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The National Parenting Center, Mom’s Choice & Hot Diggity Awards Boast “Finally, A Booster Seat That Accommodates Kids Of All Sizes”

Houston, Texas (November 21, 2019) – It’s hard to impress toy and juvenile product judges when they have seen everything that’s on the market — year in and year out. But hifold ($149) has proven its revolutionary fit-and-fold™ technology has won an unprecedented response. Industry experts have been impressed by its unique “Multi-Fit™” system with 243 settings that adjusts to every child’s size in a jiffy, and “Multi-Fold™” feature that means that hifold can fold down for ultimate portability and easy storage. The National Parenting Center, Mom’s Choice Awards and Hot Diggity Awards each honored this exciting innovation.

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To earn a Hot Diggity Awards seal-of-approval, a toy or product must be tested and evaluated as the best of the best. What makes the hifold great according to Hot Diggity? “Finally a booster that accommodates kids of all sizes!” starts the enthusiastic response. “I’ve never felt 100% confident using the traditional booster base by itself. This booster grows with the child in both height and width, providing protection from all angles! It’s easy to adjust and I love how it folds into a compact easy-to-transport bundle.”

“One thing we have learned in our many years of product testing” begins the glowing review by The National Parenting Center, “is that when it comes to transportation products (strollers, car seats, and the like), parents are always on the lookout for easy alternatives for transporting all the necessary equipment required to keep their children safe.”

hifold • $149“Kids today ride in numerous vehicles,” they continue with their Holiday 2019 Seal of Approval review, “so having multiple options for all the cars, trains and planes they might find themselves in is a must. The hifold fit-and-fold booster impressed parents as a solid option, especially when compared to other booster seats they had experience with. It is easy to unfold, place and secure into any vehicle. It folds down into a very compact size, which then fits in its own bag. This really makes life easier when you need to take it along anywhere. hifold is easy to adjust and while not luxuriously padded, parents felt good about the level of comfort it afforded their children. While the price is on the higher end when it comes to other booster seats on the market, parents felt that the design and portability justified the price. As such they felt good about recommending this to other parents who are looking to make the move to a travel booster seat.”

hifold • $149
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Holiday 2019
Mom’s Choice Awards Gold 2019
Hot Diggity Awards Winner 2019

The world’s most adjustable high back weighs less than 10 pounds and can be folded and tucked into a storage bag or slung over a shoulder by the built-in carry strap for ultimate mobility. No more worries about the quick taxi ride with the kids or the Saturday soccer carpool, you can easily carry hifold from car to car. Safety, comfort and peace-of-mind are folded into every booster seat! Choose Racing Red™ or Slate Grey™. hifold is appropriate for kids 33-100 lbs. & 3’-4’9” tall.

hifold comes from the makers a mifold ($34.99), a backless and ultra-compact booster. mifold has already sold nearly a million seats worldwide and is the most compact and portable child car safety seat in the world. It’s more than 10x smaller than a regular booster and it’s just as safe.

A regular booster lifts a child to be in the position of an adult. Both the hifold and mifold boosters do the exact opposite … instead of lifting the child up, they hold the seatbelt down … it’s that simple. Both hifold and mifold are engineered to protect children all the way up to about 12 years old. The patented design takes the seat belt off the stomach and the neck, making it comfortable, safe and easy to use. The mifold is regularly ranked amongst the top selling booster seats on Amazon.

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About mifold
Car safety is important to Jon Sumroy the inventor behind mifold and hifold as his own children were being driven everywhere by other people as well as their own family. He wants to ensure that kids globally always have a car seat available. Their inaugural product, mifold has wowed the world, literally. From Korea to the USA, mifold is the winner of 14 (and counting) international design, parenting and innovation awards including the prestigious NASA Tech Briefs Award! From more than 14,000 different product design ideas, the NASA Tech Briefs Award is given to help stimulate and reward engineering innovation.

These prestigious awards also recognized the innovative mifold seat:
• The European Product Design Award (EU) – 2017- The Product Design Award recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams who improve our daily lives with practical and beautiful creations, designed to solve a problem and make life easier.

• The JPMA Innovation Awards (USA) – 2017 – Awarded for being voted one of the most innovative products in the US marketplace, mifold won the “Parents Pick” award, a vote awarded by over 4,000 parents that took part. It also won the “Innovation Award” as “Best in Show,” decided by a panel of experts and eminent judges from the juvenile products industry.

Find out more about car seat options for your youngsters at www.mifold.com or https://gethifold.com.

For a limited time, go to mifold.com website (http://mifold.com/products/hifold) and receive $10 off a hifold by applying “hifoldSPECIAL10” at checkout.

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