Preschool Edutainment Apps Designed By Parents And Applauded By NAPPA (National Parenting Product Awards) Just Expanded Its $5.99/Mo. Creative Catalog

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (July 16, 2018)–Move over Mother Goose. New parents are moving towards edutainment Apps to give toddlers the boost they need in this iGeneration world. And it’s no wonder when you consider a typical one-year-old knows about 70 words. But six months later, they learn one new word every two waking hours! Whoa! It’s time to get to know Kiddopia, the award-winning preschool app filled with adventures that teach through songs, puzzles and life lessons.

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Pre-readers can enjoy Kiddopia’s many portals including its newest one – Math Whiz. Now 2-year-olds won’t need to rely on counting their fingers and toes! Just follow along the storyline and play! If they make a mistake, it’s actually a lesson!

Kiddopia offers all the basic concepts of general knowledge in a playful, intuitive way on a small screen. The over-a-dozen Apps in this creative catalog require iOS 9.3 or later. Apps are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A free trial is offered at the Apple, Google and Amazon stores. At the iTunes Store, Kiddopia is earning a 4.6 of the 5-star rating culled from 1,300 votes!

How does Kiddopia do it? Through intuitive games, songs and directions that kids adore. Imagine being asked to bake then decorate cupcakes and donuts or cook then design pastas. Yum! When tots become cooks or take on other role-playing games, the experiences entertain and teach. After naptime, spend an hour being an astronaut, where you need to make your own spaceship, rescue aliens and explore space! The next day you are asked to rescue a sick aquatic animal by playing a Fish Doctor! Tomorrow you become the Handyman and fix broken things around the house. Mom and Dad will be delighted with your newfound confidence and expanded vocabulary.

“We are making early learning fun through apps that combine educational content with innovative game play, stunning visuals and amusing sounds,” explain parent company Paper Boat Apps co-founders Anupam Dhanuka, CEO and Anshu Dhanuka, COO. Their favorite title is that of Dad and Mom!

“The iPad came out the year our daughter turned one and we realized right away that touchscreen devices have great potential for early childhood education. We wanted to create games that our daughter would enjoy and grow from, that would incorporate things she was interested in and loved doing in real life, whether it was feeding animals at a petting zoo or decorating a cake. Being parents ourselves, we realize there’s a difference between games that simply entertain and those that actually teach and help kids develop. To that end, we’ve created Kiddopia to be the best of both worlds!”

KiddopiaBoys and girls of any age enjoy games, especially pre-readers. With Kiddopia’s many options, preschoolers will learn the names of Planets & Constellations, discover Community Helpers and be introduced to the names & sounds of Animals.

In households where siblings share gadgets, older kids can enjoy the educational aspects of the app as they learn the names of Continents and Oceans or perhaps some of the Wonders of the World.

Whimsical Kiddopia is a subscription app. All users get a 7-day free trial during which they can cancel the subscription before the trial ends. The monthly subscription plan costs $5.99/month and the yearly subscription plan costs $44.99/year. Of course, the lessons learned each session of play are priceless! As the Dhanukas make clear, “All the new content is available without any additional price to subscribers. Constantly adding new content keeps our existing subscribers engaged!”

Parental reactions online have been overwhelmingly kudos for Kiddopia:

“My son is 3.5 years old and he love loves, loves this app,” began an online review titled Cannot get enough of this. “I also find myself enjoying and giggling at some of these games. His favorite and mine is the cooking game where you mix in all the ingredients. I love this one in particular because all the ingredients are stated, there’s repetition and it’s been very helpful in my son’s speech development, particularly with S sounds like smoothie, salt, sugar etc. he also loves the pet doctor game where you fix up all the animals and their ailments. Super cute and educational.”

Kiddopia App • Ages 18 mo.+ • Free 7-day trial then $5.99/mo. or $44.99/yr. subscription

Ranked #4 in Education in the iTunes Store (iPad)
Parents’ Choice – Approved • Spring 2018 Mobile App
Tillywig Brain Award
Moms Choice Award

Kiddopia is a dynamic app that teaches a huge variety of skills to kids of younger ages. It covers everything from shapes, colors, alphabet, spelling, logic and patterns to creativity and self-expression and engages kids with its stunning visuals and exciting gameplay. Kiddopia’s early curriculum is essential to success in school. Currently there are over 1,000 learning activities and songs waiting to be discovered by preschoolers.

New! Math Whiz
Make math fun and engaging for Preschool and Kindergarten students. Parents can set up one to five profiles to keep track of each child’s progress separately. The newest game currently consists of three sections with more being added soon. The handy Progress Report has been added for moms and dads to track a child’s progress including their accuracy; time spent playing the game and more! Simple as 1-2-3!

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Paper Boat Apps is a children’s games development studio. We make fun and engaging apps for youngsters who learn as they play using amusing sounds and stunning visuals. All our apps have been acclaimed by reviewers, parents and most importantly kids. Our apps always have a free version to try. The company’s flagship app, Kiddopia, is filled with thousands of preschool games and activities to educate and engage little ones. We pride ourselves on creating games designed by parents who know how to make the learning process as fun and intuitive as possible. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Visit our website,

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