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Dear New Mom & Dad: Hang In There! Help Is In Your Hands, Literally

Stuart, FL (July 11, 2017) – How come no one tells parents-to-be that the nine months of pregnancy are the easy part? There are a zillion manuals on what to expect. But the day mom and dad comes home with baby, they are on their own 24/7. Those first days, months and years are really when they could use professional advice. Hang in there, sleep deprived parents! A pediatrician and a school psychologist heard your prayers. For the cost of two Skinny Vanilla Lattes you can have the palm size deck of cards aptly called Hang in There ($7.99)!

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Discover their newest collections of Infant, Toddler and First Aid parenting tip card sets at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market July 11 – 18. Better known as AmericasMart, find their newest line in Diverse Marketing’s showroom at Building 2, Suite 1421 on the 14th Floor.

Without having to wait until the doctor’s calling hours, these handy cards (look for them at their website, http://www.hangNthere.com) cover must-know topics like basic first-aid, sleep, temper tantrums, potty training and milestones for baby development. The pearls of wisdom come from Dr. Patricia Gage, a licensed school psychologist in consultation with Dr. Gina Penaflor, a board-certified pediatrician.

“Think of these guides as Mother’s Little Helpers,” knowingly advises Gage, a 30-year veteran in school psychology and Penaflor, a hospital, ER and primary care pediatrician.

One mom blogger wholeheartedly agrees! “Parenting is a blessing filled with joys but it also has its challenges,” writes Scarlet of Family Focus Blog. “The Hang in There cards offer better parenting tips because they are easy to access reference cards that get straight to the point with actionable, effective parenting tips. They cover parenting issues you may be dealing with for newborns to school age children as well as first aid information… They serve as a quick reminder of specific steps you can take right now in your parenting journey.”

The condensed card packets hone in on exactly what moms and dads need to know, now. Plus, they are affordable, perhaps priceless at $7.99! The card collection sets are broken down by theme: Infant, Toddler, First Aid.

It’s not just new moms and dads but the future grandparents who might want to brush on their parenting skills. Good thing there’s Congratulations, you’re going to be a GRANDPARENT! Things have changed since they changed a diaper (!) so important baby topics of what’s new in caring for a precious new grandbaby are spelled out.

Have a baby shower on the calendar? Know that these card decks make a wow gift that will be truly
appreciated in the months (and middle-of-the-nights) ahead. “I plan to give this booklet as part of a baby shower gift basket!” wrote in one enthusiastic Hang In There! shopper. “The new mom can hang it in a central location or on the handle of her diaper bag or carriage for quick reference in case of emergency. Easy to read, great demo photos!”

Look for these seven popular collections online at http://www.HangNThere.com, each is $7.99:

Infant Collection

  • Support For Breastfeeding Mom
  • Follow Your Baby’s Development from Birth To Six Months
  • Congratulations! You’re Going To Be A Grandparent!

Toddler Collection

  • Help for Handling Temper Tantrums
  • Help Your Child Sleep Without Stress
  • Let’s Potty – Potty Training Made Simple

First Aid Collection

  • CPR & Choking (with a bonus medical information card)

Choose the theme and then breathe a sigh of relief. Two know-how childhood experts share their wisdom on these handy card sets. Plus they know what they advise – they’re moms too!

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Parenting has its joys and challenges and for a mom trying to juggle work and build a career, the experience can be overwhelming. Dr. Patricia Gage, a licensed school psychologist and Dr. Gina Penaflor, a board certified pediatrician, understand what moms (and dads) are going through. To make the journey easier, they launched Hang In There with a range of thoughtful parenting resources in the form of on-the-go decks that give many parenting tips accessible at the fingertips. Hang In There’s mission is to help parents become more informed, to be more mindful of their daily experiences and to communicate more effectively with their children. Enjoy parenthood with empathy and with wisdom at http://www.HangNThere.com.

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