GeoSmart, the Future of GeoMagnetic Play, Features Patented Double-Safety System


GeoSmart, the Future of GeoMagnetic Play, Features Patented Double-Safety System

San Francisco, CA (February 14, 2017) – Fans of Star Trek may want to borrow the phrase make it so! once they get their hands on GeoSmart’s new line of magnetic construction sets. With out-of-this-universe kits to create a remote-control Mars Explorer ($79.99) or (gasp!) Alien Creatures ($99.99), kids as young as 5 years old will be enjoying a STEM lesson without even realizing it. Little engineers will be drawn to the brightly colored pieces that transform triangles and squares into a moving Lunar Rover ($49.99). Come feel the attraction in Booth 169 at American International Toy Fair!

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Magnetism is a force that pulls or pushes. Youngsters are naturally attracted (pardon the pun) to magnetic construction sets for the simple pleasure of problem solving. Does this end fasten to this piece? The benefits of this delightful play are unlimited: creative thinking, pattern recognition, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, decision making and even social abilities. Add all the elements of STEM basics – science, technology, engineering and math principles – and you have a smart toy without the need for Wi-Fi!

After opening the Mars Explorer box and spilling out the contents, grownups quickly appreciate that this is the future of geomagnetic play! The 51 colorful pieces include lights, track wheels, motor and a remote control. More than just a building block toy, aspiring mathletes and scientists can build a roving vehicle capable of Martian exploration. That’s using your imagination! See this uploaded YouTube sampling by one impressed mom of her child’s creativity:

The 31-piece GeoSphere ($39.99) is one of the great introductory GeoSmart kits, where kids can build different structures using magnetic squares and triangles. Once the sphere (or any other idea) is complete, it can rotate by attaching the included spinner.

What makes GeoSmart’s line of durable magnetic construction kits stand out to parents is the safety pledge. Kids love to tinker and parents will feel secure with GeoSmart’s patented double-lock safety system. Each magnet is encased twice to ensure the building piece and not the magnet will be visible to young fingers. This sets a high bar for safety in magnetic construction toys.

GeoSmart structures feel strong and sturdy. Parents, grandparents and teachers have been impressed with GeoSmart’s sleek designs and strong pieces that lock together to form some incredible geometric shapes. For the ultimate class gift to a favorite teacher or family, consider the 100-piece Education Set ($139.99).

Online shoppers can look to for the complete GeoSmart product line plus irresistible gifts from its parent company Smart Toys and Games. Every GeoSmart kit promises:

  • (a) STEM-focused magnetic construction
  • (b) a patented double-locking system for ultimate safety and
  • (c) strong magnets and high-quality materials.

Safe and Designed for Ages 5+:

Mars Explorer • $79.99
Is there life on Mars? Mars Explorer allows kids to ponder the question and seek new paths to explore. Kids are able to build moving vehicles with lights that add the thrill of maneuvering the Explorer in the dark. This 51-piece set includes lights, track wheels, motor and a remote control where kids can build all kids of creations and make them go! That’s dynamic play.

Solar Spinner • $29.99
Use the squares and triangles to build your own solar creation and watch it spin! This kit includes 23 strong, bright geometric pieces, with a spinner to bring life to your kids’ creations.

GeoSphere • $39.99
Use the squares and triangles to create your own geosphere and other original structures. GeoSphere includes 31 strong, bright geometric pieces. An added bonus is a spinner to bring life to your kids’ creations.

Lunar Rover • $49.99
Explore new horizons with the Lunar Rover. This 30-piece magnetic construction set features 5 different geometric shapes and wheels. Amaze yourself and your friends in building, then watching your rover go! The enclosed wheels bring movement to each construction.

Starship • $59.99
Explore the stars! This 42-piece kit includes 6 different geometric shapes that allow you to create all kinds of space ships…for exciting interstellar missions! With this enticing kit, tots as young as Kindergarteners can discover basic engineering principles while manipulating 42 colorful, geometric pieces.

Space Truck • $69.99
This out-of-this-world vehicle is a 42-piece magnetic construction that lets youngsters build all kinds of vehicles with trailers to explore new planets! Featuring six wheels and multiple geometric shapes, the Space Truck will overcome just about any extraterrestrial terrain.

Alien Creatures • $99.99
Watch out for the aliens! This 63-piece magnetic construction kit that features 6 different geometric shapes…to create all kinds of crazy space creatures! While playing and imagining, kids uncover basic engineering principles.

GeoSpace Station • $99.99
GeoSpace Station is a dynamic new magnetic construction set with a whopping 70 pieces. Little builders will be able to construct a space station plus and other original buildings! This kit includes lights and a spinner for dynamic play!

100 Pc. Education Set • $139.99
The GEOSMART™ Education Set is a learning kit featuring 100 pieces and 6 different geomagnetic shapes. At home or in the classroom, youngsters can build original constructions, animals, and vehicles or just about anything they can imagine. The set includes 2 spinners. Makes a great after-school activity for clubs, scouts or a weekend visit to the grandparents.

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