Kangaroo Manufacturing Expands Slime Line With Kid-Friendly Favorites At Just $4.95: Unicorn, Jurassic World, Glow In The Dark And Emoji Poop


Kangaroo Manufacturing Expands Slime Line With Kid-Friendly Favorites At Just $4.95: Unicorn, Jurassic World, Glow In The Dark And Emoji Poop

Tempe, AZ (November 19, 2018) – It may seem like an odd gift to wrap but turns out, the gift of slime is quite touching! Kids and teens go crazy over the tactile goo that’s not quite a solid but definitely not a liquid. Original Super Cool Slime® by parent company Kangaroo Manufacturing has expanded its collection with the hottest trends in the toy world – unicorns, emojis and (ahem) poop.

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Emoji Poop Slime and Glow In The Dark Slime, $4.95 each, make terrific stocking stuffers, dreidel game or classroom Secret Santa gifts. Likewise, Unicorn Poop Slime appeals to the daintiest kids on your list. Jurassic World Slime in Indoraptor black or T. Rex Cryptogenic green guarantee a dino-good time of hands-on fun.

Slime by Kangaroo Manufacturing

Each themed glop comes in an appealing container that resembles a chemistry beaker. Tilt it, pour it and let the squishing begin. Surprise each recipient on your list with a little science lesson. Tell them to enjoy their non-Newtonian fluid! Then watch them “Google” the chemistry lesson. Kids already familiar with the slow drip of ketchup or honey will recognize the same properties in gooey slime.

Original Super SlimeIf there’s a budding scientist in the house, consider The Original Super Cool Slime Lab ($12.95). The boxed kit boasts 18 pieces, including measuring cups, mixing sticks and a slime activator that results in a jar of glitter slime, glow in the dark and multi-color slime. Now that’s super cool!

The hundreds of random comments online attest to its cool factor. Kids and parents agree that this slime feels cold and wet to the touch but leaves no messy residue.

Glow in the Dark Slime“This is the neatest slime!!!!!” typed one Dad, with five exclamation points, about the Unicorn Poop Slime. “Moves like water but feels like slime! Doesn’t leave hands sticky and goes back in the bottle! Kids played for hours.”

“I bought this for our 7-year-old nephew,” wrote another amazon consumer of the Emoji Poop Slime.

Emoji Poop Slime“He loves it and it’s easy to work with. It was so much fun, my teenager asked for one of the other bottles!”

One wise grandma who bought Original Super Cool Slime shared online, “Got this for a 5-year-old and he could not have been happier — his parents said it was the best present he received!”

Look for these kid-pleasing presents online and at craft, party and specialty stores including TJ Max, Marshalls, HomeGoods, AC Moore, Party City, Learning Express and Hobby Lobby shops nationwide.

Original Super SlimeOriginal Super Cool Slime • $4.95 • Ages 5+
The slime that started it all. It feels wet and cold and moves like a liquid but feels like a solid. Kids can’t keep their hands off of it! Choose one or all three amazing multi-color metallic designs! Possibilities include Blue/Orange, Purple/Blue, and Green/Pink.

Emoji Poop Slime • $4.95 • Ages 5+
Everyone’s favorite emoji is now in slime form! Each bottle contains brown poop-looking slime for hours of playtime! The poop craze is the must-have gift of the year.

Unicorn Poop Slime • $4.95 • Ages 5+
Shhhh! Unicorns may not be real but the trend definitely is! Made with shimmers, sparkles, and everything nice, Unicorn Poop Slime is the cutest in the world! Each bottle comes in magnificent hues of pink, purple, and blue.

Glow in the Dark Slime • $4.95 • Ages 5+
No kid can be afraid of the dark with this gift. Turn off the lights and watch your slime glow! Available in blue, green, and yellow for endless fun.

Jurassic World Slime • $4.95 • Ages 5+
Roar! Relive the chills and thrills of Jurassic World with three dinosaur themed slimes! Look for dinosaur packaging featuring T. Rex in green, Blue in blue, and Indoraptor in black.

Original Super Cool Slime Lab • $12.95 • Ages 5+Original Super Cool Slime Lab • $12.95 • Ages 5+
Transform into a mad scientist and make your own creations with the Super Cool Slime Lab. Experiment with multi-color, glitter, or even glow in the dark slime! Every kid gets an A and a slime-y good adventure.

Be the cool parent and wrap up these versions of Original Super Cool slime. As its motto touts, “it’s not like anything you’ve ever touched!”

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Kangaroo Manufacturing launched in 2014 and from the start has been dedicated to enhancing children’s play and imaginations. Starting with only a dozen items, Kangaroo Manufacturing’s product assortment continues to expand, encompassing a range of interests, such as toys, pool floats, novelty, costumes, houseware, party supplies, and much more. Kangaroo Manufacturing has taken the phrase “something for everyone” to heart and develops creative and engaging products that people of all ages can enjoy. Brands include PopOhVer™, Coconut Float®, Original Super Cool® Slime and Emoji Universe.

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