If It Flashes, Buzzes, Or Spins, Is It Really A STEM Toy?

Buffalo Grove, IL (June 23, 2019) – Everyone has heard of a trademark. But did you know there’s now a trustmark? Parents who yearn for a great STEM toy now have proof that science, technology and all those important left-brain skills are packed into every E-Blox product. E-Blox’s interactive building blocks, with its patented technology, have been named Stem.org Authenticated™. This STEM credentialing organization declared every E-Blox kit to be authenticated and certified!

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E-BLOX NOW BOASTS THE STEM AUTHENTICATED™ TRUSTMARK ON EVERY TOY!“We couldn’t be more thrilled to receive this certification,” conveyed Joe Seymour, E-Blox COO and VP, upon hearing the good news. “It confirms all of the planning and development we put into our products to make sure kids learn key concepts and engineering.”

Currently less than 950 products nationwide from all companies can boast that trustmark.

Example of project from Light ‘N Flight set
Example of project from Light ‘N Flight set

As E-Blox’s website’s (https://myeblox.com/) home page proclaims, “E-Blox are tons of fun to build while enhancing a child’s knowledge in the sciences and arts.” More importantly, playing with E-Blox wide assortment of playthings equips today’s children with the skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century — and beyond!

E-Blox continues to roll out engaging toys. New in 2019: Their Power Blox line expands with Light ‘N Flight ($44.99) and Circuit Blox adds Lights N’ Motion ($32.99). Children discover the workings of a motor, a fan and a switch or try their hand at creating illuminate light structures that spin. These kits will be available in mid-August.

Example of project from Lights ‘N Motion set
Example of project from Lights ‘N Motion set

It may look like child’s play but thanks to the Stem.org Authenticated trustmark, grownups can be assured of stimulating their child’s budding engineering skills with E-Blox educational electronic toys.

STEM.org is the longest continually operating, privately-held STEM organization in the United States – serving schools, districts, organizations and the world’s top brands in over 25 countries. Now more
than ever, they report, it is important to inspire, recruit and cultivate the talents of this generation and ones to come.

About STEM.org

STEM.org’s mission is to make quality STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education accessible to all. For more than 15 years, STEM.org has been at the forefront of the global, Pre-K – 12th grade STEM education movement. Through an extensive collaborative effort, STEM.org has worked closely with pedagogical researchers, a community of teachers, administrators, and schools to establish a respected set of benchmarks. The resources and proven best practices of this community have led to the world’s first and most recognized STEM credentialing framework

About E-Blox

E-Blox toys are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity, and teach every child to investigate our world through interactive storytelling, creative reasoning, and systematic building of objects that will provide endless hours of fun and learning. E-Blox launched in 2016 by Art Seymour, with his sons James and Joseph, after more than 90+ years of combined experience as entrepreneurs, inventors, and designers in the educational toys and wireless industries. E-Blox’s founders are now leading the way to a whole new generation of educational toys that give children of all ages the building blocks of a STREAM education through the joy of play and discovery. Visit the E-Blox website at https://myeblox.com/ for shopping and the latest product news.


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