Manhattan Toy Has Something For The Newest Family Member From Enchanting Wooden Playthings To Baby Exploration Toys

Minneapolis, MN (April 5, 2016) – If you know someone expecting a baby in 2016, congratulations! Now you have every reason to go shopping in the playroom of Manhattan Toy Co., makers of imaginative baby toys, dolls and plush. From the Forest Adventure ($30) to the Treehouse Stackup ($28) there’s something enchanting for baby and a sweet gift for the new sibling. Look for captivating wooden toys like Wobbal ($15) and the newest in soft dolls like Snuggle Baby Bunny ($18).

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Babies are busy (when awake) absorbing everything around them. So toys with cognitive benefits, the buzz phrase for developing social, emotional and intellectual skills, can be as simple as hearing a crinkle or a squeak. Manhattan Toy introduces Baby Bell ($12) in the shape of a Bunny or Owl for newborns.

Zip & Play Winnie Whale ($14) hides three textured teethers in her zippered mouth, ideal for 3-month-olds.

Halfway to the first birthday, infants are ready to focus and follow, reach and grasp. The milestone of eye-hand coordination begins to develop. Ideal for alert 6-month-olds are the Roly-Bop ($25) Elephant and Lion. These roly-poly characters feature a soft fabric shell that encases an inflatable core with a weighted bottom. They wobble but don’t fall down!  Squeakers ($12) in the shape of a yellow bee or blue fish foster cause and effect in addition to nurturing fine and gross motor skills.

Perhaps the most dynamic of the new offerings is Playful Dino ($68). Measuring 18 x 9 x 13, this friendly dino features peg mazes, bead runs and multiple play surfaces! Is the hand quicker than the eye? Baby will soon find out.

Beloved Manhattan Toy always delivers unsurpassed quality and innovation. That’s why their baby and children’s products have consistently ranked high with parents and caregivers — for over 30 years. Their 2016 baby collection, listed by age, continues their award-winning principles:

Baby Bell • Ages Newborn+ • $12
Would baby prefer a Bunny or an Owl? Both precious pals will entertain between feedings and sleeping. A Baby Bell includes a chime, crinkle paper, a mirror hidden on the bottom and a plastic link for easy attachment to baby links or the diaper bag. One more benefit – it teaches cause and effect!

Zip & Play • Ages 3 months+ • $14
For a whale of a good time, introduce baby to Waldon or Winnie. Both ocean buddies are soft to touch. Unzip their wide smile to reveal three textured teethers. The attached loop on top of whale’s head attaches to links. When baby is napping, tuck those teethers inside its mouth.

Squeaker • Ages 6 months+ • $12
Baby’s first tooth will get a lot of attention and soon more teeth will form. Add a Squeaker Bee or Fish to playtime that’s also a terrific teether. Lots of textures are here to discover with a wood ring, a squeaker tucked in Bee’s stinger or Fish’s tail. Watch baby’s eyes light up as the crinkle paper is pressed. Rings are made from renewable wood with water-based finish.

Wobbal • Ages 6 months+ • $15
A wooden toy that wobbles with just one push will entertain infants day or night. This unusual design allows baby to discover cause and effect. As a reward, a chime bell will sound when the rolling begins!
This brightly colored toy is made from renewable wood with a water-based finish. Perfectly sized for little hands at 5” x 5” x 5”.

Roly-Bop • Ages 6 months+ • $25
What’s this? A wobbly Elephant and Lion invite baby for a little push or poke. Bop the inflatable character and watch as it wobbles. Features sturdy weighted base and durable inflatable inner with musical chime. Fabric shell is machine washable. Roly-Bop supports emerging gross motor skills.

Snuggle Baby • Ages 6 months+ • $18
“Darling” may be the first adjective when discovering this trio of Snuggle Babies. The Manhattan Toy designers combine a soft doll with a plush, hooded sleep sack – in choices of Bear, Bunny or Lion. Gently lift the baby from their soft cover and discover them dressed for sleep in striped footie pajamas. Bear/bunny/lion-themed sleep sacks include Velcro-like closure.

Treehouse Stack-Up • Ages 18 months • $28
So much to see and do! Grownups will relish showing toddlers how to stack and build two short or one very tall treehouse. The enclosed 12 stackable pieces can be arranged in dozens of different ways.

Playful Dino • Ages 12 months+ • $68
This dinosaur is begging to be touched. Packed with multiple play surfaces, it might take a week to discover all of the bead runs, peg mazes, twists and turns. The activity center happily teaches cause and effect while fostering fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Attention parents — assembly required.

Forest Adventure • Ages 3 + • $30
This impressive 10-piece set is a mountain of woodsy themed fun. Fox, Moose and Bear are three of eight wood play pieces included. Imagine a canoe ride or a walk through the forest. The soft green storage case features Velcro-like closure and fabric loop on top. Through imagination and pretend play comes social skill development. Makes a perfect gift for the new Big Brother or Sister.

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