GOT A YOUNG FRIEND IN NEED? TURN TO FLUFFYWEIGHT INDEED TO SOOTHE MELTDOWNS AND FEEL BETTER NOW—Therapeutically Weighted Stuffed Animal Cat and Dog Praised By National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) For Larger Than Life Comforting


Therapeutically Weighted Stuffed Animal Cat and Dog Praised By National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) For Larger Than Life Comforting

Portland, OR (April 26, 2023) – That familiar proverb a friend in need is a friend indeed has never been truer as today’s youngsters are in daily need of perseverance and resiliency skills. Happily, the solution is a hug away with FluffyWeight, a prescription strength weighted stuffed animal that soothes on the spot. The National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) just named FluffyWeight to its 2023 NAPPA Awards list of the best toys, baby and family products on the market today.

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FluffyWeightThe incredible interactions between child and FluffyWeight are noted again and again in NAPPA’s glowing review. For example:

“After trying it for a few weeks, I can confidently say that this stuffed animal reduces the amount of time my daughter goes through a night terror. She used to cry for upwards of 20 minutes and if I have her hug the FluffyWeight she starts to calm down right away. It’s the perfect size for her to wrap her arms around and it puts light pressure on her chest so she can start to fall asleep. When she goes through these, she’s not fully awake. When I go to hug or touch her she starts screaming louder. If I have her hug the FluffyWeight, she has the opposite reaction.”

Another parent succinctly wrote, “A great product to help kids with sensory processing and neurodivergent behaviors. It’s also a cute, fuzzy stuffy that’s the perfect size for cuddling.”

Beyond a healing tool for bad dreams and sensory challenges, snuggling a 5.5- pound FluffyWeight Cat or Dog ($78) or a 3-pound FluffyWeight Puppy ($48) is in line with today’s toy trend of building resiliency through play. Known as MESH toys, retailers are stocking their shelves with these comfort toys at the behest of parents.  Much like the concept of STEM toys a decade ago, MESH is the newest buzzword that stands for a child’s Mental, Emotional, Social Health.

In the past, dragging a favorite stuffy around the house or off to Grandma’s was the go-to way of reducing anxiety by offering a sense of security. Especially during times of change like the school year ending, new experiences like sleep-away camp or perhaps a new school or neighborhood in the fall, stuffed animals can bring a constant sense of companionship because a child knows the toy will be there to ease loneliness. Today, the calming effect of a beloved weighted stuffed animal like FluffyWeight is incredibly effective to soothe meltdowns. Child advocates like educators and therapists are seeing results firsthand.

“I highly recommend FluffyWeight for any child who needs help soothing,” stated Sarah Larsen MOTR/L (Master of Occupational Therapy). “Combined with the support of a loving parent or caregiver, FluffyWeight is a safe and effective way to calm and balance children’s sensory systems.”

“Its cozy body and big fluffy paws embrace you with a calming, comforting hug proven to reduce stress,” admiringly explains NAPPA in this month’s description of its 2023 award winner.

FluffyWeight’s animal pals are unique in that they are a therapeutic size and weight, but so cute they don’t look like a therapy device. They are as effective as they are lovable. And every snuggly Cat, Dog and Puppy stuffed animal is therapist approved plus backed by scientific research.

Got questions? FluffyWeight’s informative blog might help! To read How do Weighted Stuffed Animals Work? Click on . In a nutshell, “when a child is on the verge of a meltdown, their fight or flight response has been triggered. Cortisol levels raise, and rational thought shuts down.” Here’s where a FluffyWeight weighted stuffed animal comes in, the blog suggests.

“Introducing something like a weighted plush early into this cycle will help calm the nervous system, decrease cortisol and therefore can shorten or eliminate the meltdown before it gets too far.  Read our study results about how using a weighted stuffed animal like FluffyWeight is effective at managing anxiety, meltdowns and making bedtime routines easier.”

Parents who tested FluffyWeight at home as part of the NAPPA Awards research concur!

“I’m impressed with the quality of this product. It’s gently weighted with a soft and cozy washable cover. The cover is tight fitting and takes some muscle to get off, but it was easy to put back on after washing,” submitted one NAPPA Awards reviewer. “I like that they used natural latex for the filling instead of plastic beads that could be a choking hazard if released. It’s also naturally mold and dust resistant.”


FluffyWeight Cat or Dog Bundle with extra cover • Ages 2+ • $106
The best of both worlds at once – purchase a prescription- strength size and weighted stuffed animal and a cover to have on hand for messes and/or to offer a child a cat this week and a dog next week for the purr-fect pal any day or night.


FluffyWeight Cat or Dog • Ages 2+ $78
2023 NAPPA Award Winner
Who can resist the turquoise mane, heart-shaped nose and bright eyes? Or the golden coat with white ears and paws of the FluffyWeight dog? Both weighted plush are safe, effective and forever snuggable. Better yet, their outer cover is removable and machine washable because mess (and barf) happens! Premium soft “fur” is resistant to allergens like dust and mold. Each plush pal is filled with 100% certified natural latex foam. Weighs a hefty 5.5 pounds and measures L 22” x W 24” at its widest point.

FluffyWeight Mini Puppy • Ages 2+ • $48
2023 NAPPA Award Winner
Smaller children or on-the-go snuggles are ideal for this playful Puppy. Like all FluffyWeight plush pals, this mini version pup is plastic free and has naturally weighted filling throughout the whole body. Don’t tell the kids but Cat, Dog and Puppy have an easily zipped “skin” to toss in the wash and return clean, soft and snuggly. Approximately 3 pounds and measures L 16.5” x W 17” at its widest point.

FluffyWeight Extra Cover Coat– choose Cat or Dog • $28
Discreetly switch the need-to-clean outer coat with a back-up plan! Toss in the wash on the cold and gentle cycle. Away from prying eyes, toss Cat or Dog’s damp covering in the dryer for a fluffy result – to await the next mess!

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About FluffyWeight

Based in Portland, OR, one question the family-run toy company always hears is what makes FluffyWeight special? If you or someone you love has sensory challenges or anxiety, you know how difficult it can be. You know that a sensory meltdown is tough on the person having one, tough on caregivers, and can steal hours from an otherwise happy day. And you know that a tool that can truly effectively soothe is life changing. FluffyWeight understands this all too well. As a family with its own sensory challenges, the plush maker intentionally selected everything about FluffyWeight to create an almost magical combination of effectiveness and lovability. From the very start of development, prototypes were tested in the homes of kids and adults with challenges such as ADHD, autism, sensory processing, anxiety, or were generally considered highly sensitive. The concept was modified again and again to assure carefully picked materials were sensory-friendly.

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