Kantu Magnetic Wooden ‘Block’ Kits Make This Season’s Toy Honor Roll With Parents’ Choice Gold Plus ASTRA Best Toys For Kids 2020 Finalist


Magnetic Wooden ‘Block’ Kits Make This Season’s Toy Honor Roll With Parents’ Choice Gold Plus ASTRA Best Toys For Kids 2020 Finalist

Boulder, CO (June 3, 2020) – What’s the difference between perpendicular and orthogonal? The truth is few parents feel prepared to help their kids with math homework. Thankfully, one new STEM toy introduces the joys of early math concepts that even grownups can comprehend! That’s the consensus of Parents’ Choice Awards who gave a rare Gold Seal to Kontu STEM Blocks ($99).

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Kontu STEM blocks

kontu STEM blocks are a winner of the Parents' Choice FOundation Gold Award Seal of Approval“Parents of young playful learners may not feel equipped to teach their preschoolers about math, spatial relations, balance, or subitizing,” begins the glowing review by Parents’ Choice Awards. “Happily, Patrick Greenwood, the creator of the Kontu® STEM Blocks, is. The beautifully crafted wooden magnetic pieces are as lovely to hold as they are to learn from. They are called ‘blocks,’ but the segments are rounded, not square. Somehow, that makes them even more appealing. And here, holding is learning.”

Kontu (pronounced kahn’–too) is a system of magnetic wooden blocks and cards designed to promote STEM thinking and discovery. Designed for tots as young as three, these playful blocks invite youngsters to explore magnetism, early mathematics, weight & counterbalance, joints & hinges and construction. The Activity cards nudge children to explore concepts through play. It’s the perfect toy to jumpstart their road to math literacy!

The handsome wooden blocks are made in Thailand from sustainable rubber tree wood and securely embedded rare-earth magnets. Easy to grasp with even small hands, these STEM Blocks help develop fine motor skills and allow toddlers to understand how structures fit together. Retailers have been impressed.

Kontu STEM BlocksThe American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) chose Kontu’s STEM Blocks K25 Super Mega Awesome! Kit as a finalist in this year’s search for the best toys. The annual list represents the collective experience of the ASTRA membership in watching kids play in their stores combined with parental feedback and individual expertise in toys and child development.

Parents who have purchased Kontu gush online about these edutaining kits:

“My daughter loves her Kontu set. She’s just starting to grasp numbers and counting, she loved doing the activity cards together with me, while having fun with balance and stacking. Thank you!”

“I purchased this for my second grader who is having a little trouble learning math facts and concepts. Until we were unexpectedly homeschooling, I wasn’t fully aware of her struggles and wondered if Kontu was too simple to help her. I’m so glad I ordered the large kit! Kontu is the PERFECT visual and manipulative to help with understanding part/whole and learning math facts with better speed. I’ve quickly seen her understanding and enjoying math more now that we have visuals that interest her and make good sense of quantities.”

Purchase one of three kits online at KontuKids.com.

Kontu® STEM Blocks – K25 Super Mega Awesome KitKontu® STEM Blocks – K25 Super Mega Awesome Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99
Parents’ Choice Gold 2020
ASTRA Best Toys For Kids 2020 Finalist in Puzzles: Educational & Manipulative Play category

Count ‘em – 50 pieces in total are tucked inside this mega kit. The modular, magnetic wooden blocks serve as a screen-free, multi-sensory learning tool designed for STEM lessons at a young age. Alone or through guided play, children may explore and learn about numbers, magnetism, weights and balances and other STEM concepts. Inside the box are six different sized trays, 25 blocks, 8 Activity cards and 18 Number cards.

Kontu® STEM Blocks – K15 – Let’s Go Bigger KitKontu® STEM Blocks – K15 – Let’s Go Bigger Kit • Ages 3+ • $69.99
The K15 is Kontu’s mid-sized kit and has 30 pieces, 8 Activity cards and 18 Number cards. The magnetic blocks can be used to learn to count, recognize numerals and explore simple physics like weight, balance, and spinning. Kids will enjoy simply building structures and feeling the push and pull of magnetism. Five different sized trays are included.

Kontu® STEM Blocks – K10 Hello Numbers KitKontu® STEM Blocks – K10 Hello Numbers Kit • Ages 3+ • $49.99
The K10 is Kontu’s starter kit with 20 pieces. Included are 8 Activity Cards for children to follow and encourages problem-solving plus 18 Numeral and Shape cards to promote numeral recognition. Play can be open-ended to inspire a child’s creativity or paired with our carefully designed activities for guided play. Four different sized trays are included.

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Kontu® STEM Blocks are magnetic wooden blocks that engage children in STEM concepts, especially early mathematics. The blocks and included activities promote the development of numeracy and math-positivity in early childhood. Discover all three award winning kits at https://kontukids.com/.

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