My Plush Hess Truck: 2021 Cement Mixer • Safe For All Ages • $29.99


My Plush Hess Truck 2021 Cement Mixer Gives A Surprise Light & Sound Show When Kids Activate With A Squeeze (Batteries Included!)

New York, NY (March 8, 2021) –Hess announced today the release of this year’s My Plush Hess Truck ($29.99) designed for the youngest member of the family – even newborns. With its friendly eyes and smiling front grille, a child’s first love for Hess Toy Trucks will be “cemented” with this newest release. The green Cement Mixer joins the cherished Hess Toy Truck collection that spans almost 60 years.

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My Plush Hess Truck: 2021 Cement Mixer • Safe For All Ages • $29.99Launched last year, the plush toy truck line from Hess immediately captured the hearts of tots, parents and grandparents. What differentiates this line is the innovative design of lights and sounds integrated into a plush toy that’s safe for even the youngest of infants. Kids (or with a little help from mom or dad) merely give the Cement Mixer a hug to hear the music of Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes and The Alphabet Song.

The new 2021 Cement Mixer is the second release in the My Plush Hess Truck collectible series – with play time features such as squeeze-activated lights and songs. Caregivers can activate a silent mode for nap time and a 15-minute night-light that shuts down at bedtime. Look for the license plate that showcases the commemorative year of 2021. Included with each plush truck is a keepsake Hess Driver’s License tag. Discover the many features rolled into this affordable and adorable soft toy available exclusively at

My Plush Hess Truck: 2021 Cement Mixer • Safe For All Ages • $29.99For those new to the Hess Toy Truck brand, the collectible tradition was started by Leon Hess in 1964 and continues today with millions of families! Each new collectible released ranks among the best-selling toys of the year and always sell out. Hess Toy Trucks are renowned for the highest quality materials and workmanship, exacting attention to detail, safety and durability, an affordable price, and batteries are always included. For nearly six decades, playing with a Hess Toy Truck has been one of the iconic images of childhood. What began as a Holiday tradition, and later expanded to include a Summer mini collection, has now embraced the newest tradition of a Spring reveal of a My Plush Hess Truck.

“Hess has long been renowned for quality, safety and innovation – and we’ve done it again,” explains Hess Toy Trucks spokesman Justin Mayer. “The My Plush Hess Truck is the only plush toy available anywhere that feature lights and sounds AND is safety approved for all ages, even newborns.”

My Plush Hess Truck: 2021 Cement Mixer • Safe For All Ages • $29.99My Plush Hess Truck: 2021 Cement Mixer • Safe For All Ages • $29.99
Available exclusively at on March 8, 2021

This endearing green plushie truck, safe for all ages, will evoke awwws instantly. Youngsters eyes will widen, just like the truck’s friendly eyes, when they give a squeeze and are rewarded with the super soft fabric, two different songs and flashing lights. The plush truck offers 10 total flashing lights, a mute mode, 15-minute timed night-light, plush fabric with a soft filling and a child safe padded internal battery enclosure. Three AAA Energizer® batteries arrive pre-installed with the baby-safe packaged truck. A personalizeable My Plush Hess Truck 2021 Driver’s License serves to memorialize the gift giving occasion. Measures 9.5” L x 7.0” W x 6.75” H.

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