FUR REAL! WHEN MESS HAPPENS, FLUFFYWEIGHT HAS YOU COVERED WITH A BACKUP PLAN—Don’t Tell The Kids But FluffyWeight’s Huggable Weighted Stuffed Animals Have A Second Coat…


Don’t Tell The Kids But FluffyWeight’s Huggable Weighted Stuffed Animals Have A Second Coat For Sale For Discreet Middle Of The Night Clean Ups

Portland, OR (March 30, 2023) — Everyone knows cats do not like baths. Dogs are much more amenable to a good scrubbing! But what happens when your FluffyWeight snuggable Cat or Dog (Spring Sale 30% off price now $54.50) is the recipient of a tummy ache mess or playdate grime? FluffyWeight (available at FluffyWeight.com) has the perfect backup plan that’s discreet because no child wants to give up their weighted stuffed animal knowingly! So, toss that removeable outer casing in the wash — without any protest from the stuffed cat – as long as you have a clean replacement on hand.

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FluffyWeight Weighted Stuffed Animal Extra Covers_LRStock up on a second FluffyWeight stuffed animal “coat” for just $28 because mess happens! No childhood has ever survived without the frequent vomit, dirt or spills. With a backup plan, parents can tactfully switch the fluffy cat or dog outer “fur” and kids go to bed or on with their day cleaner and happier! Parents feel good having an adorable FluffyWeight in the house as it’s therapy in plain sight – without the stigma!

As young Instagrammer Yes_Im_Stella revealed, “I usually have a LOT of trouble sleeping, my new FluffyWeight cat has helped keep me calm falling asleep, lowered my anxiety and I have even been falling asleep faster! She’s so snuggly and cute, I named her Snowstorm!”

New this season is a bundle package of a FluffyWeight Stuffed Animal ($78) with an extra cover ($28) for now on spring sale for $82.50.

FluffyWeight-LIFESTYLE-Picture1-03-23 “Jax is a little boy with big emotions and sometimes he struggles with properly handling what he is feeling. We’ve found a new tool to help him manage though… @fluffyweight! He’s already gotten to the point where he cuddles Cheese (an appropriate name for a yellow dog I think, love Jax’s creativity!) when he feels upset. I love that he’s recognized Cheese’s purpose and is using him instead of losing control”
@emmy_and_jax on Instagram

Many parents have discovered that having an interchangeable mix and match (example: a Cat and a backup Dog cover) in the home has the added benefit of youngsters never being bored with their weighted stuffed animal. In fact, children get energized when greeted with a fresh FluffyWeight that calms anxiety and shortens meltdowns naturally.

Based on science, kids and adults alike benefit from the calming effect of a hug. FluffyWeight is a natural way to help improve focus, calm anxiety and regulate mood. The weighted sensory toys — with the softest fur — are especially effective for people who are neurodiverse, have anxiety or are highly sensitive.

FluffyWeight Weighted Stuffed Animal Zipper_WEBAnd while FluffyWeight and weighted blankets work using the same scientific principles, FluffyWeight is big and soft to cuddle and more fun for kids to play with! Since FluffyWeight Cats and Dogs do not grow overwhelmingly warm (like many weighted blankets do) children will be more likely have a greater chance to experience its calming benefits.

“Our customers have given our weighted stuffed animals nothing short of excellent 5-star reviews,” reveals Elena Foley, FluffyWeight Founder and an ADHD mom. “I know there are other weighted stuffed animals newly on the market, but ours are unique in that they are effectively a prescription-strength size and weight, without looking like they are a therapy device. That means we have the credibility to serve a sensory audience but with broader market appeal. It’s something my customers have said they can’t find anywhere else.”

Mom bloggers and Influencers wholeheartedly agree — with pictures!

“Today Sean was crying, and Sam went to the room to lure the FluffyWeight Dog,” posted babysamskyler on Instagram, “to give it to his little brother, he was the sweetest and most cuddly! I am all for emotional regulation resources and as soon as I heard about @fluffyweight I was on board! We love!”

“FluffyWeight stuffed animals are not only an on-trend toy and a great Easter basket gift, but they have a special superpower- they can help children self-regulate,” writes Mommy’s Block Party mother of three. “What does it mean to self-regulate? Well, we all know what it looks like when we can’t self-regulate if we’ve ever experienced a child’s meltdown – or an adult meltdown! The brain switches to catastrophe mode – the little part of the brain called the amygdala goes into overdrive and we enter our “fight or flight” decision-making phase. . . Self-regulation does not come naturally when your brain can’t tell whether or not there is actual danger or perceived danger. . .You may have heard of the weighted blanket as a tool to reduce anxiety and help calm and soothe children and adults who have a hard time settling down. FluffyWeight weighted stuffed animals are a brilliant reimagined application of this concept.”

Cleaning the outer coat of a FluffyWeight stuffed animal is as easy as any laundry item. Like changing a pillowcase, remove the fluffy coat from the main body and toss the soiled cover in the washing machine with like colors. Set the dial to cold water, delicate cycle. Machine dry to fluff up Cat or Dog. You can even brush the “fur” to make it cuddly soft. Some families buy both a Cat and a Dog outer shell to switch things up. Kids respond with delight when a new FluffyWeight appears.

All three FluffyWeight stuffed animals (Cat, Dog and Puppy) can be found online at www.FluffyWeight.com. Join their newsletter and receive a $10 off coupon on the first order!


All three FluffyWeight stuffed animals (Cat, Dog and Puppy) can be found online at http://www.FluffyWeight.com. Join their newsletter and receive a $10 off coupon on the first order! 

NEW!! FluffyWeight Stuffed Cat or Dog with Extra Cover Bundle • Ages 2+ • now 30% Off during Spring Sale is just $82.50

NEW!! FluffyWeight Stuffed Cat or Dog with Extra Cover Bundle • Ages 2+ • now 30% Off during Spring Sale is just $82.50 Regularly $106
The best of both worlds at once – purchase a prescription-strength size and weighted stuffed animal and a cover to have on hand for messes and/or to offer a child a cat this week and a dog next week for the purr-fect pal any day or night.

NEW!! Back Up Cover Coat– choose Cat or Dog • $28
Discreetly switch the need-to-clean outer coat with a back-up plan! Toss in the wash on the cold and gentle cycle. Away from prying eyes, then toss Cat or Dog’s damp covering in the dryer for a fluffy result – to await the next mess!

FluffyWeight Cat • Ages 2+ • now 30% Off during Spring Sale is just $54.50 Regularly $78
Who can resist the heart-shaped nose, whiskers and bright eyes? FluffyWeight weighted plush are safe, effective and forever snuggable. Better yet, their outer cover is removable and machine washable because mess (and barf) happens! Turquoise cat has big white paws, premium soft “fur” and is resistant to allergens like dust and mold. Each plush pal is filled with 100% certified natural latex foam. Measures 22” long and 5.5 pounds.

FluffyWeight Dog • Ages 2+ • now 30% Off during Spring Sale is just $54.50 Regularly $78
The FluffyWeight Dog is a super-soothing, safe and effective therapeutically weighted stuffed animal designed to ease anxiety and shorten sensory meltdowns. Its large cozy body and big fluffy paws embrace kids and adults alike with a calming, comforting hug proven to reduce stress. Its golden coat with white ears and paws measures 29” long nose to tail and weighs 5.5 pounds. Stroke its tail for extra tactile play.

FluffyWeight Mini Puppy • Ages 2+ • now 20% Off during Spring Sale is just $38.50 Regularly $48
Smaller children or on-the-go snuggles are ideal for Puppy. Like all FluffyWeight plush pals, this mini version pup is plastic free and has naturally weighted filling throughout the whole body. Don’t tell the kids but Cat, Dog and Puppy have an easily zipped “skin” to toss in the wash and return clean, soft and snuggly. Approximately 3 pounds and 16.5” long.

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About FluffyWeight

Based in Portland, OR, one question the family-run toy company always hears is what makes FluffyWeight special? If you or someone you love has sensory challenges or anxiety, you know how difficult it can be. You know that a sensory meltdown is tough on the person having one, tough on caregivers, and can steal hours from an otherwise happy day. And you know that a tool that can truly effectively soothe is life changing. FluffyWeight understands this all too well. As a family with its own sensory challenges, the plush maker intentionally selected everything about FluffyWeight to create an almost magical combination of effectiveness and lovability. From the very start of development, prototypes were tested in the homes of kids and adults with challenges such as ADHD, autism, sensory processing, anxiety, or were generally considered highly sensitive. The concept was modified again and again to assure carefully picked materials were sensory-friendly. The outer fabric is super soft and cozy, while the interior is naturally weighted to a therapeutic level with a soft latex foam that feels more like a soothing hug. Discover the amazing benefits of giving a fluff at http://www.FluffyWeight.com.

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