available:

Circuit Builder™ 59 • $21.99
Learn the difference between electricity, current and voltage as you build a potential 59 projects. A total of 22 parts can be manipulated with motors, alarms, switches, lights and more. Everything is in the box including a detailed manual.

Circuit Builder™ 115 • $32.99
Parents provide 3 “AA” batteries and this kit supplies the rest to create 115 different projects. A total of 37 parts allows builders to play songs and sounds while lights flash and a fan spins. Included is a set of plated parts to adapt your project with E-Blox pARTS™ line.

Circuit Builder™ 120 • $43.99
2017 Creative Child Magazine Creative Play of the Year
2017 Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year
Are you as smart as a 3rd grader? Because 8-year-olds can now create a real working FM radio and tune it to Mom’s favorite station! That’s just one of the 120 projects boys and girls will attempt to construct before and after school.

pARTS™ Starter Set • $32.99
Compatible with other toy brick sets, this first-timer kit includes 25 parts that will bring lights to a child’s other builds.

pARTS Plus Set • $43.99
2017 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award
This kit contains over 70 parts with black and white blocks. Kids can light up 3D circuits with the enclosed power block.

pARTS Deluxe Set • $60.49
Build a colorful Mermaid, Robot or Tower that lights up thanks to the 3D circuits from the power block. This kit boats over 100 parts.

pARTS Standard Set • $60.49
Compatible with other toy brick sets
, this kit contains more than 40 patented parts including 10 LEDS. Comes in a handy see-thru storage case.

pARTS Advanced Set • $120.99
Contains over 100-patented parts, including 15 LEDs, all arranged in a clear storage case.

pARTS Pro Set • $219.99
Go pro and get more. This kit contains over 220-patented parts, including 21 LEDs, neatly organized in a durable plastic storage case.

pARTS Flashing Frenzy • $175.99
Get the sunglasses out for this finished product once kids build a Light Box, Mosaic, and Light Wall. The kit includes over 130-patented parts, including 50 LEDs in a handy plastic storage case.

pARTS Metallic • $175.99
What can you build with 200 parts that can light up a 3D circuit? Stimulate young minds with creativity, imagination and science.

pARTS LEDs • $109.99
Light up young imaginations with this amazing kit of 50 LEDs: Red (7), green (7), blue (7), red flashing (7), green flashing (7), blue flashing (7), and color changing (8).

Parents and grandparents should note that Free Shipping on all orders is now being offered at myeblox.com. Follow them on all social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

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About E-Blox
E-Blox toys are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity, and teach every child to investigate our world through interactive storytelling, creative reasoning, and systematic building of objects that will provide endless hours of fun and learning. E-Blox was launched in 2016 by Art Seymour with his sons James and Joseph after more than 90+ years of combined experience as entrepreneurs, inventors, and designers in the educational toys and wireless industries. E-Blox’s founders are now leading the way to a whole new generation of educational toys that give children of all ages the building blocks of a STREAM education through the joy of play and discovery. Visit the E-Blox website at https://myeblox.com/ for shopping and the latest product news.

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