Say Hello To 3” Fairies Ambrosia, Bella Rose, Merri, Sugar Bae & Sunny Arriving March 2023 At Target, Target.com, Walmart.com and Amazon

San Diego, CA (February 13, 2023) — Doll maker World of EPI reimagines winged pixies and fairies from folklore with the Fresh Fairies ($6.99). Each of the collection’s 3” tall dolls have been created with the same tender care and attention to detail as all of the award-winning Fresh Dolls’ brand that spotlights ethnicities from around the world — and in our neighborhoods. These whimsical fairies have the sweetest facial expressions, adorable poses, plus authentic Bantu Knots, Puff Balls, Head Wraps, Afros and Afro Puffs hairstyles.

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Choose one or collect all five. With Easter basket stuffers on everyone’s list, these pixie-sized dolls make a welcomed surprise on Easter morning. Each fairy arrives with an attached keychain clip to snap on backpacks or coat zippers, expanding play and imaginative adventures. Find them next month at Target, Target.com, Walmart.com and Amazon.com. A very special 5-pack Fresh Fairies Gift Set ($34.99) is available exclusively at Freshdolls.com.

Fresh Fairies • Ages 4 to Forever • $6.99Little ones will be enchanted once they discover the backstories of each of these winged friends. Bella Rose is a garden fairy fluttering around fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and helping them grow. Merri is a water fairy. She loves flying oceanside and collecting the most beautiful seashells. Sunny is a sky fairy no matter the weather, rain, or shine. She brings joy and cheer everywhere she goes.

If a house party is on the calendar, make sure to invite Sugar Bae, a pixie fairy. She adores everything sweet and never misses a celebration. Ambrosia is a nature fairy bouncing flower to flower with the honeybees is her favorite thing to do.

“Fairies always make me smile,” explains Dr. Lisa Williams (aka Dr. Lisa), founder of parent company World of EPI. “They’re whimsical, fun and free spirited. I wanted all ethnicities to see authentic representation in fairies. So, we created Fresh Fairies so everyone could be uplifted and inspired by the adorable and fun-loving energy of Fairies.”

Most children already know of one fairy – the Tooth Fairy! According to a google search, the word “fairy” derives from the Latin fata, meaning “fate,” and Old French faerie, meaning “enchantment.” Introduce a child to the Fresh Fairies and watch their eyes widen with delight!

Fresh Fairies • Ages 4 to Forever • $6.99

Arriving in stores and online in March 2023, pick one or collect all five sweet fairies. Choose from:

Fresh Fairies 5-Pack exclusively at FreshDolls.com • Ages 4 to Forever • $34.99 (30% off in February for Black History Month)
This boxed set is ready for gift wrapping for a birthday present, Easter Basket stuffer or just because!

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Dr. Lisa R. Williams has a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in Marketing and Logistics from The Ohio State University. She is the first African American to receive a doctorate in Marketing and Logistics from The Ohio State University. Through hard work and perseverance Dr. Lisa attained unprecedented success by becoming the first African American professor to earn tenure at Penn State University, and the first female professor to receive a multi-million-dollar endowed chair at the University of Arkansas, Walton College of Business. In 2003, Dr. Lisa formed the World of Entertainment, Publishing and Inspiration (World of EPI) with the mission of spreading joy by providing children with dolls that inspire dreams, promote intelligence and build self-esteem. Currently their collections include The Fresh Dolls, Marvel Studios Wakanda Forever Fresh Fierce Collection, The Fresh Squad, Rock The Bells, Fresh Fairies and Fresh Inspirations. Discover all of the doll collections at Freshdolls.com.

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