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Add Piano, Fundamentals Of Music, Basic Guitar Or Sing-A-Longs To Your At-Home Curriculum For Every Kid (Even Baby) In The House

Wellesley, MA (May 7, 2020) – Is music truly the universal language of mankind as poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow pondered? Sing a lullaby to a toothless baby. Place some pots and pans on the floor as you hand your preschooler a wooden spoon. Music belongs in the home – to be enjoyed by all ages at any time of day. Boston-based Jammin With You (https://www.jamminwithyou.com/) wants every kid to have an all-access pass to the wonders of music in a lively edutainment format, without leaving the house.

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“I think so many families love Jammin With You because we meet students where they are. Music lessons shouldn’t be a chore; they should be fun,” explains Josh Shriber, Founder & Owner. He created the online Music Class Pass (https://www.MusicClassPass.com)– $29/month subscription — as an irresistible introduction to everything music. His timing could not be more perfect as COVID-19 has disrupted the daily rhythm of preschool, elementary school and parents’ schedules as they all work from the kitchen table.

OLIVIA LOWE- Jammin With YouOffer the kids short spurts of music classes and watch their faces light up with new-found skills! One 10-minute online lesson, part of the all access Music Class Pass, is titled Mary Had A Little Lamb. Tots use finger numbers and color coordinated indicators on the piano to learn the notes to this popular song. Have a singer in the house? Another 10-minute lesson, part of Kid Karaoke, teaches youngsters proper breathing techniques and warm up exercises to belt out This Land Is Your Land.

Virtual JamBABY is a 30-minute concert ideal for 6-month-old babies to 7-year-old big siblings. This online experience develops age-appropriate skills, confidence and music appreciation. It’s also full of interactive opportunities to play pretend or real musical instruments already at home.

JOSH SHRIBER-Jammin With You

“Now more than ever, we need to feel connected to friends, family, classmates and loved ones,” adds Shriber who also leads Josh & the Jamtones kindie (kid + indie) rock band. “Music, being one of our most powerful connectors, is essential to keep kids interacting, moving and most importantly, learning! We’re so proud of the instant connection and sense of community Music Class Pass has provided. Every week we see kids thrive and grow as they sing, dance, learn and connect with others in our joyous, JAMMIN community!”

Youngster is loving her Virtual Music Lessons
Young customer loves her virtual music experience so much that she kissed the screen and her mom sent in the photo with a note of thanks.

Of the many attention-grabbing condensed lessons are intros to instruments like the Loog. This three-stringed guitar allows smaller children to have immediate and great success in playing a stringed instrument. Think of it as the “training wheels” of guitar playing. The LaLa Loog Series focuses on teaching kids how to play including tuning, chord formations, songs and strumming. Unlike the ukulele, anything that one learns from playing the loog can be transferred to playing the guitar.

Learning the piano using games and songs that all kids know, is a great way to get started. Piano Play lessons engage, encourage and educate the youngest musicians so they can have success playing the piano. Imagine the dinner conversation when they boast how they learned to play Hot Cross Buns in just 10 minutes!

New classes are added daily and a Friday morning interactive concert for the under-7-year-old crowd will keep kids from ever uttering, “mom, I’m bored.” TGIF themes include Beach Party, Pajama Party, Hit The Slopes and Crazy Hair Day. Non-Music Class Pass families can join in for just $10 a concert.

Much like the Peloton® indoor exercise bike with streaming online classes, Jammin With You’s subscription pass opens the door to a library of music education any time, any day. Music Class Pass was made for parents with kids spanning multiple ages and developmental stages.

Young customer loves her virtual music experience so much that she kissed the screen and her mom sent in the photo with a note of thanks.

Music Class Pass • $29-month subscription • Ages 1-7
Get unlimited access to Jammin With You’s full library of online classes, virtual performances and even beginner music lessons. The all-access Music Class Pass gives kids the key to unlock any of the virtual programming – from JamBABY to Kid Karaoke singalongs to introductory music lessons.

Jammin With You is a kid’s music institution in New York City and Boston, where instructors usually teach 600 in-person lessons a week. With the stay at home orders that came with COVID-19, Jammin With You converted its lessons to virtual, and Shriber reports that most kids are thriving with them. At $41 for a half-hour lesson, the virtuality means that kids across the country can take music lessons with Jammin With You. Sign up at https://www.jamminwithyou.com/private-music-lessons.

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Jammin With You was founded in 2008 by master song-chef and professional goofball, “Jammander in Chief” Josh Shriber, as a way to share his love of music and contagious sense of humor with his family, friends, and community in the Greater Boston and New York areas. Thousands of students and hundreds of classes later, Jammin With You is an ever-growing family of musicians and teachers set on sharing the gift of music, performance, and creativity — all fueled by the music and inspiration of Josh & the Jamtones kindie rock band. Discover the band at http://www.joshandthejamtones.com/, which has had eight #1 singles on the Sirius XM 13 under 13 chart over the past 5 years! To subscribe for a Music Class Pass, go to https://MusicClassPass.com/.

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