EEBOO HAS THE PERFECT PIECES TO SOLVE EVERY PUZZLING HOLIDAY GIFT LIST—Edutaining Puzzles, Games & Gift Ideas for Every Age and Stage Are In Stock and Ready to Wrap from eeBoo and Pieces & Love Collections


Edutaining Puzzles, Games & Gift Ideas for Every Age and Stage Are In Stock and Ready to Wrap from eeBoo and Pieces & Love Collections

New York, NY (October 7, 2021) – The hunt is on this season for high-quality and thoughtfully designed presents for all generations. Lifestyle brand and toy manufacturer eeBoo announces its Top Ten gifts that are in stock and simply beautiful. Everything the eeBoo makes is designed to inspire and support a lifetime of empathy, creativity, and curiosity.

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eeBoo Around The Clock Puzzle • Ages 3+ • $21.99Clear the kitchen table or the living room floor for a host of beautiful educational and sustainable gifts for children and their parents. Around The Clock round puzzle ($21.99) is a wonderfully engaging way to teach time telling from an analog clock while introducing the concept of the 24-hour day. Within The Country ($21.99) is part of eeBoo’s 48-piece giant puzzle collection. Filled with detail and delightful moments of discovery, it covers new ground in the floor puzzle category, making this format both a fully educational activity and a rich individual play experience.

Bedtime ($17.99) is just one of eeBoo’s Ready to Go puzzles for beginners. Little ones place the interlocking pieces in the proper order, noticing logical hints in the charming illustrations. Kids and grownups are amazed when they discover two pieces that can be in more than one place!

With extended family gatherings and the excitement of the holidays comes a much-needed card set, I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards ($15.99). By looking at the characters’ faces and postures and reflecting on a child’s own experiences, these cards help children to recognize emotional dynamics in a variety of situations, while sparking important conversations about feelings and socialization.

For over 25 years, eeBoo has created wholesome, educational games and activities that cultivate conversation, socialization, and skill-building while introducing our world. Give children some screen-free fun with I Never Forget a Face Memory & Matching Game ($19.99). While developing patience and memory skills, children are introduced to the inspiring diversity of 24 warm and accessible children from cultures around the world, opening doors to empathy and discovery.

Beyond the beauty and grace of each eeBoo product comes another gift –the green kind. “eeBoo products never come in a giant box or have unnecessary packaging because we don’t believe in waste,” explains Founder, President, and Creative Director Mia Galison. “Our paper products are made with 90% recycled grayboard, printed with soy-based inks, are thoroughly safety tested, durable and designed to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Look for these edutaining puzzles and games online at, national retailers including Barnes & Noble and Target or neighborhood toy shops. Free shipping on orders over $60 at

eeBoo Children’s Collection

Around The Clock Puzzle • Ages 3+ • $21.99
Around The Clock Puzzle • Ages 3+ • $21.99
This gigantic round puzzle (23” in diameter) includes actual moving hands to help learn time telling on an analog clock. Warmly engaging illustrations show how a child’s day and night unfolds across AM and PM!

Within the Country 48 Piece Giant Puzzle • Ages 4+ • $21.99

Within the Country 48 Piece Giant Puzzle • Ages 4+ • $21.99
In branches, fruit, and feathered friends; among the roots, some hidden dens; insects, caves, a hidden stream… the country is not what it seems! Parents or grandparents can reference the full color insert that includes labels for each element of the illustration of this rectangular 30” x 24” giant puzzle.

Ready to Go Bedtime Puzzle • Ages 3+ • $17.99

Ready to Go Bedtime Puzzle • Ages 3+ • $17.99
The bedtime ritual of brushing teeth, putting on pjs and getting a kiss goodnight is sweetly illustrated in this sequential puzzle that will become a favorite nightly activity.

I Heard Your Feelings • Ages 3+ • $14.99

I Heard Your Feelings • Ages 3+ • $14.99
Oppenheim SNAP Award (Special Needs Adaptable Product) Winner
“Understanding emotional cues enhances self-confidence, cooperation, empathy, and interpretive skills,” wrote Mia Galison in a recent eeBoo Facebook post. eeBoo’s award-winning conversation cards feature a common scenario, such as being picked for a team, to spark communication between child and parent.

I Never Forget a Face Memory Game • Ages 3+ • $19.99

I Never Forget a Face Memory Game • Ages 3+ • $19.99
Oppenheim Gold Seal – Best Toy Award
Introduce inspiring diversity and positive familiarity with people from other countries and cultures while developing patience and memory skills.


For 4 years, eeBoo’s Piece & Love puzzles have explored nature, politics, science, cultural diversity, and other intriguing themes while offering opportunities for mindfulness, relaxation, and family time. Piece & Love differentiates itself in the puzzle market through its quality of design, thoughtful original art, sustainable materials, and rich subject matter.

Listed below are Piece & Love’s top five 1000-piece square puzzles for Holiday 2021 giving — in stock and ready to delight.

eeBoo English Cottage • $23.99

English Cottage • $23.99
Have a cup of tea and visit this enchanting British cottage: putter about in the flower and vegetable garden. Relax and enjoy the cat, the lounging dog, and chickens roaming freely among the tulips, all while little rabbits forage and nibble.

eeBoo - PZTALC - Alchemist's Cabinet

Alchemist Cabinet • $23.99
These curio cabinets and carved shelves set against dark damask wallpaper offer rich detail: paintings in ornate frames, cloches, skeleton keys, and other hidden treasures.

eeBoo- PZTAPO- Apothecary - cover

Ancient Apothecary • $23.99
Peek inside an ancient apothecary as three women chemists create potions and medicinal remedies. Look for ginger jars filled with herbs from faraway lands, a mortar and pestle set, petite vials carefully stored on shelves, and a sleeping cat.

eeBoo - PZTATS - Artist studio - cover

Artist Studio • $23.99
Inspired by a New York artist’s studio, look for the color wheels on the wall, gouache tubes, watercolors, a glass jar with brushes drying, and a sketchbook full of inspirational pieces. The puzzle includes fluorescent ink to add even more pop to the color.

eeBoo - PZTFAM - Family Dinner Night • $23.99

Family Dinner Night • $23.99
Guess who’s coming to dinner? Pull a chair up to the table and celebrate with this whimsical risograph-style illustration. Discover the bass-playing crocodile on the mezzanine, the mice watching the festivities from the bookshelf, and the little animals lying in wait under the table.

Each high-quality jigsaw puzzle for adults and families boasts glossy, sturdy pieces and minimal puzzle dust.

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About eeBoo and eeBoo Piece & Love
Woman Owned • Mother Run • Sustainably Sourced, eeBoo is a boutique toy and lifestyle brand that specializes in useful, beautiful, and well-made educational games and gifts. eeBoo’s products for children are developed in consultation with educators, psychologists, writers, artists, and parents to nurture creativity with vibrant artwork that celebrates diversity and encourages empathy and learning about the world we share. In 2017, eeBoo entered the adult jigsaw puzzle market with eeBoo Piece & Love, bringing its longstanding commitment to beautiful design, durability, and environmental sustainability to an array of carefully art-directed and exquisitely illustrated 500- and 1000- piece jigsaw puzzles. Both lines encourage mindful, screen free, wholesome activities to share with friends and family, designed to encourage imagination while inspiring conversation and learning. eeBoo’s mission is to create beautiful products to be enjoyed and shared across generations: Old School skills and values made fresh and made to last with sustainably sourced materials.


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