Test Your Puzzle Prowess With Magnetic Deducktion, North Pole Expedition, Little Red Riding Hood, Smart Car 5×5, Parking Puzzler & More!

San Francisco, CA (January 6, 2016) – With a company name like Smart Toys and Games, you’d expect their American International Toy Fair Booth 267 to be all fun and brains. Visitors to their booth will relish in the brain teasing of Deducktion ($9.99) where getting magnetic ducks in a row is not as easy as it looks. Do look for a dozen new SmartGames in 2016 including Parking Puzzler ($14.99), Penguins Pool Party ($14.99) and Little Red Riding Hood ($24.99). Novice players to puzzle pros will delight in using cognitive skills including logic, creativity, memory and naturally, patience, to complete each brainy game.

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The award-winning game company gears its thought-provoking puzzles for everyone ages 3 to 103.

Sitting at the kitchen table plotting the next move on a puzzle with Grandpop has the same brain boosting effect as playing solo in the backseat of the minivan. Planning, problem solving, STEM subjects plus communication all come together as a child (or adult) moves one game piece and then another. Educators and toy experts have globally applauded SmartGames with more than 70 industry awards for its clever ways to explore pattern recognition and spatial insight.

Once upon a time preschoolers played with wood puzzles consisting of two or three chunky pieces. In 2016, tiny tots can manipulate puzzle pieces in Little Red Riding Hood and Smart Car 5×5. “Each SmartGame is carefully designed and produced using quality materials that last,” explains their website, “And with so many included challenges, each game can be replayed over and over again.” So as kids grow, so do their toy’s playing level.

Little Red Riding Hood • Ages 4+ • $24.99
Following the success of Three Little Piggies, SmartGames introduces this new preschool puzzle game based on a popular fairy tale. Kids can now help Little Red find the right path to Grandma’s house. But beware! The wolf will get there faster. This game comes packaged with a picture book with the original story. Grandma, what great taste you have in puzzles! The game features 48 challenges.

Smart Car 5 x 5 • Ages 3 to 9 years old • $26.99
Vroom, vroom. SmartCar 5×5 is a new variation of the classic SmartCar. The game now boasts 5 wooden blocks for more variation and simpler rules thanks to the clear orientation, ideal for the youngest age group in logic games. There are a whopping 48 challenges – 24 for ages 3 to 7 year olds and 24 for elementary schoolers 6 to 9 years old. The car is now sturdy plastic with smoothly spinning rubber wheels making it a great toy beyond the board puzzle board.

SmartGames popular Originals Series expands in 2016 with brand new Dinosaurs – Triple Trouble and a tinkering of 8 games from Quadrillion to Jungle Hide & Seek. All of the games feature 80 or more challenges, up from 60 in the past.

Dinosaurs- Triple Trouble • Ages 6+ • $19.99
Are these dinos friendly or foe? Separate the plant-eating dinosaurs from the carnivores in this new shape matching game. Compose the green islands on the blue surface as shown but make sure the 3 friendly dinos are separated from the 3 Tyrannosaurus rexes. Think carefully before each move!

Jungle Hide and Seek • Ages 5+ • $19.99
This new version of Hide & Seek has 80 (!) challenges that take game playing to a new level. With the double sides game board and puzzle pieces, kids can play 2 games in 1. Discover the Asian animals playing solo. The green day-side is the classic 4-sections-grid game and the blue night-side features more difficult challenges on 1 large grid – using the same double sided pieces.

North Pole Expedition • Ages 6+ • $19.99
After playing in the scorching jungle, kids will start to think like an Eskimo in this frosty North Pole adventure! Discover this upgraded version of the game Camouflage, now with 80 (!) new challenges. In this expedition there are 2 playing modes – an Eskimo kayaking in the water and an Eskimo spear fishing on the ice. Play the same challenge twice and discover the completely different solution. Now that’s cool.

Walls & Warriors • Ages 7+ • $19.99
Kids get to journey back to a time of castles and brave knights in this intriguing puzzle. Youngsters (and young adults) need to protect the blue warriors within the castle and to keep the red ones outside the walls. A 3D rock, an additional central tower building and gradual tips and hints make this puzzle game memorable again and again.

When kids are on the move, their games should be mobile too – but without cords or wifi. These compact games fit nicely in a backpack or carry-on to play when there’s some down time. SmartGames suggests packing these three games in 2016!

Magnetic Travel: Deducktion • Ages 5+ • $9.99
This new magnetic game offers tots 48 challenges using deduction to find the position of each mallard. The challenge is simple but the solution is not: place the three duck families so all duckling follow their mother but the moms don’t stand next to each other. Quack, quack.

Parking Puzzler • Ages 7+ • $14.99
They may be a decade away from getting a driver’s license but kids can learn how to park in tight spots. A true game of deduction is the Parking Puzzler where every car needs the right spot, including yours. Place all pieces on the board but make sure the cars are in position correctly — not in the driving lane or taking up 2 parallel spots. Beep beep. Features 60 challenges.

Penguin Pool Party • Ages 5+ • $14.99
Make a splash while sitting quietly in your seat with this pool party full of penguins and icebergs. This compact game holds 60 challenges! Place the penguins on the board game as shown in the challenge and then place the pieces with ice around them. A simple and clear concept using only 4 puzzle pieces, but – not so fast!

Older kids and adults can play a game that offers hugs (OO) and kisses (XX) for their brain. Called appropriately IQ XOXO, this game is based on the digital world with X and O typically typed at the end of a friendly text message.

IQ XOXO • Ages 7+ • $9.99
People express themselves with sincerity, faith, love and friendship. This novel game has them filling the grid with the right x’s and o’s. They need to use the 10 double-sided pentomino pieces to solve an incredible 120 challenges. The brainteaser offers three levels of play: Starter, Junior or Expert.

Since there is no age limit for fun and games, SmartGames has a grownup version called IQ-Puzzler Pro, for older kids, executives and seniors to exercise those brain cells.

IQ Puzzler Pro • Ages 7+ • $9.99
The best seller IQ-Puzzler has been refreshed for the next level of play. A different set of pieces offer 120 2D and 3D challenges in 3 playing modes. Play on the inside in an orthogonal grid or in 3D making pyramids or use the outside for a diagonal grid. SmartGames includes solutions and a beautiful housing to store the enclosed challenge booklet, rules and colorful pieces.

Find all of these games at toy stores across the US and at To quickly find the nearest store, click on and then the “Find A Store” tab. SmartGames followers can join them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Also look for new items from SmartMax and GeoSmart lines at Toy Fair.

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Smart Toys and Games products develop logical thinking and problem solving skills in all ages through fun, challenging play. Each multi-level game from the SmartGames line is designed to move players through carefully sequenced levels of game play. Fun, durable and compact, SmartGames are perfect for travel. SmartMax® construction sets enable children to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a safe and creative way through making strong building structures and vehicles. Additional product lines offered by Smart Toys and Games include Tangoes®, which is based on the ancient Chinese Tangram puzzle and combines artistic and mathematical elements to create a variety of designs; and online brain-building fun for both children and adults at