Middle School Teacher Creates My Gnome On The Roam® That’s Both Educational And Fun For The Whole Family When Free Time Is Limited

Nashville, TN (May 23, 2017) – Have you noticed that gnomes are popping up all over? They were spotted on the shelves at the International Storytelling Center and Fairytales Bookstore in Nashville, TN. It might be because one Tennessee educator swears that a gnome in the home can change the family dynamic for the better! Specifically, spend 30 minutes a week with My Gnome On The Roam ($29.97), a DIY gnome that arrives in a packed suitcase.

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“I’ve done my research and discovered that the average family spends only 38.5 minutes per week engaged in meaningful conversation and an average of 97 minutes per day on our smart phones!” cites veteran teacher and My Gnome On The Roam CEO Anne Armstrong. “Can you imagine how adding 30 minutes of adventure to your week can begin smashing this statistic… one happy family at a time?”

Visitors to Booth 656 at ASTRA Marketplace & Academy in Philadelphia will be awed by the nameless gnome who arrives in a suitcase sized for little hands ages 3 and up. Inside is a copy of My Gnome on the Roam storybook, a custom-made journal full of blank pages and a magical pen. Together they create a family experience designed to help parents and kids explore, create and connect. After all, life is about more than just reading stories—it’s about living them!

The kit’s storybook features Gustav the gnome who lives “in the middle of a garden, in the middle of a yard, just next to the rock border and only a few feet away from Grandma’s prize rose bush.” With Gustav and his backyard adventures as inspiration, children from age 3 to about 10-years-old are encouraged to name their own gnome. Then they can embark on daily adventures from their very own front (or back) door.

Like the phenomenon of Flat Stanley, the paper doll sent to friends and families to track and photograph “his” adventures, the Gnome-to-be-named is encouraged to tag along and explore the world beyond a child’s bedroom.

As the website, describes, “no adventure is too big or too small. You might travel halfway across the world or stroll to the duck pond in the park across the street. Don’t forget to take a picture! You can even follow the adventures of other children and their gnomes through our downloadable app. This allows you to explore and learn about parts of the world you may not yet have had the opportunity to visit.”

Families looking for a daily connection now have an App for that! Available on Google Play and Apple App (iTunes) stores, My Gnome On The Roam app offers daily inspiration for building family “together time” into even the busiest days. In as little as 15 minutes, grownups can build stronger, happier and deeper connection with the kids while encouraging creativity and exploration. Transform family time into an art form! Google Play’s April 2017 app requires Android 4.0 and up. The May 2017 iTunes app is compatible with iOS 7.1 or later on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Need more proof that a gnome in the home is a great idea? Meta-research shows that as little as 10 minutes of engaged connected time with family increases grades, self-esteem, lowers a child’s chance of experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and can even improve behavior. Wow!

An adorable gnome connecting Mom or Dad creatively with the kids is just what families need in today’s fast-paced, tech-y world. For example, the daily app might be an invitation to explore, create, contribute then connect. Make something on Monday, tell mom a story on Tuesday then get your wanderlust on Wednesday… simple yet magical to-do items.

Gnome Suitcase • Ages 3+ • $29.97Gnome Suitcase • Ages 3+ • $29.97

Open the clasp and enjoy a copy of the My Gnome on the Roam ® book, a blank-paged journal waiting to be filled, one DIY customizable gnome and a magical pen to help turn adventures into stories and ultimately, memories. Families will also have access to the exclusive adventure app, My Gnome On The Roam: 15 Minute Adventures for Busy Families.

As the Gnome roams coast to coast, shoppers can pick up a kit at The Little Toy Shop in New Orleans, Brilliant Sky Toys locations and many other small retailers.

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My Gnome on the Roam is a premium brand of educational toys and experiences for youngsters that builds creative family adventures in as little as 30 minutes a week. Based in Nashville, TN, My Gnome On The Roam founder Anne Armstrong is a gifted public middle school teacher of 20 years who now focuses on inspiring all children to love reading, writing and exploration.

The My Gnome on the Roam kit comes in a child-size suitcase.  Together with their to-be-named gnome, boys and girls find their voice while creating genuine moments of family engagement, one precious memory at a time. The company’s products include the best-selling published children’s book My Gnome on the Roam, available through and the Google Play and Apple app My Gnome on the Roam, filled with daily inspiration and activities to complete in about 15 minutes. Discover the muses of an adventure at

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