Protect Hearing and Calm and Soothe Infants and Toddlers Patented GrowBand Ensures Comfortable Fit Through Preschool Ages

Grand Prairie, TX (September 5, 2017) – New moms and dads are all about protection — from baby proofing the house to avoiding germs, sun and diaper rash. But rarely does anyone think of a child’s precious ears. Finally, newborns to preschoolers have a cool tool to keep out irritating or damaging sounds and let in soothing ones. Introducing HearMuffs™ ($29.95 and up) by Lucid Audio. This will be the most appreciated baby shower or holiday gift you didn’t know you needed!

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With a push of a button — a first in the audio industry — HearMuffs Soothe ($49.95) allow parents to speak with their child as little eardrums are protected from loud noises—without pulling off the ear muff to be heard. HearMuffs Sounds ($69.95) offers this feature plus four comforting sounds (lullaby, babbling brook, white noise, and heartbeat). The base model HearMuffs protect children’s ears from loud noises and distractions.

Audiologists now recommend kids as young as infants wear hearing protectors to limit exposure to loud noise. Starting at a very young age, HearMuffs protect little ears from potential cumulative damage in the future. Families can enjoy bustling restaurants, amusement parks, stadiums and sporting events knowing every member of the family can be comfortable. Kid-sized HearMuffs are not just trendy but a smart device for every household.

To ensure a perfect fit, each HearMuff comes with a patented GrowBand™ that adjusts and fits a wide range of head sizes. Made with super soft materials, it comfortably protects a child’s tender head. Parents will be happy to discover the GrowBand is machine washable and can be used with newborns up to the age of 4 years.

HearMuffs make the perfect present. Grandparents will be thanked on Christmas morning for wrapping up these must-have HearMuffs. Baby shower attendees are guaranteed a “WOW” reaction when this gift is opened. Some parents are even using HearMuffs for avoiding sensory overload. Enjoy free standard shipping on each of our three models when purchasing online at www.LucidAudio.com.

Photos by John Pesina Photography. http://johnpesina.comHearMuffs • $29.95
Engineered for maximum comfort, this advanced sound protection fits a wide range of head sizes. As baby grows, our patented GrowBand allows the HearMuffs to continue to fit comfortably and protect your child’s hearing from loud, potentially harmful noises

HearMuffs Soothe • $49.95
Parents can talk to baby while wearing HearMuffs with the touch of a button. Soothe mode allows voices to be heard while actively compressing potentially harmful noises to comfortable levels. Or switch to Protect mode to block out all sound.

HearMuffs Sounds • $69.95
Our most advanced hearing protection for infants and toddlers offers all the features of HearMuffs Soothe plus four soothing sounds that calm baby – lullaby, babbling brook, heartbeat or white noise. This is great for on-the-go families who fly, take trains or subways, explore the big city or just attend neighborhood parties.

HearMuffs by Lucid Audio

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Lucid Audio products are created from a personal desire to help people at all ages and stages hear better. “Due to not protecting my hearing at a young age, attending loud concerts and sporting events,” begins Tim Schnell, CEO of Lucid Audio, “in my early 30s I began to experience hearing loss. Our company now offers products from hearing protection HearMuffs for infants and children, to AMPED audio devices, to our super affordable personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs).”

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We help people hear better at all ages and stages. Our products span the range from infant and child protective ear muffs to AMPED audio devices to personal sound amplifier products Powered by Lucid™. Advanced Lucid technology allows you to hear more of what you want, less of what you don’t. Our Audio products are unique in the industry, providing amplification inside and out, enjoyment of music, calls and media, and protection from harmful noises. For more information or to purchase online, click on www.LucidAudio.com.

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