BIG THINGS COME IN MINI SIZES: JUNE 10th!—This Summer’s Limited-Production 4-in-one Hess Mini Collection Toy Trucks Pays Tribute To 1989 Fire Truck, 2008 Truck Front Loader Plus 2012 Helicopter


This Summer’s Limited-Production 4-in-one Hess Mini Collection Toy Trucks Pays Tribute To 1989 Fire Truck, 2008 Truck Front Loader Plus 2012 Helicopter

New York, NY (June 10, 2022) – Hess Corporation announced its annual summer kick-off today with the release of its remarkably detailed small-scale vintage toy truck set. The 2022 Hess Mini Collection, with four toys included, is on sale exclusively at for $31.99 with free standard shipping* and Energizer® batteries included.

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Hess Toy Truck fans know that no collection is complete without these awe-inspiring additions to the nearly 25-year history of the miniature fleet. Inside this three-tiered package are miniature toys from three different decades: the 1989 Hess Fire Truck, the 2008 Hess Truck and Front Loader, and the 2012 Hess Helicopter– a total of four toy trucks!

2022 Hess Mini CollectionEach toy in the Hess 2022 Mini Collection remains true to the character and styling of its original full-sized version – including brilliant working lights, intricate details, and chrome accents.  The display-ready packaging perfectly shows off the full collection, with each miniature mounted on a detachable display base with name plate.

Consumers will be impressed by the 50+ lights among the set’s four vehicles plus a massive 11-inch multi-tiered 360-degree rotating ladder on the Fire Truck.   Pretend play with rotating chrome search lights on the Helicopter will bring fun for kids big and small!  The $31.99 price includes free standard shipping and a total of 9 Energizer® batteries.

“We promise you will never get a call about your Hess Mini Toy Truck’s extended warranty,” jokes Hess Toy Truck General Manager Justin Mayer. “Our toys are built to last so they can be treasured for years and handed down to the newest generation.”

Echoed customer Vincent Brady on Hess Toy Truck Facebook page (, “started collecting in the 70s, not even a flat tire on any of my trucks.”

2022 Hess Toy Truck Mini Collection • $31.99 • Ages 3+
Available exclusively at
Since 1998, the Minis have proved to be so popular that they sell out every year. This year’s set includes the following:

Miniature Fire Truck
Inspired by the 1989 Fire Truck Bank, this rescue vehicle boasts a distinguished white exterior with red emergency lights. The 3-tiered ladder extends to 11-inches and rotates 360 degrees! Kids can count 10 total lights and note the chrome wheel caps, cab-top accents, tinted windows, and green side striping. 3 Energizer® ‘A76’ batteries are already pre-installed.

Miniature Toy Truck and Front Loader
This heavy-duty duo was inspired by the 2008 Holiday (release found on Hess’ nostalgic website at  Packed into this small sized version are 10 free rolling wheels on the Truck and an open-box bed to carry the Loader. The Loader features a fixed position forward bucket and free rolling wheels. There are 24 lights in this construction combo.  The chrome accents really shine bright on the white bodies with green stripes. 3 Energizer® batteries are included.

Miniature Helicopter
This handsome miniature is based on the modern white 2012 Holiday chopper that has green and chrome accents. Free spinning main rotor with folding blades and rear propeller awaits an imaginative adventure. Kids of all ages will enjoy turning on the 17 lights and manually rotating the non-illuminating, chrome front end search lights. Look for tinted windows and 3 free rolling wheels. Kids won’t see the pre-installed Energizer® ‘A76’ batteries but grownups will know they are included!

Also available, while supplies last, is the My Plush Hess Truck: 2022 Choo-Choo Train, designed especially for the youngest fans. Ideal for birthday or new baby gifts, the squeeze-activated soft toy is the third in the award-winning plush series from Hess, receiving high praise for its comforting lights and fun sing along songs from parent testers and judges alike. The plush collectible is also available online exclusively at, for $34.99. Like all Hess toys, free standard shipping* and Energizer® batteries are included.

In keeping with the annual holiday tradition, the highly anticipated 2022 Hess Toy Truck will be revealed when it goes on sale in October with a specific date and time to be announced later this year.

The Hess Toy Truck, among the bestselling toys annually, is a highly sought-after collectible toy and a treasured holiday tradition shared among families since 1964.  To stay up to date, text “HESS” to 437788 to sign up for mobile alerts, and follow Hess Toy Truck on Facebook and Instagram.

*Excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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